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Hearthstone vs Magic vs Scrolls

davc123davc123 sloPosts: 401Member Uncommon

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft vs  Magic: The Gathering vs scrolls


what you think which will be  more popular and will be batter?


  • AelfinnAelfinn Roundabouts that cold chill moving up your spine, NCPosts: 3,857Member

    WoW's wierdly high level of popularity pretty much guarantees a Hearthstone win.  Scrolls vs Magic is a bit tougher to judge. The former has a more solid and direct fanbase. The latter has more people that are likely to be interested in it due to the brand name, but whether or not the Minecraft fans will end up investing is not easy to predict.

    As for which is actually better, I am not the person to judge. To be frank I find collectible card games to be asinine, and get extremely bored by the specific kind of turn based combat found in Scrolls.

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  • dave6660dave6660 New York, NYPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon
    While I like card games, I don't like the collectible part.  They're a never ending money pit.  I prefer more of a "closed system" where all the available cards come with the game or one of it's expansions.  Dominion is a great example.

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