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Neverwinter: Latest State of the Game Published

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Cryptic's Andy Velasquez has published the latest Neverwinter State of the Game letter on the official site. In it, Andy discusses some of the most recent activities on which the team has been working, including a new dedicated "bug squashing/exploits" team that has been formed and how excited everyone is for the imminent release of Module 1: Fury of the Feywild.

Lastly, Andy discusses the addition of new Paragon paths and a new class:

Finally, I know two things are on people’s minds that are worth bringing up at this point: when are we going to see new classes and Paragon Paths!  Our goal is to have another class and more Paragon Paths for all classes by the end of the year.  I played the new class myself in an internal playtest last week, and it’s amazing.  Similarly, Paragon Paths have had their first development pass, and we’re now working on them further and making them feel polished before introducing them to NeverwinterPreview.  Our feelings about classes and powers are similar to those about balance — we’re making sure that we take the time to make them amazing and iterate on them correctly.

Read the full letter on the Neverwinter site.


  • Mange1Mange1 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 235Member Uncommon
    Not really excited for the module, but if you say everyone is excited it must be true.
  • reploidxreploidx Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 320Member Uncommon
    I'm not excited about this game anymore. All this crap was supposed to come out at launch.
  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon
    I am looking forward to the module.  I had hoped new classes would come out a little faster, but I can live with it.  Still enjoying the game.

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • TalonsinTalonsin Posts: 3,049Member Epic
    Played the game for about 6 weeks and then I was done.  I did everything there was to do in the game and ended with over 100 lockboxes sitting in the bank.  Of course they are killing off those lockboxes and introducing new ones from what I read.  Guess people just werent buying those keys like they hoped.
    "Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD

  • barasawabarasawa Eugene, ORPosts: 490Member Uncommon

    Today it went live.

    They just took the server down for emergency maintenance. 

    The Admin spam is constant and an unending multilingual babble. You can't read the chat window, your view is obscured due to the big yellow notifications that are in the middle of your window. You can't make them go away, so you're stuck with them. They annoy the ()()()() out of me.

    Hopefully they fix that real soon.


    And yes, the 2 new profession skills are there, but I didn't get to check anything out before they shut it down. I don't know if the shutdown at this point was intentional or not, but it's not like you could read any messages that matter with the thousands of so-an-so has a nightmare message spam in multiple langauges.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    Lost my mind, now trying to lose yours...

  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,196Member Rare
    tlooks like hey have to do a rollback, because every1 was getting inferno mounts from the
  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    This game is such trash but at least they did combat decently and differently.
  • TookyGTookyG Warhammer Online Correspondent Alameda, CAPosts: 1,188Member
    Originally posted by Mange1
    Not really excited for the module, but if you say everyone is excited it must be true.

    Well, "everyone," when it comes to their playerbase, is like 10 people so...

    Until you cancel your subscription, you are only helping to continue the cycle of mediocrity.

  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare
    actually i think they use pre-sale numbers to gauge the interest... my guess is that they were pretty good if the numbnuts asking in the main chat about when they get their moon elves are anything to go by.

    Tawess gaming

    Tawess soapbox

    This have been a good conversation

  • Shadowguy64Shadowguy64 Rohnert Park, CAPosts: 848Member
    Originally posted by Skuall
    tlooks like hey have to do a rollback, because every1 was getting inferno mounts from the


    They are letting everyone keep the mounts even tho it was a glitch.

  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    ^ not surprised
  • HeafstaggHeafstagg Edmonton, ABPosts: 172Member Uncommon
    Ehhhh with all the drama from the duping and their complete failure with the handling of the situation to their over-priced cash shop, I lost what little interest I had in the game.

  • VassagoMaelVassagoMael Covington, LAPosts: 555Member
    They JUST got a bug and exploit team?

    Free to play = content updates for the cash shop. Buy to play = content updates for the cash shop.
    Subscription = Actual content updates!

  • Sal1Sal1 Twin Cities, MNPosts: 212Member Uncommon
    A new class and alternate paragon paths by the end of the year? Only one new class coming? You have got to be kidding me. It seems a skeleton crew is coding new content for this game now. 
  • UberzugUberzug St-Eustache, QCPosts: 1Member

    This game is a joke. I almost NEVER "bash" on a game, but these guys deserve no respect from any community. They talk about new class and stuff, but this game came out with 5 class.. its ridiculous! The DnD universe has dosen of class, why wouldnt they pick one of them and make?! They,ve focus SOOO much on their stupid cash shop with overpriced item that they never develop new class and race. What really pissed me is that they are saying that they are working on new stuff atm... Why now?? They had 6 month to make something? And only 1?? Wow.

    Perfect world or wtv the name of that compagny is doesnt deserve our attention!


  • vmopedvmoped Athens, GAPosts: 1,708Member

    I hate to say it, but this game honestly did a better job encouraging my mates and I to go back to DDO than any of the numerous emails and advertisements from Turbine ever did.  I'm sure that Cryptic will eventually have a much better product on their hands given time.  They have proven that after ~2 years they can complete these games and have a pretty good product (with CO and STO that is).


    MMO Vet since AOL Neverwinter Nights circa 1992. My MMO beat up your MMO. =S

  • dragnmastralexdragnmastralex Galion, OHPosts: 28Member Common
    Cryptic is full of idiots... they spend 2 years trying to balance 4 classes then at the end of the 3rd year they release a new one to do balancing for 3 more years... if they were smart they would say F@ck balance and work on getting all the classes made FIRST, then later after all the classes are out work on balance so they only have to do it ONCE.
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