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Can someone help this FF lore noob?

danefahlerdanefahler Greenville, MIPosts: 20Member Uncommon
What bearing on my character does picking my birthday (moon phase) and guardian have?


  • neonakaneonaka Smithsburg, MDPosts: 779Member Uncommon

    your birthday as far as I know does not impact the character, but the guardian does, if/when picking a god/goddess pay attention to the elemental attributes listed under the god/goddesses description. You will notice these numbers differ from each god. Some boost your fire element more while others your water ect. Depending on what your role/job will be some of these gods boost needed attributes more than others.


    For example a black mage's primary attack is Flare which is a fire elemental base spell. Choosing a guardian with a higher base fire element will help boost this spells output.

    That is just one example but it works the same for all jobs.

    I should note though the base number are so minor of a boost, it really doesn't matter  what you choose it isn't going to make or break your character in anyway.

  • GormogonGormogon Posts: 206Member Uncommon
    Those are resistances, not damage bonuses.
  • neonakaneonaka Smithsburg, MDPosts: 779Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Gormogon
    Those are resistances, not damage bonuses.
    Screw it noone knows,.
  • neonakaneonaka Smithsburg, MDPosts: 779Member Uncommon
    Some websites say its a elemental attribute bonus, some say it is a resist only bonus, so I don't know which one is right. I do know that it isn't really that important, and I would just pick the one you think looks good or sounds the coolest to you.
  • TorcipTorcip Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 669Member Uncommon
    The character creation says is resistances, but either way the differences are so small it doesn't make a noticable difference. Even min/maxers would have a hard time with determining it.
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