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[Review] Neverwinter: An Astral Diamond in the Rough



  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,338Member Rare
    So is the game still in officially in Beta or are posters saying it is as they think so much needs to be fixed?

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  • blohm86blohm86 GöteborgPosts: 43Member

    This is by far the biggest dissapointment since Dark and Light;


    Repetative gameplay

    AH is not an option, its a REQUIREMENT

    • Combat is CLUNKY

    • Healing is CLUNKY

    • Tanking is BROKEN

    • People play like INFANTS

    • General behavior is appalling, way to many kiddies

    • Graphics are 2008

    • Companions, OOOOOOH dont get me started on that crap


    The game is an embarrasment, nothing else.

  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,677Member Uncommon
    A fair review.  I've played since the start of open beta.  I have a level 57 Great Weapon Fighter, and a level 16 Trickster Rogue.  Both are fun, but for different reasons.  But you might have mentioned that currently people with GWF's are being kicked from dungeon runs, because some hysterics claim they are "useless".  Which is silly, because a well played GWF is really nasty when dealing with packs of mobs.  They also have better survivability that the CW. Cryptic needs to address this before it gets even further out of control.
  • IndigoAKIndigoAK Fairbanks, AKPosts: 3Member

    Perfect World was the worst thing to ever happen to Cryptic.

    The prices in Star Trek Online are the same way.  And then there's how the XP boosts are part of the main UI, on your screen all the time, so it's always sitting there reminding you that if you want to level up faster you can spend money to do so.  Oh, and how about the fact that Star Trek Online's main website now includes some Vulcan woman dressed like a skank on it instead of the original macho Starfleet guy (he was just as bad for different reasons).

  • furbansfurbans Tinbucktwo, IAPosts: 968Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Scot
    This is astonishing the game is getting a Review when it is still in BETA? What is going on?

    Because it's not in "beta" but in launch.  Other MMOs have released with the same equivalent completion (end-game not added yet, numerous bugs need fixing, server load not fully tweaked out yet, ect ect).  Cryptic and PWI are all too ready to accept money so they slapped on "open beta" onto a normal release and "release" on a major patch that other MMOs do that add significant fixes and end game content like the first raid for many.

    They can call it "open beta" all they want but the public will see it as it truely is, a release.  The fact that they will not refund founders pack when a game "is still in beta" alone makes it a release.

  • scrittyscritty WorcesterPosts: 89Member
    Soon as I realised it was a twitch combat game I was out. I'm too old to compete in twitch games.
  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,338Member Rare
    Originally posted by furbans
    Originally posted by Scot
    This is astonishing the game is getting a Review when it is still in BETA? What is going on?

    Because it's not in "beta" but in launch.  Other MMOs have released with the same equivalent completion (end-game not added yet, numerous bugs need fixing, server load not fully tweaked out yet, ect ect).  Cryptic and PWI are all too ready to accept money so they slapped on "open beta" onto a normal release and "release" on a major patch that other MMOs do that add significant fixes and end game content like the first raid for many.

    They can call it "open beta" all they want but the public will see it as it truely is, a release.  The fact that they will not refund founders pack when a game "is still in beta" alone makes it a release.

    This sort of nonsense makes NW a good candidate for that list of worst MMO's of 2013 so far. Does not matter how good or bad the game is, when you piss around the players that much and move the goal posts on what beta and launch mean, this is just bad for the MMO industry. It makes players think that MMO's cannot be trusted.

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  • hatboxhatbox Fresno, CAPosts: 45Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by JeroKane

    Originally posted by Torvaldr

    Originally posted by JeroKane

    Originally posted by rodingo

    I would say it's a fair score of the game, considering it's still in "beta".  I know, I know.   I think in time Cryptic will eventually make some good improvements to the game like in STO, and if you look at the low points in the review you can see it's very doable.  I think the Neverwinter we see now will be greatly improved in 6 months or so.  The good thing?  You don't have to keep a sub current to check in on the game every now and again.

     It is NOT beta! No matter how PWE and Cryptic try to say this and keep jumping up and Down! It is NOT!

    The moment you start taking people's Money, Your game is LIVE! PERIOD!

    Because you say so?  I say it's in beta.  There, I win until you post, "no it's not".  Neither one of us get to decide that.  You can decide not to participate, but you don't get to decide what the state of the software is in or what it's called.

     Because I work in the IT myself for over 14 years. Been playing games since a kid (so for over 25 years now).

    When a software Product is in Beta you don't ask Money from Your customers nor take it, until the Product is actually ready for release!

    This Whole Open Beta farce is just standard practice With a lot of craptastic F2P Companies and like I said... most of them keep their F2P games in Open Beta indefinitely until it's shut Down.

    The only reason they do this, is to cover their arses and able to get away with everything, hiding behind the beta excuse. Pure and simple!

    All decent Game studios who do a "proper" Open Beta actually use it as a beta to improve the game (usually it's only stress testing in this phase), don't charge Money nor take it via a cash shop. Release a final patch before release and wipe all the servers clean and then Proper launch the game With a clean slate.

    But hey.... indeed who I am I right..... I Guess when Cryptic tells you to jump, you jump. Good Luck.

    OR, if you spent money on the packs, for the crap game. You do a charge reversal, uninstall and walk away. They will spam the daylights out of your email. (Between both of us we have over 100 most of which came in under 48 hrs) Same email, over and over. Telling us we're banned. *oh no!* Funny you can't get them to answer you BEFORE. But do a Peter Pan out of their crap game and take your 670.00, with you. Then you get SPAM. Classy.

  • hatboxhatbox Fresno, CAPosts: 45Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Scot

    This is astonishing the game is getting a Review when it is still in BETA? What is going on?


    Games are NOT in Beta the minute they start taking Real money from anyone. They sort of lose that whole Beta shine, don't you think?  That's just their attempt at being slippery. Just further gives them a dirty, carnival barker feel. Here to take your money. Soon to blow  out of town. Nasty.

  • YrthWyndAndFyreYrthWyndAndFyre Winnipeg, MBPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    I much agree across the board.  I can live with most of it, but when I finally made a foray into the Zen market, I was floored.  A penny a point for Zen isn't much - pretty much standard fare, but the Zen Market prices are astronomical.

    Frankly, I ponied up $50 for Zen before I found out how worthless it is.  Now they've lost a customer.  I don't like being ripped off. 

  • Ironman2000Ironman2000 Baltimore, MDPosts: 310Member Uncommon

    You can tell companions to Stay, Protect or attack in the game??

    "Speaking of companions, why is there no ability to control them in battle beyond “stay, protect, or attack”? It would be nice to have a better element of control over their behavior and attacks, choosing spells, for example."

    How in the heck do you tell them to ATTACK, PROTECT or STAY??  I have been looking for a way to do this?

  • rakattrakatt Ripley, WVPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    I tried it about a month ago.  It reminded me of WOW. I played it for a half hour but lost interest.  Since it is still in beta, I've decided to try it again. Perhaps something has changed.

  • gabead1974gabead1974 Elgin, SCPosts: 7Member Uncommon


    I agree with this review. I give it about an 8 though.  I have been playing on a daily basis. I agree the prices are very high . I will admit though I have spent some money but not for awhile until they do something about the prices.

    I like the crafting system itself, but I do NOT like the rare items changing every hour. If you are working this hard to hit level 20 on crafting you should have access to all of the rare items to craft. I am currently working to level 13. The downside to crafting is I don't think much will be of use in AH. For the most part I am just trying to get a better shirt and pants that don't seem to be selling in AH at the moment for 60 levels. The highest I see for control wizards is 40 sometimes 50 and mostly white.

    I do love the PVP. Just need more of it. Maps, dungeon sieges etc. I will admit my control wizard can be over powering at times as well at the trickster rogue I have created recently. (Though I will admit it is funny sometimes lol).

    I love the dungeons in this game. Yes for the most part it is tank and spank, but the bosses can be a challenge that is for sure! I have played in many MMOs and finally I am in a guild that is very active. The teamspeak server has lots of people in it and groups are always running something.

    I look forward for more content to be added soon which I heard is about a month away.


  • 43%burnt43%burnt StuttgartPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    It's an ok mindless timewaster if you do not intend to spend any money on it.

    You level way too fast. As in "you start out and are maxlvl in about 3 days played".

    There is hardly anything to do at maxlvl.

    They have an odd way of "fixing" things, like the Spider boss.

    They need ages to fix simple, but impactful, issues (the drake seal offhand being a duplicate of the mainhand, the cinematic for that one crypt boss playing for every party member, one after another,...).

    Class balance is aweful at the moment. You need DCs and CWs. Everything else is bonus.3 out of 5 classes are optional, but since the TR does the most single target dmg it's the obvious choice.

    Crafting is more or less useless. There are 2 reasons to craft: shirts+pants.


    It's not a bad game, but I think it got off a bit easy in the review.

  • PlageronPlageron Some Where, WAPosts: 109Member

    Don't know if I would recommend this game to anyone.


    It has a lot of bugs and balance issues still


    And sadly they are planning to release it with all of that still going to be there.


    This makes me recall a few other games that did that.....and they didn't last that long....Auto-Assault and Tabula Rasa......In my opinion those games where not too bad....but the bugs and balance issues where their death calls.


    And I think this game is going to be the same way.

  • STD-SkinSTD-Skin fridley, MNPosts: 13Member
    This game is trash. Longevity should of been a 1, once you get to 60 there isn't shit to do but grind for gear (which you can buy off the auction house if you buy diamonds with zen). Pay 2 Win. You can get a full PvP set from someone else as well for really cheap, you never even had to pvp before level 60.
  • iJustWantiJustWant Somewhere, WAPosts: 81Member

    This game was not enjoyable for me. It felt like I was browsing an online store, with a video game in it - did not feel like a video game that happened to have an in-game store.


    I was really frustrated about the extreme emphasis on paying for inventory space. You get so little space, you get so much junk...not only drops, but the quests themselves give you junk to carry...and then there are potions, scrolls, runes...and "kits" that let you open more boxes that contain more junk...and items like "a lesser scroll" that do not stack with other seemingly identical items like "a lesser scroll", which take up even more space.


    No thank you. If you give me a backpack with 10 slots, don't give me 10 items the moment I roll my character, and prompt me to visit the store to buy more backpacks.

  • vice123vice123 asd, ALPosts: 1Member

    3/10 for this game

    No matter how they try to sugar it up, it's just another "action mmorpg". Poor gameplay, terrible pvp, terrible pricing (if you're into buying stuff anyway).

  • SicomSicom Springfield, MOPosts: 7Member

    I was honestly ready to try this game. Had the official webpage pulled up and everything. But then... six (SIX?!) dollars to respec your character?

    That's a resounding NO! from me, thank you.

  • RenegadeOctopussRenegadeOctopuss Fukk city, VAPosts: 1Member
    I have played the game for a few days now and find it extremely fun, playing a TR I haven't found much difficulty in leveling, but I recognize this game is actually faster to level up than the other Cryptic game I play, STO; both are very quick to level up, I actually think it's too quick.

    For the Zen store prices I don't find them much different from the Zen store at STO and given a lot of people put huge amounts of money on that game I don't think Cryptic will be lowering prices any time soon on NWO. About the store items the only ones I find tempting to get are the companions and the bag expansions. Mounts are nice looking but really don't make a difference in gameplay. More toon slots are easily avoidable by making a second and third free account. The only thing that has disgusted me is the miserable number of slots at the personal banks, but really you would not need much storage space after gettting 2 more free inventory bags from 2 quest chains (1st at level 7 and 2nd at level 30) and materials needed for crafting go in a different bag that is very big.

    I have yet to make my toon to end game so that I can't comment on but from what I played the game appeals to me as very fun and easy to pick up, a winner for Cryptic and PW imo.
  • MortisRexMortisRex Columbia, TNPosts: 348Member Uncommon
    Just so you and everybody else knows, if they ever screw up your c-store purchases, they are gone forever. They will not do anything to correct their error, that is if you can get someone to respond in under 3 weeks. Yes, yes, I'm sure all the fanboys will be forr hing with hate and lies. All you have to do is look up "perfect world entertainment" in Redwood on the California BBB website and you will see hundreds of complaints against cryptic for defrauding customers out of their purchases. As a matter of fact, the BBB websites suggest contacting your state's attorney general and filing a complaint with them since PWE has no interest in anything but separating you from your cash with no regards to ethics. You can buy whatever you want from the c-store, just realize that it's not permanent (even if the item says it is). If PWE has a hiccup in their database for the 47th time, you will lose your purchases and they'll just expect you to pay for everything all over. Stay away from any game this company is involved because they are absolutely horrible, non-ethical, and unscrupulous.
  • popezaphodpopezaphod Oswego, NYPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    If I paid a single penny for this game, I would be emailing the company every day about problems with gameplay and quests and glitches in general.  But for free until something better comes along it's OK.
  • Merlin73Merlin73 St. KildaPosts: 9Member

    Originally posted by evilastro

    Originally posted by kakasaki

    Originally posted by JediSeer

    "Trickster Rogues can sneak around behind and pick off the strongest monster."

    So, you're one of those are you?! I see you far too often when I play! If you are playing a rogue this way, then you are doing it wrong!

    Sadly, you are one of my pet peeves...and I repeat, this is certainly NOT the proper way to play a rogue!

    People that play rogues, please understand, your job is NOT to go beating on the strongest monsters, bosses, or champions until after you've taken care of the squishies. Squishies or soft targets like casters, healers and trash mobs are your number one priority!

    Your job is NOT to go and tackle the toughest mob that the tank is trying to keep occupied while there are still adds running round (most likely harassing the clerics)!

    If you play your rogue this way, then I would imagine you may also be the same player that often complains that you're not getting healed properly. This is because the clerics are too busy trying to get the adds off of them, while you are incorrectly trying to attack the tank's target and allowing those mobs to preoccupy your clerics and control wizards.

    Let the tank hold the bosses aggro, while the healer heals and wizard controls and take out the squishies/adds. You'll be amazed as to how much easier the party manages itself!

    Most players believe it is the healers that are the difference between a great party and a bad one; I'd argue that the rogue is the key to a successful party, not the healers. A rogue that knows how to properly do its job makes all the difference!


    Aside from that, great article and I agree with everything you said, particularly the overpriced Zen items. This absurd mentality of overpricing things and the negative effect it has is unfortunately something so many companies fail to see! It's the reason why Amazon and Walmart are two of the richest companies in the world as cheaper prices mean more customers and more frequent purchases, which in turn equals bigger growth and more sustainable profit.


    I was going to go full "who are you to tell people how to play" and "it's your opinion" but, honestly, you are 100% correct in your points. "Those" rogues bother the hell out of me too (I play a healer most of the time).

    Actually you are both wrong. Rogues are meant to attack the bosses / strongest mobs. Wizards and GWFs are meant to pick off the weak AE adds.

    In WoW style games maybe, but the Rogues are just Fighters in leather in that style of game. In traditional D&D and D&D based PC adventure games Thieves and Rogues most definitely picked off weaker combatants, usually ambushing them from stealth. Not so much the trash but more the lesser armored harder hitting mobs like Wizards. But then that's assuming encounters that are more than just big boss followed by millions of rodents that have to be killed.


    Now about NW, I found the game play to be like a slightly more complex version of Diablo (slightly). Additionally Characters are predefined with very limited customisation. DDO "plays" much more like a D&D game than this.

  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Holy necro post mate. Also the discussion was purely aimed at Neverwinter combat, not how things work on pen and paper (where there is no trinity anyway). In the game when this conversation was taking place, Rogues tanked the boss and Wizards cleaned up the adds.
  • mohit9206mohit9206 Maryland, MDPosts: 55Member Uncommon
    I like this game but i have a few points to make:
    1.Enemies draw aggro when you come close to them and attack you.You cannot outrun them and have no option but to engage.There should have been a fleeing mechanic like FF12 because i am just on my way to the quest and i dont want to kill hundreds of enemies on my way.Its tedious.
    2.I am lvl 24 GF and still haven't earned 5 gold to buy my 1st mount so travelling from quest to npc to quest is tedious.
    3.The graphics and the setting are nice and the story while thin is ok i guess.The quests are so far interesting but it seems to be getting more boring at later levels.
    4.Even though am levelling up at a decent rate i do not feel more powerful than i was at lvl 1 as enemies have more HP so it negates that.
    5.The 5vs5 pvp is boring and i suck at pvp anyways so i avoid it.The Skirmishes and dungeons can be fun the the group players dont talk at all so it feels i am grouping up not with other players but with zombies instead.
    5.The combat system is fun and some of the foundry quests are genuinely good especially those horror themed ones.
    6.Since am new to the genre am confused by Auction House and enchantment/enchancement systems/skill trees/feats/etc and other stuff.
    7.Inventory management is a pain as the inventory slots are too low and more inventory space costs money or lots of grinding for AD
    8.Overall the community is not good with lots of spammers in chat and no one helping out when asked for help in chat.
    9.But overall its still a decent game and am only lvl 24 GF with cleric companion and 25 hrs played so there is still a lot to do so my opinion is not that important just my first impressions of the game.I
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