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ToonTown Closing

chrisieachrisiea navarre, FLPosts: 1Member

So, I went to jump on and play today and there is a notice that Disney's Toontown will be closed down for good on Sept 19, 2013. It will be free to play, but you can't sign up for new memberships and those that have memberships won't be charged after Aug 20. Which is today. So I am sad. I finally found a family-friendly game to play that didn't involve magic or violence and it's closing down. Of all the rotten luck.

The hunt begins again.

Apparently Disney wants to focus its attention on Club Penguin--heard of it, have no idea what it is, never been to check it out--and its other online ventures like the game apps and stuff.

It's alright, though. I was starting to get bored with it, because I was having to repeatedly defeat the same enemies over and over again. I guess that's the theme in these games, because W101 and P101 are the same way.

But for reasons I won't delve into here, I need to find a game now that is family-friendly and doesn't involve magic or violence. I will be hunting. I like mmorp games. I also like first-person games, but my computer doesn't handle DOS-run games, so I've been focusing on mmorp games.

Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone who is interested know about the closure.

Yall have a good day.



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