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Damn you gaming world! You're killing me, Smalls!!!

DritheDrithe salisbury, NCPosts: 54Member Uncommon

I have searched and went through every possible reason NOT to play this game. I am playing Dragon's Crown, which I love with all my heart. I figured I was putting so many hours into the game it would wear my PS3 out if I played Final Fantasy 14. But, instead, I also bought it for my Vita. LOL. So now I throw that excuse out the door. I can play my classes from the PS3 to the vita and vice versa.

 I also just bought Tales of Xillia, for PS 3. I love the Tales rpgs. Where would I find the time to play FF 14 while I have this? Fact is, the more I played FF 14 the more I get into it. It is so much more fun with others, but I also love the single player aspect of this game as well.  I also have another PS 3 in my room. Sweet lord, lol. I COULD just play Xillia on that.

I prepaid for Diablo 3 for my PS 3. It has OFFLINE mode so why the hell wouldn't I? How in the HELL am I suppose to play Diablo 3, Dragon's Crown, Xillia, AND Final Fantasy 14 at one time? Wait ....... it gets much worse.

 I LIVE for the Fire Emblem series. I think it is the best rpg strategy series there is. Now I love the Final Fantasy Tactics series and Tactics Orgre for sure as well. Anyways, I wanted to play the Nintendo Wii version of FIre Emblem, but I did not want to buy a Wii, with it being a dead system and all. So I bought a Wii U instead, bought Fire Emblem for the Wii, bought Mario for the Wii U, and also bought the old Donkey Kong and Punch Out.

 Now where would I find the time to play FF 14? Huh?

 Then I got booted out and haven't been able to log in due to a 3102 bug or something.

All I can think about is playing that damn FF 14. Cant wait for next weekend. LMAO!

I am a hopeless gaming loser. Pray for me.


End of line.


  • NetSageNetSage Lake Geneva, WIPosts: 1,047Member Uncommon
    That should be fixed today.  Either way breaks are good :P.  Watch a movie, sleep, eat, etc.
  • Syno23Syno23 LA, CA, CAPosts: 1,360Member Uncommon
    dam dude you're crazy, but you're exactly right.
  • PluppetsPluppets Black FlagPosts: 45Member

    *shakes fist*


    Why did you have to remind me that I want to buy Xillia, Dragon's Crown, a Wii, and Fire Emblem?

    THIS, and XIV launching right when I got my Meat Cleaver in Demon's Souls.  >_> RIP (fml) 2013

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