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Looking for Guild and server - EU

ShaikeShaike NesherPosts: 301Member Uncommon

hello everyone

i am a newbie - at least in this game.

i am 31 YO and played MMOs for more than a decade now...

i have never played this IP and only heard about it a few days ago. i read on it a lot and bought the game.

i am looking for a nice casual friendly guild (and a server) - in EU.


any recommendations?


Just my 2 cents...



  • FuuManChew35FuuManChew35 St. George, UTPosts: 23Member Uncommon
  • FuuManChew35FuuManChew35 St. George, UTPosts: 23Member Uncommon
    eh sorry not EU my bad.
  • JaknifeJaknife Bexhill-On-SeaPosts: 51Member


    You are welcome to join us, we are a small group, that will be a guild as soon as we can level enough to create one.

    There are 3 of us so far, we have played together across several games over the last few years, and have a Mumble server for voice comms.

    We are friendly and casual, and EU based (UK actually).

    Our average age is about 39 (so we are not children).

    We are on the Cerberus server (which is the same one we are on in Secret World).

    If your interested, let me know and I will give you some character / mumble details.

    I won't give you the guild name in here, otherwise some muppet will steal it, before we can make it.



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