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General: Equilibrium: An Indie MMO Announced

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,004MMORPG.COM Staff Epic


The team is proud to announce the addition of  Art Director Stephen Wells. With over 20 years experience, Stephen is an expert 3D modeler for characters, props, vehicles, weapons, and environments who has created both high and low polygon assets for game productions. He has also taught 3D Game Assets over the last several years which included prop modelling, character modelling, and Zbrush and Mudbox sculpting and detailing.

“If there’s a motto I work by it’s “leave your ego at the door,” Stephen says. “I love what I do, plain and simple; whether it’s working on a Gears of War style game or Bambi, it’s all the same creativity to me.”

ChaosNgn has announced that work has commenced on its forthcoming MMO, Equilibrium. According to released information, the team is hard at work on coding, assets, classes, story, and world design. The 30-developer team includes folks from Trion Worlds, EA, LucasArts, and Bioware, as well as degree holders in archaeology and history.

It seems that Equilibrium is the MMORPG that Harry Turtledove fans have been waiting for.

Want to know more?

It’s the 53rd century, and time is collapsing. Through a series of targeted attacks, warring factions have caused alternate realities to spin off from the primary timeline. This has resulted in strange races, alternate histories, and an unstable universe that is collapsing in on itself.

As these fissures in time are detected, entire civilizations, races of evolved species, and hand-picked mercenaries who are in danger of being erased from time forever pledge their lives to stop the impending destruction of the universe. Or, worse yet, to destroy it in a bid for ultimate control.

Lindbergh's America, a triumphant South in the Civil War, the assassination of Adolph Hitler, the modern Roman Empire, the A.I. Wars. They all await you to repair or to insure.

Gunslingers, Zen Assassins, Pyromaniacs, WWII Troopers, Cryomancers, and Crusaders. Oh, my!

Just a taste of the 27 classes awaiting you in this Kickstarter-funded MMORPG.

"When you are dealing with alternate history and time travel, there really isn't anything we can't do," says James Weeks, Creative Director of the project. "We're basically creating a game that fans of alternate history and show such as Doctor Who will love. In a nutshell, it's Doctor Who without the need for a TARDIS and the need for everyone to feel like they have to run around as The Doctor."

Equilibrium is scheduled to undergo a Kickstarter campaign later this fall. We'll keep you posted in the meantime!




  • HeretiqueHeretique Posts: 1,350Member Uncommon
    Sounds interesting, also sounds "dark" so hopefully it fills those shoes well.

    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • fearufearu Your mom's pantiesPosts: 189Member Uncommon
    Very vague but sounds okay. Is there a link to this announcement?
  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member
    @FearU The website is still being developed, but I will do my best to field any questions you might have. Just keep in mind that there is a lot that I can't discuss.
  • JalitanJalitan Posts: 102Member Uncommon
    Which game engine is this going to use?
  • BelegStrongbowBelegStrongbow Pasadena, MDPosts: 289Member Uncommon

    sounds like another themepark. 


    Can we get a like a new genre or style of MMO never thought of before in the world?   Like something beyond sandbox, themepark and hybrid. 


    I have the answer,  but it would be worth billions so I am not sharing :D

  • chakalakachakalaka Missoula, MTPosts: 291Member Uncommon
    Sounds pretty cool from what I'm reading... I would love any more info on this game!!
  • TobrukTobruk St Paul, MNPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    DAMMIT!!! I so thought this was going to be a game based in the world from the movie Equilibrium. Oh well, sounds cool anyways.
  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko JohannesburgPosts: 6,183Member Epic

    Hmmm... the ultimate lobby game where each "alternate universe" is a themed instance ?


    Swing a sword as a Roman Legionary for an hour, then play as a soldier in the American Civil War for 30mins, then swap to a WWII "world of tanks" skirmish for an hour ? 


    Sounds like an ideal console co-op shooter.

  • SabasSabas herzelePosts: 212Member Uncommon

    That actually sounds very interesting to me.

    I always felt that there weren't enough science fiction MMO's.


    Though there is no telling how sci fi this game actually will be at the moment.

    Arthur C. Clarke said and I quote; "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

    While that is very true I do love to have some good scientific basis behind my sci fi.


    Wildstar for example, despite me loving the game, their sci fi is still very much fantasy with a tech skin.

    Very much like Star Wars.


    Here's to hoping equilibrium is a bit more heavy on the science side of things.

  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member

    BelegStrongbow While I wouldn't go as far as to say that the game is sandbox, it will not be your typical mmorpg experience. 

    That being said, we are talking about time travel and alternate history, so our hope is that it is the ultimate theme park. Not in the sense of dumbed down mechanics and gameplay, but in that we hope to take you to worlds, times, and places never before imagined. We hope that you have a blast in them, and isn't that the ultimate goal of a theme park? To have a blast?

    This is definitely far from a clone of That Which We Do Not Speak Of, and I am very proud of our team for thinking outside the box on every decision. 

    More and more info will be coming out over time, and I think you will be pleased with what you find.

    I would love to tell you more, but we are in the very early stages at the moment (still mostly a considerable amount of coding being done), and given the fact that things change all the time within development, I'd be hard pressed to promise you anything we aren't certain can be provided at the moment. But, I can tell you that we are looking at some very unique systems and gameplay.

  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member

    SpottyGekko It's not quite like that. Your character is quite your own

    I can elaborate on this much. Your character will start in the time from whence they come. If you choose Gunslinger, you will start in the Wild West. If you choose the Pyromaniac, you will be starting in occupied Nazi territory. If you choose cryomancer, well....  That's about all I can say at the moment. We will be explaining via story why this is the case.

    At the moment I can see where folks might thing this is just an alternate history mmorpg, but time travel is just as much an important in regard to story and gameplay.

    We really hope to surprise everyone. We are really doing our best to be different, and most importantly be fun and engaging. 


  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member

    Pandamin  We're heavy on the history, that's for sure. And the science, as well, but will there be forms of 'magic'? You'll have to wait and see.  But, I promise there will be explanations for these occurences.

    In regard to science, keep in mind that there is a lot of time between the 21st century and the 53rd. Not all aspects of history will be ones that are in our past.

    I will just say that I can't express how many of us on the team are Whovians and how much that actually influences us. This is the closest we will ever come to that experience, and we want to bring you along with us.

    From Ghengis Khan to JFK. From the Paleolithic to the Fields of Zen'Tar and everything in between, the scope will all come down to one thing. The Kickstarter this fall.



  • SabasSabas herzelePosts: 212Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by angryguildleader
    Pandamin  We're heavy on the history, that's for sure. And the science, as well, but will there be forms of 'magic'? You'll have to wait and see.  But, I promise there will be explanations for these occurences. In regard to science, keep in mind that there is a lot of time between the 21st century and the 53rd. Not all aspects of history will be ones that are in our past.   ~JW  

    Thank you for trying to answer my curiosity.

    That there will be magic is a given I think?

    I feel it is unavoidable? 


    What I was saying was more in the lines of, are we going to get a good scientific reason for things to happen beyond "its advanced technology".

    Though I understand that you might not be able to answer all of our questions right now.

    My interest in the game is piqued. 

  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member

    Pandamin  Magic won't be what you typically expect, but there are paradoxes, fractures, and possibly multiple dimensions at play.

    A good example would be the Pyromaniac. Some would consider him to be the fire mage, but he is this way because he was a Nazi prisoner who had been experimented on and manipulated. But, most of his powers do not originate from this experimentation. He has molotov cocktails, flame throwers, and many weapons at his/her disposal.

    As with the game itself, we are really trying to think outside the box when it comes to classes, but there will also be a few things that most players would find familiar. 

    And, as for the explanation you asked about, you bet.



  • SabasSabas herzelePosts: 212Member Uncommon

    That actually does sound cool and more out of the box then we are used to around these parts.

    At least, I have never played a "fire mage" that used molotov cocktails.....


    I'm eagerly waiting for more information.

    Thank you.

  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member

    We plan on continuously releasing stories from our altered past throughout development. Here is a teaser of how hell bent we are on warping your minds:


    Fuhrer Speer’s visit to New York City ends today after a ten day tour of the cultural marvels of the City.

    The Metropolitan Opera, The American Museum of Natural History, The Bronx Zoo, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art were all patronized by the Fuhrer, who was heard to praise to his companions that New York City was the Jewel of cities.

    Of particular interest to Fuhrer Speer because of his past vocation as Chief Architect of Germany was the Guggenheim, which he praised for it’s innovative and modern feel.

    The Fuhrer was in New York following his meeting with President Lindberg and British Prime Minister Mosely regarding the Indian Question.

    Cont. page A10

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,889Member Uncommon

    sounds kinda like a TSW type clone


  • SabasSabas herzelePosts: 212Member Uncommon

    Yea, that is classic alternate reality business

    I just so happen to really like that stuff, especially the 'what if the Germans had won.


    Eagerly waiting on more information.:)


  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member
    Myrdynn  I love TSW, but we honestly feel it is nothing like TSW. It has honestly never entered the equation when it comes to our design, influence, or ideas. We can see where the connection could be made this early on, but they are two completely different animals. 
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,889Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by angryguildleader
    Myrdynn  I love TSW, but we honestly feel it is nothing like TSW. It has honestly never entered the equation when it comes to our design, influence, or ideas. We can see where the connection could be made this early on, but they are two completely different animals. 

    understood, just hope its more than just a story based themepark, cause even that can get boring really quickly.

    best of luck though guys, I am always pulling for the Indies

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,161Member Rare

    My initial thought was so I repair time by killing x number of mobs?

    Have to wait and see what they come up with, but my thought is 27 classes is a bit much for a startup, expect some of them will never make it to release.

  • LordSneergLordSneerg Lorton, VAPosts: 119Member
    Game sounds awesome
  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon
    Is harry turtledove actually a part of the team? His alternate reality books are the best of the subgenre.

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

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  • Equilibrium_JWEquilibrium_JW SF, CAPosts: 201Member
    Ozmodan There are 27 planned classes, and this is based on the game having 3 factions, which will be a Kickstarter goal.
  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    Interesting and original, my eyes are upon you Equilibrium. Here's hoping there's an alternate dimension for pirates yarrrr.
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