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POLL: Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6, what would you like to see next?

ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

I just replayed both Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas, and the question popped into my mind. I could not decide. Elder Scrolls is a really rich and fascinating character, and I'd love to see how it goes on with the Empire and Tamriel. On the other hand I am a bit overfed with fantasy and I really thought Fallout was cool, too.

I really would love to see a Fallout game set in Europe. Maybe Berlin, where I live. I always fantasized about seeing Berlin in Fallout, lol, and seeing the familiar places in a post-war setting. Though I guess they will stay in US based areas. Oh my.


So what do you say? Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 4? And what should be the setting like?

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  • XarkoXarko Posts: 654Member Uncommon

    I replayed the same games no so long ago too and I have to vote for Fallout, because imo Fallout: New Vegas was overaly significantly better game than Skyrim. There were many choices and paths you could go, way more interesting stuff to explore in fallout instead of the "another similar cave/dungeon , full of the same undead". Also the world of Fallout:NV felt more immersive and alive than Skyrim. NPC factions actually fighting with each other etc. In Skyrim you know there is some kind of war, but everybody is just sitting on their asses in their camps.

  • VocadiVocadi SH, MIPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    I voted for Fallout 4. I just looove the post apocalypse setting and find there is a decided lack of them lately. As much as I love the Elder Scrolls world, I think I am pretty much stuffed to the gills with it and need a change of flavor. Plus, ESO is in the works, it should be enough to tide people over on the Elder Scrolls front.

    More Fallout can never be bad!

  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,560Member Rare
    I think Fallout franchise needs some love now. TES had both Skyrim and ESO. It's only fair to give it to Fallout...

    Tho I would like TES 6 more :P
  • adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSPosts: 2,065Member Uncommon

    Skyrim was great in many ways, but I feel they sort of broke one of the major tenets of their own game design, and that was not to hold someone's hand or guide them around.  I hope the next one isn't filled with so many tiny quests with only one outcome each.


    So if that's what they are offering for TES 6, then F4 for sure.  Heck F4 anyways.  I've stated it here before, but fallout 3 is my all time favorite game.

  • GreatPhoenixLordGreatPhoenixLord Stewartville, MNPosts: 11Member
    I would go with ES6. I choose this simply because I hope that ES6 will redeem the Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim was amazing, don't get me wrong. But every other Elder Scrolls game felt more immersive and like you had more choice in how the storyline progressed. Skyrim felt pre-determined in every aspect. They even removed fighting factions so you could join any group. It sort of angered me to see the game that simplified and dumbed down from its roots. So I think a new Elder Scrolls game is in order to bring back the immersive storyline now
  • NikopolNikopol The ZonePosts: 626Member Uncommon

    Fallout 4, but only if it's going to be made by Obsidian and not Bethesda.

    Come to think of it, an Elder Scrolls game made by Obsidian would also be really cool. 

  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vocadi
    I voted for Fallout 4. I just looove the post apocalypse setting and find there is a decided lack of them lately. As much as I love the Elder Scrolls world, I think I am pretty much stuffed to the gills with it and need a change of flavor. Plus, ESO is in the works, it should be enough to tide people over on the Elder Scrolls front. More Fallout can never be bad!

    Amen bro. He'll I think my handle pretty much sums up how I voted

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  • ToxiaToxia Posts: 1,307Member Uncommon
    ES6. and that's what we'll be getting next, so yay!

    The Deep Web is sca-ry.

  • dllddlld GöteborgPosts: 578Member Uncommon
    fallout is far more interesting in setting and the gameplay is more fun too
  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare
    Fallout 4 and a Fallout mmo.  Need more post apocalypse sci-fi and less fantasy.  I seriously cant wait to see how Fallout 4 will look using the same engine as skyrim.
  • GrungukGrunguk MiddlesbroughPosts: 7Member

    From a purely IP perspective, I'd go for F4 over ES6.

    Fantasy is always good, but the Fallout universe is pretty immersive and unique.

    Whichever way they go first, I really hope that they put more of a focus into the players actions impacting on the game world.

  • Ol_BluOl_Blu Cocoa, FLPosts: 2Member

    Part of me wants to say Fallout 4, because, well, it feels like a new Fallout is past due.


    Then again, Skyrim sucked 400 hours of my life, and I'd gladly offer it 400 more.  


    Not to say I didn't enjoy Fallout- but I really enjoy the fantasy/magical/epic quest feel of the Elder Scrolls universe.



    So Elder Scrolls 6 gets my vote!

  • LiamMcLeod96LiamMcLeod96 Newcastle upon TynePosts: 1Member
    I love both games very, very much. I have invested around 400 hours of gameplay into skyrim alone never mind the rest of the elder scrolls franchise. That being said I have invested over 500 house in my least time consuming play through of both FO:NV and FO3, and that is one of many, many playthroughs. Bethesda nailed fantasy on the head but the best of an overrated genre still belongs to an overrated genre, fallout is rich and unique and utilises RPG gameplay far better IMO. I vote fallout 4 for the sheer fact that with an announcement of a new elder scrolls title I'd be uplifted but the announcement of a new fallout title would make me ecstatic.
  • 5Luck5Luck Shelton, CTPosts: 218Member Uncommon

    With the direction Bethseda is taking with ESO I for one am hoping ES6 gets back to the games roots with fully free and open skill choices a "spell maker" and some of the truly labernyth-y dungeons from the past ES games. I mean the ES franchise has had some of the craziest char options in games where just fooling around you might end up gimped(hard mode) or so insanely powerful you needed to lay waste to entire regions just to expend a mana bar(easy mode)


    The game difficulty was not set in the game option but by player choices instead.


    I voted ES6


    But as too Fallout I love the setting I love the game play and for a char creation method no one has ever topped being born and raised as in FO3 but with it they introduced (and subsequently added to all their games) that loss of char control during a crit hit (or wtvr that was) and it kind of ruined the immersion for me and it stuck with me that was a fall out feature even though it is present in the ES games now too...

  • Reiken_BirgeReiken_Birge Orlando, FLPosts: 59Member
    Gonna have to go with Fallout 4. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy The Elder Scrolls series. But I'm really more of a Sci-Fi kind of guy and I would like to see more titles in this genre. Plus I'm curious to see what they would do with another Fallout 4. If they would move the time line forward or if they would go to another part of the United States or even the world.

    Kingdom of Knights - Community Manager

  • GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Nada, FLPosts: 576Member

    I went with Elder Scrolls, but honestly either would be nice

    a new fall out with the more polished movement and graphics as skyrim would be interesting to see. I would honestly like to see one more large expansion for skyrim even though we know that isn't going to happen. Oh well there are always mods.

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