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[Column] Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade: Chaos and Gameplay

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade team recently released a "meet the team" video that featured snippets of gameplay that we're ready to dissect in our latest column. In addition, we're going to take a look at Chaos and what it means to the game. Read on before heading to the comments to chat.

While it was great to see the video and meet the team developing Eternal Crusade, there were some flashes of gameplay shown on the screens. It was extremely early and many people might view these models and leap to wild decisions: don’t. Miguel Caron has been very open with fans about the development. That is a great thing to build trust in the community. Also, it means that people will see things long before they are done. So try to reserve judgement, as that’s what I’ll be doing.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade: Chaos and Gameplay.



The symbols for Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh.



  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,881Member Rare

    i do love and appreciate all the sharing and exposure EC is getting.

    i just dont wanna get my heart broken -again. so ill just wait till next year as we get closer to release date to really get excited -again.

    love the artwork!
  • TiamatRoarTiamatRoar Potomac, MDPosts: 1,207Member Uncommon

    In addition to being allowed to team up Slaanesh daemons with Khorne daemons in the table top, you're allowed to use Khorne-aligned marines alongside Slaanesh-aligned marines despite those two gods being opposites on the table top and in the fluff (Black Crusades, anyone?), as well.  So I'd hope there won't be any restrictions regarding teaming Chaos up here in this game.


    They should have Malice-aligned Chaos Marines (and later, Daemons, if those get added) as a PvE faction.

  • garrettgarrett Posts: 281MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon
    Ya TiamatRoar, my main concern on this is squad makeup. You can have 10 in a squad. If I play Chaos and I am a Noise Marine, will my squad also be able to include a Berserker? Personally for the video game I am ok with this. I just want to know how they will set this up. 
  • ]HammeR[]HammeR[ GmrPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    "...So you would have World Eaters, Doom Guard, Thousand Sons, and Emperor’s Children all playable,..."


    I don't mean to sound picky but shouldn't that read Death Guard? :)

    On the subject, i can't help but think they're bitting off more than they can chew, hope I'm wrong though.

  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    Alpha legion please
  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    Oh and and Doom Guard? Is that the new Death Guard under Mortarion?
  • RazephonRazephon LondonPosts: 628Member Uncommon

    Honestly I'm pretty sure its going to be antagonists to Space Marine Chapters popular in Black Library thus far.

    Black Library has written omnibus' for Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Ultramarines and many books (recent) on Dark Angels. So for Space Wolves - Thousand Sons are the enemy. In Ultramarine novella, Iron Warriors were the enemy. In Blood Angels books it was Word Bearers. Just not sure who Dark Angel's enemy are (I haven't read their books! :p). 


    Currently waiting for the MMO industry to put out something good.
  • LordSneergLordSneerg Lorton, VAPosts: 119Member
    This game has the makings of being a classic 40k game. Fingers crossed that they can deliver
  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    Dark Angels were their own enemy...
    Also thought Word Bearers were rivals to Ultramarines seeing as how they funked over Calth during the Heresy.
  • garrettgarrett Posts: 281MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon
    Originally posted by EndoRoboto
    Oh and and Doom Guard? Is that the new Death Guard under Mortarion?

    Hahahah nope I meant Death Guard on this one. Thanks Endo, my bad, may Nurgle infect me with endless pox. 

  • EndoRobotoEndoRoboto Silverdale, WAPosts: 275Member
    I also would enjoy the multiple Chaos god choices especially if they affect starting stats/abilities. Other 40k games also included a Chaos Undivided faction for those who love all the gods in equal measure and i would rather have that than a single god choice if it came to it. Who am i kidding though i will be just another face in the rolling tide of green. :)
  • Grotar89Grotar89 beograd, CAPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    Not having Khorne Bersekers, Plague Marines, Noise Marines and Thousand Sons from the start would be a mistake.

    We have seen Black Legion and Iron Warriors are in the game. So I doubt we will see all 4 chapters mentioned in this article....

  • Overfiend138Overfiend138 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 52Member Uncommon
    The World Eaters as a chapter are gone. Its just roving bands of Berserkers now.  So including them as a chapter would be kinda odd depending at what point in time we see the game take place. Likely a possible solution would be one of the Chaos undivided chapters and then work towards gaining favor with one of the gods. 
  • Netsurfer733Netsurfer733 Whippany, NJPosts: 3Member
    I'm not sure if that is the best way to go with Chaos. 5 different sub factions? It might be hard for them. If they're starting with Iron Warriors, maybe just go for more Undivided, like Black Legion, Alpha Legion, and Word Bearers.  Perhaps the classes could be more geared towards the Chaos gods then, which would end up being FAR more thematic for the player than simply being a lascannon wielder under the World Eaters, for example.
  • turinmacleodturinmacleod Staff Writer Mahopac, NYPosts: 152Member Uncommon

    Keep in mind that all the "elite" chaos troops, Berzerkers, Noise Marines, Plague Marines and Thousand Sons, will probably be earned or advanced unlock troops, as in rewards for progressing your character.   No one really STARTS as one of those, even in the fluff, it's a hard-won position.


    What will weigh more heavily in character choice, Chapter or Class?  And not all Chapters have access to all classes, at least in the fluff.  Will chapter just be a paint job and some cosmetic pieces, or will your Chapter choice affect actual gameplay?


    All this is yet to be determined of course, but it'll be fun talking about it while we wait and see what happens.



  • SavijSavij NottPosts: 341Member

    you will have different classes depending on which chapter you chose (some will be the same for sure maybe most of them)

    chosing a chapter may have small changes to your characters gameplay (its still discussed)

    be always up to date about Eternal Crusade
    WH40k:EC dev Tracker

    Other EC Sites i'm in:
    Dakkadakka Savij
    Reddit EC Savij1337 Savij

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    "The good thing about their approach is Eternal Crusade makes no bones about being a very heavy PvP game right from the beginning. Therefore combat and pacing will be dictated by the players and not by AI. Even though there are some PvE elements...". SOME PVE elements?? SOME?? Well obviusly this game will not be for me, have already removed it from my radar. Still hope who enjoy PvP will have fun with game.
  • Postal13Postal13 Milton, ONPosts: 94Member
    Slaanesh will never be added to any Warhammer games due to the nudity. It's as simple as that.

    Cunfushus says "Only through wasting time do we realize that time should not be wasted."

  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Adelaide, AKPosts: 953Member
    @Razephon - In the Horus heresy the Dark Angels greatest enemy is themselves (homeworld garrison)
  • mintycmintyc caernarfonPosts: 38Member
    i can see the word eaters, emperor's children and death guard making it into the game for launch but the thousand sons may be a problem as very few have not been turned into Rubric Marines.
  • WaizerWaizer BarryPosts: 125Member

    iirc black legion are currently creating khorne berserker 's similar to the ones used by the world eaters (who are now basically non existent) so they could be a very real possibility.

    If you wanted chaos god neutral legions though you could easily do it with any 4 of the following: iron warriors, black legion, word bearers, alpha legion or night lords.  None of those worship 1 chaos god in particular so technically could get access to all the specialized units as an individual from that legion may gain favor/make a pact with a god even if his legion stay neutral.

    And from an earlier comment someone pointed out that the dark angels biggest enemy is themselves (the fallen), which is true, but a good other enemy would be the night lords. After all the lion was nearly killed by the night haunter in a very long and protracted campaign that kept him from defending terra. Can't think of a better reason to hate another chapter than to miss the final battle and know the emperor might have been fine had you made it in time.

  • NonderyonNonderyon GyulaPosts: 184Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Postal13
    Slaanesh will never be added to any Warhammer games due to the nudity. It's as simple as that.

    I hope you are not right, but i see what happend to Scarlet Blade , people can be so raged about  nudity.

  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Posts: 1,021Member Uncommon
    Knowing nothing about 40k, I got lost in pages of the Wikia for about five hours; it was highly entertaining. Though after being exposed to the grandiose nature of the universe, even in such a tourists fashion, I can't possibly believe there's a chance in hell that any MMO in the near decades of our future could possibly give you all of the choice, factions, territory, and breadth of culture that exist in the lore, at least to adequacy. How do 40k fans reconcile this?

    "This is life! We suffer and slave and expire. That's it!" -Bernard Black (Dylan Moran)

  • WaizerWaizer BarryPosts: 125Member

    Ppl will always complain if their legion/chapter/god is not incorporated. I think the key to making this mmo work is first and foremost making a game that is fun, then you add as much of the lore as possible. 


    I honestly believe that if they try to make this game to play like space marine and make it an mmo they could be on to a real winner.

  • WaizerWaizer BarryPosts: 125Member
    Just to give an example, I am a huge salamanders and raven guard fan, they are not their but I don't complain as their is a lot of other chapters and the lore is v solid from what I've seen
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