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[Preview] EverQuest Next: Making the New World Feel Authentic



  • KuinnKuinn MestaPosts: 2,072Member Uncommon
    Dat map, let me guess, around that volcano area there's elite mobs and end-game content *rolleyes* Btw where's all the inland lakes? :O
  • HighMarshalHighMarshal Huntsville, ALPosts: 347Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nadia
    Originally posted by HighMarshal
    The panel didn't mention Dark Elves at all. They talked about the regular Elves and mentioned that there was only one race of Elves. What we knew as the different types of Elves from the previous games are nothing more than factions. Being a different faction doesn't give you dark skin and horns. We are missing some lore to explain the Dark Elves. Did anyone notice the concept art for Dark Elves gave them bat like ears?

    The playable races are Dwarf, Human, Ogre, Elf, Dark Elf and Kerran.


    TierDal  (dark elf) lore has been given

    Then the Takish Age then dawned, a time when the Elves became paranoid that they'd be betrayed again. Soon the alliances became very strained; the Koada'Dal, a group of noble Elves, became convinced of their superiority and started subjugating other races, establishing an oppressive regime. Wary of the Elves, the Dragons went back to their own realm. This era would have continued indefinitely if it weren't for the Sundering (name is subject to change); a spire exploded and leveled the capital of the Elves and high magic stopped working. With no reason to fear the Elves any longer, Dragons returned to exact revenge by laying waste to the lands. The Feir'Dal, a faction of Elves welcoming to other races, brought the allies together again, ushering in a long and costly war. Unfortunately, their strength was not enough, and the elite forces (the Teir'Dal, led by a Thex) make a heroic last stand at the fortress of Bastion so the Combine forces can flee.

    (Note: As players can see, the Teir'Dal with their horns no longer look like the other Elves. During an interview, Franchise Director Dave Georgeson spoke of how these Elves now had Dragon blood in them. Now we see how that stage was set!)

    I am talking about the lore panel. They said there was only one type of Elves. The playable races part was different. I read the story, but the devs said there was only one type of Elf and the former race names were nothing more than factions among the Elves. Being of a faction does not give you horns or bat like ears. The Teir-dal from the story and EQNext lore are not Dark Elves. They are regular Elves who for the most part are rangers, scouts, warriors and a few mages.

    From the story, they will most likely not be part of the initial game as we have no idea where they went.


    Which panel said they have dragon blood?

  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by strangiato2112
    Originally posted by Vivasvan
    The only thing that will make this feel like EQ is if they actually make it look like EQ??

    And not like WoW.

    So far it looks like WoW 2.5.

    No ounce of EQ In this at all.

    I dont see much of a resemblance to WoW at all.  Not even in art style.  I cant think of a single aspect of the game that reminds of WoW.  now GW2 on the other hand...

    True, i dont see the resemblance to EQ yet either, but Norrath =/= an art style.  it remains to be seen if EQN feels like EQ.  There needs to be enough similarities with the races, classes, places, spells, etc.  Plenty of room for difference, but i want to see Druids casting their swarm DoTs, SKs harm touching, and Rangers needing lots of rezzes.








    Hmmmmm...... ummmm.... yeah I see no similarity to WoW at all! *insert sarcastic voice here.

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by HighMarshal
    Which panel said they have dragon blood?

    it was a Georgeson interview w massively


    He clarified it was ancestry not blood -- and the story has not been told yet  (I was wrong)

  • ComafComaf Chicago, ILPosts: 1,149Member Uncommon
    Now let's make this better and have an Iksar only realm.  Make three or four total realms and I'll play for life.  Just don't force me to play an mmo where in pvp I am killing either my same race or class - it's 2013, there's no reason for that kind of lackluster creativity.

  • shassshass leicesterPosts: 107Member Uncommon

    First poster got it right... I am the dad that played EQ, and there still are a few of us about. You can aim a game at young teens Sony, with the pathetic character models, but they dont hold the purse strings; we do. For a long time I have looked forward to EQ next. Now I see such insipid and immature characters that I just shake my head at the silliness of it. No way will I or my wife touch this. Style for the graphics is fine... but dont turn it into a colouring book.

  • nate1980nate1980 Evans, GAPosts: 1,872Member Uncommon

    I really get into the lore side of a game. It's the lore that ultimately gains my initial interest. So far, the lore is looking good for EQN. However, lore isn't everything. If the artistic/graphics style and gameplay doesn't back up the (seriousness) level of the lore, then it takes away from it. 

    Right now, while the worlds art and graphics look good, the character models, combat style, and over the top flashiness of the combat takes away from the lore. So it'll be a wait and see for me on whether or not I'll play the game. I was initially excited about EQN, but after the reveal, I just don't know anymore. 

    Currently ESO is looking a lot more serious in the artistic style and game complexity.

  • ValkyrieValkyrie Los Angeles, CAPosts: 183Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Shezzi
    Nice article.   Love the archaeology aspect of EQNext. In my view, it's the biggest draw after the new and more light-hearted artistic direction. I suppose lots of EQ lore and history could be clarified/corrected/revealed through archaeology.  

    Not likely, as the Iksar/Shissar conflict was prior the Greenmist event and that was VERY early on in the EQ/EQ2 timelines (around 3000 years after creation of the world, barely any races but scale-carrying on the world yet). The first Combine was much later in the original EQ/EQ2 timeline, founded 4800. By that time in EQ/EQ2 lore the Iksar Empire (Sebilisian Empire) was already destroyed for at least 500 years.

    So the EQN lore timeline seems to be a complete reboot that has very little to do with EQ/EQ2 lore and timelines except some names and such. Which is a good thing in some regards as some people have spent tons of time and work figuring the EQ/EQ2 timelines out and are frustrated to a significant degree over things that make no sense. So if you want to play archeology it is better to start with something that is fresher and not already turned upside down and sifted through for 14 years. ;)


    Played: Pretty much any fantasy MMO, some did not even make it to release ...
    Favorites: UO, EQ2, Vanguard, Wurm Online, Salem
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    Anticipating: EQ Next, Albion Online, maybe Crowfall

  • WhiskyjumperWhiskyjumper Springfield, MOPosts: 53Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by EndoRoboto
    It sounds like a lot of people want to play the same game that came out in 1999 but without any improvements. Sorry folks but the past is history, look forward to the future!

    The problem is that the future is most likely just more of the same. I don't want the same game from 1999 without any improvements. I just want them to put in all of those thing into the new game that made EQ so great in 1999. Like making it excitingly difficult with some real danger. Make it hard with some harsh death penalties. I know many will hate my opinion but many of the seemingly bad things in the EQ of 99 (corps runs, death penalty, etc.) was part of what made it a brilliant game. All those "bad" things combined with the rest to make it really feel like an adventure. You cared about dying. There was a sense of danger. A sense of adventure. No other game has managed it. Every other MMO I play seems almost hollow. Too easy. I never feel the adventure that I felt in EQ. The original developers managed to to a lot right that everyone since seems scared to repeat.  I was hoping that they would have the nads to do it in EQ Next, but I don't think it is happening. 

  • TalinthisTalinthis Posts: 26Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by erictlewis
    When I hear the words JJ Abrams and his reboot of Star Trek, I get sick to my stomach.  It might have been a reboot but they lost the art of story telling all we got was syfy with action aimed at the adhd crowd.  When I heard Smokejumper say that I was like omg no.  Then when I saw how cartoon like the art work is going to be I really got sick to my stomach.  My beloved Kera look like Tony the Tiger meets the Lion King, with wow armor on. This is not a reboot, this is a new game with Everquest mainly as the name, when in all reality it is a rip off of wow, fift, gw, gw2, and took all that and mixed it together.  The world looks nice but the character models are not something that most folks who play eq, and eq2 are going to be interested in.   So saying that they are aiming at the 13 year old demographic,  this is not you fathers eq2 kids. 


     so... you dont know how society works and builds upon itself i assume. EVERYTHING comes from something. saying it isnt a reboot doesnt make it not a reboot. it is. they are changing everything and innovating a couple of ideas into it.. most people dont try that, and for those people i dont buy their games. The End.

    ps. yes the Kera look retarded



  • jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon

    Two things.

    1st. Yeah Prexus!!  Where there is Prexus there is the possibility of Deepwater Knights!

    2nd.  I think that the name and creation date of one of my old guilds speaks volumes to how I feel about this lore.  Knights of the Combine 

  • AgeniAgeni TrinecPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    Can't wait to play atleast EQ landmark. It's so nice, that you can change/make something new and If you will be lucky and good in this, they can also use it ingame!

    With good lore, this gonna be awesome game so far!



  • Ironman2000Ironman2000 Baltimore, MDPosts: 310Member Uncommon

    I know lore is important but i'm tired of people acting like its a religion as on the websites round table, wanting to limit what class/race combos you can be/have due to the "lore" in the game.  Don't get me wrong, I like lore and a great story, but this game is re-writing the lore and these people are thinking about the first 3 EQ games (including Everquest Online Adventures for the 3rd game) for the lore when they think this way.  I really hope the devs stick to their guns and let any race be any class even if its harder for some races to learn/use certain skills.  I always found it more interesting to make "Fish out of Water" type characters like a Dark Elf protector who doesn't agree with terrorizing people or a High Elf that wants to learn about all things magic, even forbidden magic like Necromancy.

    Anyway, i'm a bit tired of the "Lore Nazi's" trying to limit how I want to play.  Sorry, got off on a tangent there lol.


    edited for: explaining about the 3rd EQ game

  • UnionBlueUnionBlue Fairfax, VAPosts: 1Member

    The only thing tempering my enthusiasm for EQN is that I have to wait a year to dive into it (Landmark notwithstanding). But, I've waited before, I can wait again!

    There was no mention of them, but I'm very curious what role the primal dark gods (Innorruk and Cazic-Thule chief among them) play in this new setting. Clearly they're not on the slate as player choices (RP choices aside), but I deeply hope that Cazic-Thule's Lost Temple will be hidden in a swamp somewhere, laden with rubicite and swarming with lizard men.

    I do like that they're going with less of a "we are family" feel for the gods, and are making them more distant (but not out of the picture). Gods should never be raid targets, I think. Avatars, maybe; worshippers, certainly. Gigantic animated statues, definitely. But the gods should be beyond mortal hands.

  • TalemireTalemire Clearwater, FLPosts: 738Member Uncommon
    I think the main thing people are worrying about here is whether or not this game will have that "Everquest feeling" to it. It's quite hard to explain, but as someone who has played EQ1 and 2, it does have its own unique feel and play to it that is pretty set aside from the rest of the MMORPGs on the market, if all that makes any sense. Basically, if it's the next Everquest, make it as Everquesty as the others were lol.

    MMORPGs are great to look forward to after a hard day of work, but heaven is the ultimate reward for those who live Christ-like.

  • TsaboHavocTsaboHavoc PinheiralPosts: 435Member Uncommon

    so.. "the combine era" , lol, just an excuse for the hug fest homogeneized trash thats gw2, be prepared for the good and inteligent ogre paladin fighting another good cleric in a instanced battleground and later teamed together to farm events. all races will be nothing but diferent skins with useless racials skills in the name of  "balance". remember no fat, evil, stinking stupid ogres, no one wants to play them... what a joke.. 

    in a nutshell, the lore now is just an excuse to fufill the casual trending agenda.. a total nonsense mess

  • VyethVyeth Fayetteville, NCPosts: 1,459Member Uncommon
    So question: Where can I find the Flowing Black Silk Sash?


  • svevinsvevin Wenatchee, WAPosts: 2Member
    I remember being unfathomably intrigued by the Combine during EQ1, so I'm really excited to be able to play as an Alternate Universe member.
  • KexinKexin San Diego, CAPosts: 69Member Uncommon
    I'm going to play the crap out of this game. 
  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 399Member Uncommon
    I'm surprised by the enthusiasm for EQ's 'lore'. I enjoyed both EQ and EQ2, but I always felt that Norrath was sub-standard as fantasy worlds go. It reminded me of the sort of game world that a novice DM might cobble together over a weekend, with every tired high-fantasy cliche present and correct. I'd be happier if they abandoned Norrath altogether and came up with some fresh twist on the fantasy theme.  
  • fistormfistorm Smalltown, WIPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    As an old eq player, I do not recognize the new eq gameworld or characters, and was hoping the lore would be dead on at least, now we lost that also.  We might as well call it another game other then EQ NEXT, its more of a Dragons prophet game if you ask me, that game might even be closer to what we see now.   Its so changed I cant even imagine the RP in it anymore.  That's just me.  Old school, maybe you cant train a dog to learn new tricks.
    And by the way, I liked the old The Next Gereation Startrek series better then the new action crap.  I'll take the next gen over the new crap anyday.
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