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Whats up with the end game mentality i see alrdy...



  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon
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  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,799Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Bigmamajama
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    Originally posted by Fendel84M
    I dunno... It seems like every mmo since and including DAOC has spawned this end game mentality where everything else is just a tutorial. What happened to the journey?

    the journy is mostly don alone or in small groups. the essence of massive-multiplayer only is reveald at high-level large-scale raids.


    or could be just social anxiety. the endgame is where you play with others, so that's what you focus on. introverts and all that.


    to me, as an endgame tank, obviously raiding is "it".

    After reading your post it dawned on me why the trinity is so important to a community.  You said it, "I am a tank"  its who you are its whats you do, and Im sure your very good at it.  And if you are it makes you a very important part of the game to other people.  Yes I said it other people have to rely on people like you.

    What are you in GW2?  Oh I'm pretty much a nobody, the same nobody as everyone else hopping around double tapping to avoid the "smart AI" that doesn't fall for the whole tank thing.

    Developers have created socialism in our games, everyone is equally boring, no one person is needed more than another and even if you suck its okay you can join our group and help us get it done because we don't need you to do anything special or different than anyone else.  And if you die no big deal just lolz zerg back we will all be waiting for you.

    Games like GW2 make exceptional players appear average, nobody even notices or really cares how well you can double tap.

    I think its important to have to rely on other people and their ability to perform a very specific and specialized task that no other class can perform.  Exception players should be in demand, and should be rewarded for their abilities.

    And if you bust out the I hate waiting around for a tank or a healer card then your are simply selfish and self centered, period. 

    Go play a shooter.


    I agree with you.


    in the begining we're all dps. we just want to kill stuff.


    but then, through many group activities we find our true ... playstyle that matches who we want to be in this virtual world ? something that clicks.


    dps: can slaughter a whole village by himself.

    healer: when he enters the field, nobody dies.

    as for me...TANK. That boss the size of a building ? He hits me, and I'm still standing. The boss looks at me. the healers look at me. The dps look at my threat. I tell the raid where to stand, I tell the boss where to stand. I tell other tanks what to do. I am the TANK. (I coul go on for ever).


    but back to the "in the begining" sentence...some games players simply never evolve past the "we're all dps, we want to kill stuff". because the game doesnt give them the opportunity to grow. it's too shallow.


    breaking down WoW's raiding, we have some complexity...not a ton but more than ... newer titles have. for example, some very critical adds appear, do we use or mages to kill them ? our rogues ? our warlocks ? all our ranged ? all our melee ? Well it depends. how sensitive is th situation? what classes have the best ramp-up ? (ramp-up in math terms is the derivative of dps, it's literarly damage acceleration, or how quickly you get to your optimal dps on a fresh target). can we afford to ruin warlock dot rampup? can we multi-dot and is that enough ? what about combo points ? do we change rogues over ? they also have travel time...


    in short, games must offer this. between "lets pull and see what happens", a few minutes of "okay, let's talk about what we just saw. does anyone have any suggestions here ?".


    I found the greatest enjoyment in MMOs not entirely from tanking but from formulating strategies while tanking. looking at how things we do no will matter 4 minutes from now. improving and aapting to our group's strength. it's a HUGE ammount of social interaction that can be found in just chatting about a new fight and how your group would be best off approaching it.


    but if the fight dies in 2 pulls there's nothing to talk about except "what dropped" ?


    edit: some want 24/7 combat. but after a while it gets boring, and more meaninful questions appear. where we fight ...why, how.


  • GrailerGrailer Posts: 892Member Uncommon

    I remember in EQ I would get an enchanter in the group who was quite skilled and he made everything appear to be easy.


    That is what is great about the trinity ,  a great healer you remember them . You add them to your friends because you WANT to group with them again . Same with Tanks , and that DPS who killed things so fast it just made the game go smooth and fast  which is why DPS meters are so important .



  • JacobinJacobin Toronto, ONPosts: 812Member Uncommon

    Rushing to endgame does not in any way impede someone from enjoying the 'journey'.

    A lot of players these days find the leveling process to be a menial grind and prefer doing the most challenging content that has the best rewards.

    If that experience only lasts a few hours (like release SWTOR) then of course a lot of people will be angry because that is the part of the game they were most interested in.


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