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Firefall: Double Crystite Launches This Weekend

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Looking for a great reason to log into Firefall beyond the awesomeness that is the game? Try a double Crystite weekend and you've got all the reasons you need. In addition, Battleframes will be up to 30% off as well. Now's the time so head in and make it count!

We know that many of you have not yet had the chance to visit new areas in Firefall. We’ve made it substantially easier to reach these exciting new areas. Check the molecular printers for the keys to unlock these new regions if you haven’t yet. Each zone features a unique encounter that will unlock the special story mission, Blackwater Anomaly. In the future, players will be able to push back the Melding in each of these pockets and expand them into full size new zones for Firefall. Unlock the World! Reclaim Earth!

Read more on the Firefall site.



  • TorgamaticTorgamatic Douglassville, PAPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Game is fun, leveler and crafter's dream. However it is still tech. in BETA. Thus is having teething problems related to this. Servers strained to their limits. Crashed.  Crafting borked at times. Lag issues, and other problems. Still it is what I am playing more than anything else these days....
  • BTrayaLBTrayaL BucharestPosts: 624Member Uncommon
    Heh, I have just logged out. I am playing this anyway, but yesterday and today kinda filled my pockets.. a bit. Just enough to waste it all away on research in 1 hour :)). Gotta get some sleep.

  • Chosen1Chosen1 Third dimension, Planet EarthPosts: 37Member Uncommon

    Here is my experience of this so called "Double Crystite" weekend:

    Log in - horrible lag. Can't use the crafting station, can't do sh++. Fine. See only 1 other guy at Copacobana. Fine. Proceed to a nearby tornado. Nobody there. Fine. Die because of the lag. Log off.

    Great game, guys!

  • mCalvertmCalvert Tallahassee, FLPosts: 1,283Member

    Wish I hadn't used 12000 resources to make the Copa key before they cut it to 1200. Oh well. Havent had any of the lag or drop issues though. Really the only problem with this game is how small it is. I could probably list every event from memory.



    Tower Invasion

    Ares Mission - 3 types


    Crashed LGV

    Crashed Thumper

    Homlogon Tech - usually bugged

    Chosen invasion teams


    That's it in Copa.

  • injenuinjenu miami, FLPosts: 142Member Common

    Perfect example of a game studio that promised too much...

    "We're gonna have esport pvp, open world pvp, full replicas of New York, London, Paris and Los Angeles" 

    Focus danielson.

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