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What was your favorite class to play?

OdysseykOdysseyk rocklin, CAPosts: 42Member Uncommon

Nerd at heart.


  • nbtscannbtscan Phoenix, AZPosts: 859Member Uncommon
    I was primarily a Paladin.  I liked tanking and have made that my focus in the other few MMOs I've played over the years.
  • DrelkagDrelkag Somewhere in, KYPosts: 56Member Uncommon

    Still main Warrior and Paladin whenever it's needed.

    Trying Rune Fencer too, it's different and a surprisingly viable tank. Good to protect against AoE's.

    Playing: Final Fantasy XI (Drelkag on Phoenix)
    Break: Mabinogi
    Retired: Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, Glitch, Anarchy Online
  • realAngaratorealAngarato HaarlemPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    for tanking I really loved playing Ninja back in the day (chain of promethia till Treasures expansion) tanking the big fucking world dragons (Tiamat and jorm) and the 3 kings Nidhogg king behemoth and aspid. 

    I always loved Dragoon for DPS but that was garbage back then. but now with the 99 cap theyre pretty good expecially now that their itemization is better and theyre very fun to play and very good solo class with the right subjobs (whitemage redmage or bluemage)

    for straight up hilarious DPS monk has always been a badass job aswell. and also capable of tanking ALOT of things in abyssea (mnk + whm can duo just about everything in there)

    the real angarato

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