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ESO Chat Box on a console



  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAPosts: 3,097Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by keithian
    Originally posted by Nitth

    omg what is that? lol. Is it heavy after playing for 3 hours? lol. It does look pretty cool and could be useful and I guess mostly solves the problem. Hopefully there will be one for PS4 at release. I type so fast though, very fast on regular keyboard that I dont have to hold and can use all my fingers :-). That looks like it might be hard to type fast enough and have regular conversations. Am I wrong?

    actually, I found a good comparison video of this one versus the xbox one. I of course would prefer the ps4 one due to how light it is. REgardless the more I think about it, the more I realize that what I would probably end up doing when laying on the couch is having a wireless keyboard on my lap for those times I feel like chatting. The negative is that one has to let go of the controller to type, but that isn't much different then letting go of your character on screen to type. I may find that I type so fast with the above controller that maybe I wont need a wireless one. Anyway, this at least showed me there are some good options for consoles which I haven't used much for 10 years :-).

    There Is Always Hope!

  • Brabbit1987Brabbit1987 Ontario, CanadaPosts: 782Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by keithian
    Originally posted by Brabbit1987
    Originally posted by keithian
    Originally posted by Brabbit1987
    Originally posted by keithian
    Originally posted by loopback1199
    I'd just buy another computer. Don't have to wait years to be able to upgrade to newer and better hardware, and it costs less to do so than getting another dead weight console.

    The problem with that is lugging a PC back and forth across ones home from a home office to a 70" TV and unplugging and replugging everything..not to mention that even if you use your TV room as your primary spot for your PC, it often doesn't make sense when not gaming or when others want to watch the TV lol

    Not sure if you read my post, before, but I already solved that issue for you. It's called a smaller pc. You can build one that is pretty much exactly the same size as any console. As for unplugging and plugging everything back in ... it's the same amount of cords for console and pc. Power cord, Video, Ethernet (if online), controls (keyboard and mouse or controller).

    It's crazy that you would assume all computers are big. You can even go as far as go with a micro ATX board or mini ITX and you would end up with something possibly even smaller then a console.

    Edit: Keep in mind, like I said before, you would have to wait a little bit before you could build an equally performing computer of the same size and price. I realize you will still use a console, which is fine, just figured I would debunk your negatives you said about a pc.

    I dont know how to build a PC, wouldn't even want to try lol, and you still have to physically move the PC from one room to another and disconnect and reconnect cables. The console sits there already connected since that is something one wouldn't need in a home office. Regardless, don't get me wrong, I'm a PC lover, it will always be better, I am tempted to even buy a Falcon Northwest Tiki which has the Nvidia Titan :-) and is the perfect size, but dollar wise for someone who doesn't know how to build a PC and for simple convenience sake, a console already in place is easier.

    I'm not sure what previous post you are referring to. I remember this topic came up a couple of months ago and someone suggested running long cables, etc, which I didn't want to do after already remodeling and closing the walls

    Hmm maybe I am thinking of someone else then.

    As for building a computer, it's actually pretty easy. However, now that I think about it, you are right. The console would remain their, though I was thinking more along the line the little computer would remain their as well, just as any console would.

    But ya, I get what you mean.

    I personally love building computers, it's the funnest part. It's a hobby of mine. :3

    5 - 10 years from now, I wouldn't be surprised if I have like 10 or more computers

    If you lived in Los Angeles I would hire you lol.

    I used to repair computers for Intralogic solutions in NY, and then eventually split off as my own company. I now work in the game industry mostly as an artist. Level design, modelling, textures, and concept artwork is what I mainly do.

    As for hiring me, if I lived in LA? Funny thing is I lived in Long Beach for about 2 years and a half. Chances are, if I knew you, all you would have to do is pay for the parts, and I would put it together for free lol. It's fun and easy enough. Building a computer is like going to a theme park for me rofl.

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