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SOE, Yet Another AAA company refusing to take a "Risk"



  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare
    Originally posted by superconducting
    Originally posted by fyerwall

    "We want something new!" "We are tired of the same ole, same ole..." "So sick of having a bajillion and one hotbars/abilities" "We want choice in how we develop our characters!"   *shows players new game*   "We hate that its not like the original!" "Why can't it be like game X?" "But we need set classes/roles!" "Change = bad!"

    ^^ Lol I was thinking the same thing.  This needs to be plastered to the front page and framed.


    Scenario #1: EQN evolves gaming by introducing some brand new elements

    Response: "OMG I can't believe they are changing this and that!"


    Scenario #2: EQN reworks the series but doesn't change the core gameplay much

    Response:  "We are sick and tired of the same old MMOs; such a WoW copycat!"


    Either way you can't win on these forums.

    That may be so, but I don't think the elements people want are along the lines of a shallow console MMO.

  • KoreanSoWhatKoreanSoWhat TOronto, ONPosts: 80Member
    I just came to see how dumb this article is going to be, I read 10 lines and gave up. Total waste of my time.
  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard La BarrePosts: 6,021Member Epic

    They could have made another EQ1/WoW clone. That would have been "taking no risk".

    Instead, they do something totally different, not only a sandbox, but with no levels, with player created content through Landmark, with a dynamic combat system. That, sir, is called "taking a risk".

    Actually, the took a risk because they did NOT follow what you (the OP) think they should have followed.

    "The ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent" - Qui-gon Jinn in Star Wars. After many years of reading Internet forums, there's no doubt that nor does the ability to write.

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  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,381Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    Originally posted by Telondariel
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    A bigger risk, is making it watered down, console fodder, which it what it is clearly going to be (the 8 buttons should be a big hint). As such, being a PC player, there probably not much to look forward to. It is not like they are going to do 2 separate UIs for the game, just port it over like they did with DCUO. And that game sucked on PC. So, I frankly expect this game to go exactly like DCUO did. "Ok" on console, lousy on PC, destructible stuff in there, but not much depth, fun for a bit, but not worth staying with. And since SOE did much better with DCUO on console than PC, you can see why they are going that way.   So, for PC players, I don't hold out much hope at all.

    The great thing about people who repeat the same negative, hating message over and over is that they discredit themselves, and people tune them out.

    And closing your eyes and plugging your ears and  saying "LALALALA!" over and over is going to change reality?

    There are 8 buttons on a PS controller, and there will be 8 actions in EQN... that is not a coincidence (and more to the point, one of the devs said there would be no more than 8 actions when someone asked). And neither is it hate.

    It's called "reality'" and sometimes it sucks.


    That depends on what you're looking for.  I currently have little interest for most MMOs because the "system" is down right boring.  Yes, eight buttons does fit nicely on a PS4 controller and COULD have a spammy console feel for combat but until we see more and play more it's hard to tell.  They gave just enough answers to illicit twice as many questions.


    While we wait there are a few ways to go about it and I've chosen to welcome something different in a positive light until proven otherwise.

  • crasset15crasset15 Posts: 190Member Uncommon

    What would be enough risk for you then? permadeath? first person view direct aim only? lesbian pillow parties? a world that is a sphere? cars? aging characters (1 month = 1 year)?

    The reaction to EQN on this site, pre-reveal vs. post-reveal makes me want to vomit. What's the majority population made up of here? 12 year old spoiled brats? Seriously, people make the most idiotic threads I've ever seen. Whining over the smallest things, just to have something to whine about. Seriously, just go buy GW2, you will never be happy with any of the upcoming games, so stop wasting your time, and enjoy what's already released.


  • Sk1ppeRSk1ppeR PlovdivPosts: 511Member

    Hilarious xD The so proclaimed savior of MMOs - EQNext, not released yet and it crashes and burns :D good thing I stocked on popcorn and beer while reading your Q_Q threads xD 

    Btw, whoever says Gw2 has no roles, is simply put a noob that knows nothing about the game. End of story.

  • ZeroxinZeroxin LondonPosts: 2,509Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by BearKnight
    Think about it...what has the industry needed for the past 10years? Large companies to stop copying each other, and finally take a real risk to bring the industry back in-line.   So what did SOE decide to do? They decided to mash all the absolute guaranteed concepts together into one giant product to assure them money. This isn't a risk whatsoever when you think about it. -GW2 style combat, most notably the only selling point of GW2, other than their Art-Style (Which is superior to EQN's by far, imo) -Cartoony low-poly character designs, aka: WoW 2013 ArtStyle, to capitolize on super casuals (mostly kids) who refuse to upgrade their aging 8year old PC's. -Cherry picked sandbox world-based mechanics to draw upon the "Sandbox" crowd. Whether or not it is a gimmick has yet to be seen as we've only been shown tech-demos. We don't actually know how everything will fit together until Launch. -Self-proclaimed SWG-Cloned crafting system. Just about the only redeeming quality just for the fact that the Dev's are actually trying their best to move away from (insert item, get item) of the current themepark system. -Most likely a highly modular UI addon-based system similar to WoW/Rift/Aion. -GW2's trinity-less system which is more of a newer hipster concept that has yet to be proven to actually be a good thing. I've seen entire guilds vanish into offline status because they just don't "Feel" like they're serving a purpose in their Guild or with their character. Ironically enough It was noticed that people started creating their own "Roles" in GW2 such as psuedo-tank/puller/healer etc to the limits that the game allowed. People like to have a role, it's natural given our RL standards of thought regarding purpose.  

    Of all the things that could possibly go wrong with this game, you have been picking the things that don't seem all that risky.

    The first thing that I find weird that no one has picked up on or talked about much is the;


    Particle effects on their own can be toned down but throw in destructible environments and you've got a recipe that not a lot of computers will be able to handle. If they are expecting people from EQ and EQ2 to play this game, they better re-evaluate that prospect because I'm pretty sure a lot of the people that play EQ and EQ2 don't have very good computers.


    The permanence of these things and the length of which they expect these things to go on for can easily backfire on them. The main problem that GW2 faced was with producing content that had enough permanence THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. They themselves said, this would only be possible if they have every member of their staff working on dynamic events on a daily basis. This is why dynamic events work in a way that they can loop back around. GW2's world is made up of dynamic events and little else, if EQN's world is all made up of Rallying calls (which to be fair, it doesn't "sound" like that) in the same way then they will encounter the same problem that GW2 encountered with not enough content to feed the hungry hungry hippos that we, the consumers, are.

    Arenanet had to start producing content on a 2 week basis to start making the world feel like there's always something going on. I wonder what EQN's answer to that would be.... underground tunnels?

    Well those are the risky things I believe you are overlooking.


    This is not a game.

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