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[Column] EverQuest Next: Five Things We Don’t Want in EverQuest Next



  • uncletomauncletoma Santa Margherita LigureMember Posts: 159 Uncommon

    No Fae? Are you crazy? They are the only reasons to play a SOE MMO.

    No Fae, no game.


  • KyvanexKyvanex Cape May, NJMember Posts: 10 Uncommon
    Actually, I would love to see Fae in the game... so I could paint the forest with their blood after crushing them into a pulp with my spiked warhammer.
  • strongbelwasstrongbelwas rohnert park, CAMember Posts: 14
    i havent played an mmo since soe ruined the best game ever made, STAR WARS GALAXIES,  heres there chance at redemption.  dont f it up soe
  • LFGroupLFGroup LilleMember Posts: 34 Uncommon
    Nice list. Nothing I can comment upon as I do agree 100% !
  • RyphtRypht Henderson, NVMember Posts: 37
    Two thing every game needs to be without to be successful; Dave Georgeson and John Smedley
  • kedarakedara Seattle, WAMember Posts: 51
    What's wrong with My Little Pony? Besides, Fae was the only good race.
  • DrakephireDrakephire Fontana, CAMember Posts: 451 Uncommon

    Much better list than the previous "Five Things..." list. I'd only quibble with two items. I rather enjoyed the Fae.  They fit with the theme of the Faydwer, and especially Lesser Faydark as a place of fairytale magic.


    Now perhaps you're referring to their addition as a race in EQ2...of those, I'm not familiar. Possibly they are annoying, but I cannot say as I've not played EQ2 beyond free trial (when it was still p2p).


    My second disagreement lies with quests. I would like to see quests, more akin to Vanguard, but quests nonetheless. I agree that there needn't be an all-encompassing story arc for my character. I'm rather done with them. But I always thought the one thing EQ1 was missing was quests (or enough of them).


  • anthonneranthonner beauceville, QCMember Posts: 15
    No-Level (skill system) Hidden also so no one can know in real world pvp), No Soulbound Item, Weapon can Broke, Nothing Linear, Lot Of armor customisation
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