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[Preview] EverQuest Next: The Future of the MMORPG Lies in Norrath



  • SmokeysongSmokeysong Lewisville, TXMember Posts: 246 Uncommon

    I read some comments that said something like "I wasn't aware WoW invented cartoons".


    How ridiculous can you get? This is the kind of argument someone puts forth when he is either 1) trolling, or  2) wrong, knows he's wrong, at least subconsciously, and is fishing for a way to make someone else appear to be wrong.


    No one said WoW was the first game to use a cartoonish style or that it was the only game to do so, and certainly no one said Blizzard invented cartoons. What we said was the cartoon style of EQNext looks very similar to the cartoon style in WoW. When I say that, I'm particularly looking at the style of the armor in the trailers, and comparing it to the style of the armor in EQII. The difference is stunning, shocking, and so disappointing to me that it colors my thoughts and feelings about the whole game.  The trailers reminded other people of other games that they have played more, but here's the key:


    No one has said it looks like Everquest. Because it doesn't. It looks like some other game. Everquest's style wasn't "cartoonish" in the original or the second version, and that isn't what we want when we play Everquest.  Look, I've played WoW for years, I LIKE the cartoon style in WoW, and the armor suits the style. Over the years though, I have taken the occasional break form WoW and gone back to EQII and immensely enjoyed what I consider to be a more pleasing armor style, overall. EQII graphics problems aside, the modeling for player characters is far better, the armor is more detailed, and while still looking obviously like "fantasy armor" it looks more "realistic". It does NOT look "cartoony", and it does NOT look similar to WoW armor, or any other game's armor I've played.


    For me, if you are going to have another version of Everquest (not sure I see the point in that, but whatever), it should look like Everquest. Updated models and graphics, absolutely, and they certainly have done that in some of what I've seen, it looks awesome. There are many positives in what I saw, but I'm slammed in the face like with a 2x4 with this armor that looks like WoW armor, not EQII armor in the slightest. Am I over-reacting? Frankly, I don't think so, because the only reasons I can think of that they would do that is 1) t appeal to former WoW players, and players of other WoW clones, and 2) to make the graphics cheaper to generate. Neither of these things are what I was hoping for EQNext.


    It smacks of sell-out to me. One of the SOE guys said a while back "We are going to keep it subscription based as long as we can". Well, we see how long that was. SOE has sold out the EQ dev team. The graphics feel like the same kind of sell-out, to me. The whole game will have far less of what I want when I play Everquest than EQII does, and if I were to look at it as a whole new game and forgive its armor style, then it offers nothing to get me away from WoW (the WoW devs are doing a good job of killing off my interest there though).

    Have played: Everquest, Asheron's Call, Horizons, Everquest2, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer, Age of Conan, Darkfall

  • ShortyBibleShortyBible Member Posts: 409 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Veldara
    I'm wary about any soe game, the fact that this game is f2p just tells me there's a big chance of it being a cashshop abuse and nickle and dime game like all their other titles.

    Game seems interesting. I do share your concerns. I also think that bots and gold sellers will ruin the game.

    Just a thought. Time will tell.

  • ErgoproxyDecayErgoproxyDecay a City, CAMember Posts: 1,397 Uncommon

    “We’re not worried about balance. We’re worried about fun.”


    That sounds great! and from that its like saying goodbye PVP!!! 


  • PipofixPipofix TrollhMember Posts: 32
    so looking forward to gank the shit out of carebears and such in this game, nothing better then to spend an evening ganking rpers.
  • SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJMember Posts: 455 Uncommon

    After re-reading this thread... I noticed a pattern. Most people hating on graphics didn't really read the articles, and have their own games. GW2 Advanced? O please, don't compare the garbage that is GW2 (A PvPers paradise, with a little themepark tacked on), to a user customized game world, where people's action actually have effect.


    And those saying "FTP so Fail"... This is not a "Free to play" Game. It has a demo style version that allows you to play without paying up front, but if you want to play the full game, you will need to pay a Subscription.


    Those saying the game will be filled with gold-farmers - I admire your ability to tell the future... does that mean also that you are admitting the game will be so popular that farmers will want to get in game coin to sell? Also, the only thing they said was truly free, was the world creating version of the game, which is NOT tied to the real game. You can make stuff in that version, and if you are good enough, you get PAID for your efforts if it gets implemented in the game.


    Yep... SOE looks like it hit a homer this time, and the Fanboys of other games and trolls are coming out en-mass to try to get their kicks.


    Personally, I am going to wait on more reveals about how they plan on keeping player interest if there isn't a "Carrot on a stick" to follow.

  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTMember Posts: 3,654 Uncommon
    It looks like a great deal of fun.  Lets see if they can actually make all of those concepts work well together.  They have some impressive tech, lets see how the game plays.  If this works out, it could be a game changer.
  • JimBeam251JimBeam251 LiverpoolMember Posts: 32 Uncommon
    SOE had my curiosity.... now they have my attention and i love the art style, looks great
  • QuillimQuillim El Cajon, CAMember Posts: 66
    Originally posted by xalvi
    Originally posted by Quillim
    Originally posted by Scot
    Originally posted by QuickShatter
    Graphics? you guys are whining about Graphics? when did, how SUPER life like a game looks take priority over how good a gameplays? Also you guys have to realise that, the art style they chose maybe easyer for lower end computers to play. They aren't just making the game for you guys who have invested a shit ton of money into gaming rig. Gameplay > Graphics : Seriously graphics? go back to the console games then, they are always pretty.

    Have you been living on an alternate Earth since the millennium? Graphics has become king, gameplay is secondary and has been for years. It is a sad fact but if your game does not get at least 7.5 for graphics it is likely doomed. I am not saying there are not exceptions, Minecraft springs to mind. But they are exceptions for a reason.

    Graphics have never and will never trump gameplay. Not in this millennium or the next.

    Video Games with weak Gameplay and strong graphics die fast. Everquest 1 is still being played.. you think that's because of the GRAPHICS? World of Warcraft still persists, but has gone down in recent years. Why? Because of the perception that the GAMEPLAY has been watered down and gotten too formulaic(the Graphics have remained the same). Gameplay drives everything and it would be ignorant to say otherwise. And yes, things like Minecraft or Cube World can have extremely crappy graphics, yet keep people interested due to their Gameplay.

    So no.. EQN's graphics don't worry me one bit. They look fine. It'll all come down to how they deliver on the Gameplay. Will they successfully remove the massive grinds? Will the emergent GAMEPLAY come out like they're expecting. How well will I interact with the world and other players? That's what interests me. Not how it particularly looks. But then, I tend to play video GAMES, not Video Graphics.



    Not true, look at LOTRO. Terrible gameplay, extremely strong and realistic graphics.

    Look at the former top Games worldwide and not the rounding error that is LOTRO.

    Angry Birds

    Candy Crush


    And what do they have in common? Extremely crappy graphics. What causes them to be extremely popular is their gameplay and replayability. That's what makes a good game, not the graphics they use.

    Everquest in any form has never been a mass market game. Ever. There is a base in the tens of millions of users.. Everquest has only ever gotten 500K people subbed at any one time and the numbers have gone to less than 100K. It survives to this day due to the gameplay and due to there being enough people who enjoy that gameplay to justify the costs of development.

    The simple fact will be that EQNext will rise or fall on its Gameplay, not its Graphics. If the Gameplay is extremely solid and revolutionary, people will get used to the Graphics in no time. The hope is that with that Gameplay, and the ability to create stuff for the game, that Everquest will finally go mainstream.

    One thing I did quite like with the combat sequence as it pertains to graphics is that they seemed to have moved to a more close-up style of fighting. The toon wasn't needing to be like one inch high on the screen and needing a magnifying glass to see the detail. Either way, that's just eye candy... what will matter is whether or not i'm giving lots of choices of stuff to do and not forcefed through some bs story ala STTOR or GW2.


  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAMember Posts: 2,409 Uncommon
    Awesome stuff!! The details sound great. I can't wait to see what all the different classes are like. It's funny hearing people rag on the game already, especially the graphics. When was a great MMO ever decided based on its graphics? Oh well - haters gonna hate.
  • Ironman2000Ironman2000 Baltimore, MDMember Posts: 310 Uncommon
    DARK ELVES IN CHAIN MAIL BIKINI'S! Need I say more? lol...but really, I'm digging everything I've seen so far.  If they can deliver, i'm sold, lock, stock and 2 smokin' barrels.
  • evilpreyevilprey CalafatMember Posts: 74 Uncommon
    EVN seems just like a bad clone of Guild Wars 2 ..probably until his release GW2  will bring the updates sooner
  • palulalulapalulalula frankfurtMember Posts: 644 Uncommon
    SWTOR looks like mmo from year 2050  compared to this childish graphic
  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAMember Posts: 5,228 Uncommon
    Sounds great, but I highly doubt they will be able to deliver. Grand scale sand boxing is just impossible with today's technology no matter how hard they try and fluff it up, especially with a build unique sections yourself using a blocking system. There is no way such a thing can get out of the development environment, be hosted in real time, with thousands of players, and it not to be complete shit that requires GBs of bandwidth.
  • OfficialFlowOfficialFlow HelsinkiMember Posts: 111

    EverQuest Next Previews: The Future of the MMORPG Lies in Norrath

    Rather bold claim, who comes up with this shit?

    sure i like the concept of no levels and the fact that its graphics will age slowly thanks to its art direction and all but still its nothing new

    what is this odd feeling? its not joy or excitement maybe my Gamer Heart has been killed by all the MMORPGs before this?

    dem dogs barking

  • LordEbolaLordEbola hanford, CAMember Posts: 50 Uncommon
    Destructible Everything: cant wait to see theres no world left after a month of server opening becase everythings been blown to bits
  • UW1975UW1975 Kingston, ONMember Posts: 183
    Cartoony graphics? I will pass too. Some people may like it, it is a gamebreaker for me.
  • WolfhammerWolfhammer KetteringMember Posts: 786 Uncommon
    Originally posted by BearKnight
    Cartoony graphics, game is ruined. It'll pull so many kids in and ruin the whole thing. If the graphics don't change this game is done. DONE

    And you are?

    I think it all looks good.  I shall watch this game come along with cautious optimism..

  • shellersheller Tucson, AZMember Posts: 14
    I'll stick with firefall, at least I'm not losing any money off it, and it's still fun to play.
  • xevier77xevier77 Star Destroyer bridgeMember Posts: 16 Uncommon
    You are so guys are so wrong. SWG failed becuase they didnt commit to the classless system and introduced the NGE that turned it into WoW/starwars.  FFXIV failed because it was run extremely poorly, the UI was unplayable at times, Terribly unoptimized engine and bad support. None of either had anything to do with a classless system. In fact thats what drawed people to the game and what still draws people to the game. Why are there talents and specs in Wow, because people want to be able to changer there class to the way they want to play. A classless system is just a enhanced form of that where you actually pick and choose what ever you want to be. Also, there will be classes it seems like, but they will be extremely customizable. He said warrior and wizard in there, but being able to pick some warrior to enchance your wizard is what they are going for.  I like it personally. I will buy it and I cant wait for it to come out so I can play it.  I was totaly on the fence about this one, but seeing this makes me a believer they still got it. At least they are going back to what they used to be. Creating New types of gameplay for players and they have gotten out of the regergitation of wow clones.
  • xevier77xevier77 Star Destroyer bridgeMember Posts: 16 Uncommon

    I do not see cartoony graphics. I see some enhance cell shading going on, but its not cartoony. So I got a rhyme for you.


    "There once was a game called Age of Conan that offered the best graphic that had ever been seen then, but nobody could play it, so nobody paid for it. and it was forced to go free to play to survive."


    The best graphics just don't work on MMOs, Especially with this whole destructable landscape and procedurally generated content. Yeah your are going to have to give up some graphics to even think about touching those 2 behemoths. Not to mention the throngs of players that will be on the screen blowing up and effecting terrain.

  • AncanduneAncandune Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 1
    No more "DING!"?  How are they to going to keep us addicted?
  • GettCoupedGettCouped Staten Island, NYMember Posts: 46 Uncommon

    I am amazed at the ideas for EQN.

    But two words of caution keep ringing in my head:  Implementation and Exploitation. 

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Common
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • ZzuluZzulu Washington, ALMember Posts: 452

    The artstyle is wonderful. They learned from EQ2 which must have had one of the worst styles I've personally experienced...

    A smart and distinct visual style can add so much to a game. The people in here who say it looks "bad"  have some awful taste. Fortunately, if WoW is any indication, most people in the MMOworld prefer a stylized look like in EQN and WoW instead of lifeless gray and brown realism.

    That character model of the wizard looked like something straight out of Disney which is pretty damn cool. It reminds me of the artstyle of Bioshock: Infinite which is another super successful game.

    And unlike other stylization attempts like SWTOR it's actually competently realized in EQN as well. SWTOR is just horrendously ugly compared to this

  • citadellicitadelli richland, WAMember Posts: 36
    Disney... Wonder if the Little Mermaid or the beauty and the beast will be there? :-P May Mr. Parkinson rest in peace.
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