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[Preview] EverQuest Next: The Future of the MMORPG Lies in Norrath



  • ozmonoozmono Not tellingPosts: 1,211Member Uncommon
    I didn't expect I would keep my hype at ten but there it shall stay.
  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEPosts: 258Member Uncommon


    David Georgeson is really cool, he fucking loves this game so much!

    I dont know what else to say other than ill see you all in Norrath.

    The round table website is a nice touch as well.

  • SysFailSysFail LondonPosts: 375Member
    My first impression is that it's being developed mainly for the PS4 and it reminded me a lot of GW2 in combat, so I don't think this will appease those looking for an old school sandbox MMO done for next gen computers, but i'm sure it will be a hit amongst those who enjoyed GW2.
  • Master.RyuMaster.Ryu Death Valley, NCPosts: 52Member Uncommon
    Was a bit skeptical about this game, but after that worldwide debut, I must say it looks very promising. 
  • SinakuSinaku Austin, TXPosts: 509Member Uncommon

    Under first impression, I am impressed. The idea of delivery of a destructible environment is extremely appealing. I really hope that this becomes the new MMO to go to, truly. It looks like it molds everything that each mmo does well and puts it into one game (similar to what WoW did). 

    Lets just hope, even for naysayers like myself, that we will have somewhere to call "home" again soon enough.

  • SuraknarSuraknar Montreal, QCPosts: 841Member Uncommon

    I am somehow surprised at all the retort about the game's graphic style.

    What is important is gameplay...

    And the more I learn about it, now that it caught my attention the more it seems like this is the game many of us actually want to play.

    Gameplay > Graphics this used to be a popular consensus around here.

    I played some of the more photorealistic MMORPG's out there and the moment I joined PvP I quit them, they are just not fluid enough, not being able to see real time what the heck the other guy is doing and just getting a splash of FX on my character just drove me crasy.

    The art style in this one allong with its customization level is the RIGHT choice in my opinion and it will make for some very fun game.

    Geez, we used to play on 2D pixelated sprite character in UO and loved it for years because the gameplay was great and the customization was there even if we never got to see a clear face of any of our chars.

    If there is one aspect I liked of WoW, it was the fluidity of movement of character in everything they did and especially in combat,  PVP and even PVE.

    It is its Themepark gameplay that I could not stand, and EQN really seems to go beyond even a Sandbox, by incorporating systemically many of the elements people like in Sandbox games but that were a Derivative of the then way people actually played these games.

    DF showed that people really do not play like the did in UO even if offered a Clone of UO or at least a game largely inspired by it.

    My only concern is whether EQN will actually have the Sandbox elements in it, I tend to think it will but there have been nasty many nasty surpises in the past years so I am approaching it with caution and waiting to see what else is coming before generating excitement for myself and friends...we do not need any more disappointments.

    I just hope that all these Features and Mechanics are not there to attempt to make a better GW2 in what would be a Next generation Themepark. I just hope that the Voxel Engine will be put in to good use and permit players to have Housing, create their In game communities and interact with others allong side the Themepark elements of Quests and Public events and interaction with the Environment.

    That would truly be, a next generation MMORPG which would bring the Genre to a new direction.

    but for the love of the genre, unstick yourself from the superficiality that has infected you people and look beyond. Graphics are quite good as they are, use your imagination and immerse yourself in the game world a bit.

    And if you want realistic, shut down the computer and go meet real people in the real world.


    - Duke Suraknar -
    Order of the Silver Star, OSS

    ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard
  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    "The Future of the MMORPG lies in Norrath"

    They are not building up expectations way too high and setting up the game for a fall at all!

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    Now Doesn't That Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy? :P

  • PAL-18PAL-18 AnachronoxPosts: 837Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sinaku
    Under first impression, I am impressed. The idea of delivery of a destructible environment is extremely appealing. I really hope that this becomes the new MMO to go to, truly. It looks like it molds everything that each mmo does well and puts it into one game (similar to what WoW did).  Lets just hope, even for naysayers like myself, that we will have somewhere to call "home" again soon enough.

    I just hope that there is some sand in the box in this mass destruction.

    Like ,player cannot break stones with bare hands etc.


    If i hit wall or something with full power and it does not break then my character takes damage.


    So, did ESO have a successful launch? Yes, yes it did.
    By Ryan Getchell on April 02, 2014.
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  • RydesonRydeson Canton, OHPosts: 3,852Member Uncommon
         I'm glad they are focusing on horizontal progression, and shit canning the end game instancing formula..  (at least that is what it looks like so far)..  This will interesting to see how the player base reacts to a game with no finish line so to speak..
  • Bonez005Bonez005 Lafayette, COPosts: 38Member Uncommon
    Bravo! Two thumbs up for sure! Love the art direction, love the sandbox direction (Makes me think about me and my guildies all venturing to find resources to build our village and keep it defended/protected. So glad they went with this art style over the "clay" looking eq2 style. Well done indeed!
    Oh I almost forgot the vertical layers that are dated by different eras of Norrath's history!? AMAZING idea. This will bring out the explorer and historian in me for sure!
  • CoolitCoolit Posts: 499Member Uncommon

    I liked several of the ideas but it doesn’t seem as genre defining as I was expecting and led to believe from the earlier stages of the presentation. I'm also not sure if I want to play a game with cartoon graphics for another 10 years although I understand the positives to having this style of graphics, but really this could be a deal breaker for me. I wish they had went somewhere in the middle and went with FXIV:ARR type of graphics because at this point I’m not impressed by them at all. I was hoping they would touch on the questing and maybe talk a little about the housing and crafting system but nothing.


    Guess I’ll just need to wait and see how things develop as it’s clearly an early build, although I’m not seeing a genre defining game here and the graphics really put me off.

  • FurellFurell AmsterdamPosts: 42Member
    But what exactly do YOU want then? Imagine I'm a developer and you want to destroy buildings, but you don't want players to ruin important buildings for you, because then you get a bad experience and can't do what you were supposed to do... So isn't this the only good solution when you decide the game world can be destructible in some way? Or what else were you expecting?
  • Dimsum1337Dimsum1337 MoscowPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Laughing-man
    Honestly, a lot of ideas that have been tried and failed in other games. This is a lot like Final Fantasy 14 1.0. No classes?  Awesome in theory, yet so many games have tried it, remember SWG?  The game that THE SAME company took from skill based to class / level based advancement.  They didn't do that because they wanted to kill their game,they thought it would benefit their game. It's honestly surprising to me how many things they are doing that other games did and failed because of them.   The graphics are ok, but they look VERY Guild Wars 2 to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone with that. The Character models are more cartoony than I expected. The ground AoE's being red circles like FFXIV or Neverwinter or any other new game coming out..  Honestly the video looked much like the Ifrit Fight from FFXIV ARR...   This isn't anything new or innovative, and it shouldn't have been Best of Show for E3. Disappointed.


  • PitrocelliPitrocelli NitraPosts: 9Member Common

    Is there any video or picture where they show more than 4 entities (PC or NPC) together ?

    Think about voxel based rendering which scales mostly with CPU, destructible world and epic spell effects.

    I am afraid this game will be focused on small skirmishes unable to render mass fights with playable framerate.

    While games like Black Desert show performance in castle sieges with tens of players here you can see one giant robot smashing one castle.

  • jesteralwaysjesteralways BangladeshPosts: 2,560Member Rare
    Stop spouting "SOE" "SOE", the only "real innovation" in this game is the AI done by STORYBRICKS. If anyone deserves a pat in the back it is the STORYBRICKS people. 

    Boobs are LIFE, Boobs are LOVE, Boobs are JUSTICE, Boobs are mankind's HOPES and DREAMS. People who complain about boobs have lost their humanity.

  • megaraxmegarax LindesbergPosts: 269Member Uncommon
    So this was what best ins how was based on? What is it next year? A developer sits down with a piece paper going "Dudes, I have an awesome idea of a sandbox mmo....."
  • XAleX360XAleX360 PescaraPosts: 462Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Taranx
    Originally posted by XAleX360
    Graphics is the least of the problems. The problem is that this sounds too much like GW2.5 and too little like the sandbox we were promised. This is nothing like Ultima Online or Star Wars Galaxies.  It's not the game the genre needs right now. 

    Your quoting "genres" that currently exisit or existed. We don't need any more of those, we need something new

    Lets just see how this fleshes out, I'm dying to see what their version of a "sandbox" is when fully executed

    EQNext is not a sandbox. It's Guild Wars 2 evolved. And players haven't been dying for that; they have been dying to see Ultima Online/SWG/EvE in a modern, 3D fantasy setting with AAA polish.

    EQNext will not deliver on this.

    Executive Editor (Games)

  • ArskaaaArskaaa KauhajokiPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon

    want to play now!


    All others mmorpgs feels outdated crap now><

  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon
    I'll believe this when I play it.  already dislike the wow-style cartoony look to it. Also not a fan of limiting the abilities you can use at once. I hated that in gw2 it just felt so limiting. The video does look nice, but Its most likelt pre-rendered and the actual game won't be anywhere near as cool, many dev teams pull this stunt. Also.. that tech demo, was pretty bad looking and did I see a tauren ripoff? you can deff tell who they are targeting.

    Being a pessimist is a win-win pattern of thinking. If you're a pessimist (I'll admit that I am!) you're either:

    A. Proven right (if something bad happens)


    B. Pleasantly surprised (if something good happens)

    Either way, you can't lose! Try it out sometime!

  • VaporsVapors Fr.Posts: 407Member Uncommon

    do eqn also has this lion humans like gw2 lol?


  • JackdogJackdog Charleston, SCPosts: 6,321Member Uncommon

    An earlier poster nailed it with GW2 evolved. I think that about sums it up.

    I love the player modified world idea. Howevert judging from my past experience SOE has the Midas touch  in reverse, they can screw anything up they touch. Their last really successful game was EQ1 which they did not develop but bought off Verant and was the only dog in the hunt at that time.  They hosed up SWG with a crap release then before they fixed the release bugs they turned the entire game upside down with CU , EQ2 was mediocre at best and they turned Vanguard into a beautiful and huge deserted sandbox.

    Now with this GW2 clone lets see if they can keep up with Arenanet's every 2 week a new update plan. Methinks not but time will tell. Seems like overhype is really fitting term for this one. I did apply for beta and will probably buy and try but if I get a couple of months of play out of this before I go back to GW2 I will be pleasantly surprised

    I miss DAoC

  • zethcarnzethcarn Kentucky, KYPosts: 1,558Member Uncommon

    Whether it's amazing or bad at least SOE has the balls to try something different!  Also, data-mining will be useless.  The world changes so much, you'll actually have to go out and explore it yourself.  I'm excited!

    A note on the graphics: I don't mind it.  They are going the "everybody can play this" route even if your computer is crap.  More people = more income.  Good business sense.

  • Morfeus641Morfeus641 San Diego, CAPosts: 27Member
    Originally posted by Arskaaa
    want to play now!   All others mmorpgs feels outdated crap now><

    Yep. I was excited for Wildstar, moderately interested in TESO, and now they just feel outdated compared to EQNext. 

  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare
    TOR was also supposed to be the "Future of the MMORPG industry" and we all saw how that turned out. Any more hype for this game can only hurt it at this point.
  • QuickShatterQuickShatter Everett, WAPosts: 12Member
    Originally posted by Laughing-man
    Oh and The Kerra look exactly like Char. (From GW2)

    Oh yeah? where are the horns? I played both generations of guildwars and Charr had horn EVEN if they had really little horns.

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