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[Column] Elder Scrolls Online: Building Your Ideal Character



  • LiddokunLiddokun San Francisco, CAPosts: 1,665Member Uncommon
    It's not gonna be a sand box game ? Awww that's sort of disappointing... well i was hoping it would follow the single player game.
  • apocalanceapocalance Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,073Member Uncommon
    It would take a kickstarter for this game to be great


  • JorrackJorrack MoldPosts: 1Member
    This is one of the main reason I NEED to play this game. I started MMO's back in UO where you levelled the skills and could mix and match. Then I went to EQ with the massive world to explore and the quests, next was DAOC with the Tri Realm wars and realm pride. This has all those and more and I cannot think of a game I would want to play more than this and I played each of those for many years.
  • NoremacvNoremacv Waterloo, ONPosts: 1Member
    I can't even effectively plan out my character yet because I don't know if unarmed combat will be viable or not, and that's my main intent for my character. Still unsure what to do as a backup if unarmed isn't available. But quite frankly it should be.
  • BRAZEKOOLBRAZEKOOL MilduraPosts: 2Member
    If it wasn't similar to the single-player ES games it'd be bad for business. I'd speculate that 50% of purchases will be made on this fact, and the other 50% because it's an MMORPG.
  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,650Member Epic
    Originally posted by Toxia
    Originally posted by azzamasin
    The open ended character skill line progression, the reticule based action combat and the limited hotbar deck building strategy metagame is the only reason I am looking forward to ESO.  My hopes is the developers can instill a sense of Skyrim like open world exploration based content instead of the quest hub linear game we think the game is going for.

    There will be quest hubs. Already shown. The question is will we find wandering npcs that have quests of a dynamic nature. That way the world kinda feels alive. 

    You will find wandering npc's much like Guild Wars 2. However, I suspect, much like Guild Wars 2, those npc's will always have the same problems whenever you run into them.

  • QuickShatterQuickShatter Everett, WAPosts: 12Member

    This Concept reminds me of the good ol days of Clean slate MMO's like UO * I was a little kid then watching my dad play* or even the very basic MMO Runescape * MY FIRST MMO* where you had no class or anything you made what you were. if you wanted to be a fist fighting, spell flinger that wear's heavy armor GO FOR IT! no one is stopping you!!.

    For me the ability to ACTUALLY play how I want. So many other MMO's were slinging that phrase around " PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO!!!" but in the end there was really only a hand full of way to actually work your character. Take like The Secret World  * loved the game By the way* It said "Play how you like" But if you wanted to heal and heal for the upper level dungeons and such you had to either go pro Blood , fisted weapons or Assualt rifles and yeah you could mix and match but why couldn't I have been a mix between Elementalism and Blood, a potent healer with  a nasty damage on switch. * obviously that'd probably not work just an example* but you see where I'm getting at.

    HOPEFULLY this game is done properly I'm tired of seeing good Idea go down the shitter in the MMO universe because people want another TITAN GAME like WoW to pop up that EVERYONE plays.


  • Mike-McQueenMike-McQueen Enfield, CTPosts: 243Member
    Learning new skills for weapons I will never use has got to be the worst form of character progression to date. Is it a cool idea? Yeah, but for them to ride this as their AA...meh. It probably doesn't even take that long to master a weapon. Sounds like they hit a brick wall when someone asked "what's after 50?".." try a different weapon". I just want to beat these developers with a stick.

    I'm a unique and beautiful snowflake.

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