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[Column] EverQuest Next: Five Things We Don’t Want in EverQuest Next



  • eric_w66eric_w66 North Richland Hills, TXPosts: 1,006Member Uncommon

    As I mentioned in the wish list thread before, this game is being designed with the PS4 in mind. All other 'wishes' are moot at this point.


    The only wish that matters is 'I wish the PS4 wasn't involved in EQN'. Till that comes true, nothing else matters.

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Originally posted by grimfall
    Originally posted by Grimlock426
    The funniest thing to me about this discussion, and the previous about what we want in EQN, is that what many people want (probably without even realizing it) is a return to Vanilla WoW.  That's probably why Vanilla WoW was the huge success that it was.   :)

    Let's look back at Suzie's article and compare it to your statement:


    5. Make MMOs HARD Again

    Vanilla WoW - Nope.  In fact it was the opposite, compared to EQ or Lineage or FFXI.

    4. Give Us Connections to EverQuest and EverQuest 2

    Vanilla WoW - Nope.

    3. Make Crafting and Active Game, Not Just an Ingredients Checklist

    Vanilla Wow - Nope ( I used to do pushups and situps while crafting in Vanllia WoW
    2. Give a Nod to the Good Old Days

    Remember the days when you weren’t simply handed a mount or a skill simply for completing a quest?

    Basically that is the exact opposite of Vanilla WoW (well, you had to save to buy your first horse, but the gear, come on!)
    1. Create World Events that Actually Change the World
    Vanilla WoW - Nope.
    So in summary.  Huh?

    Spot on. People can claim that WoW USED to be less linear and harder, but that doesn't change the fact that when it launched it was the most casual, linear, solo ecouraging MMO on the market.


    The MMO market has gotten so bad that people are looking back on games that used to be considered primitive and easy, like WoW and Runescape, and hailing them as lost gems. It's sad.

  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Icewhite
    Originally posted by Four0Six Funny thing about "fantasy fans", we are all racist.   Yup. you hate Fae, I hate Elves.
    I am not a fan of Orcs. But I still prefer them to Spaceships.

    You're a Spacist!
  • darkchyld85darkchyld85 Gardner, ILPosts: 2Member


    I remember the first time I bought EQ (right when Kunark came out) and logging in to create my character. I made a Wood Elf Druid and started in Kelethin.

    I repeat, those days were the hardest and most fun out of any MMO I've ever played, period. I myself wasn't involved with the story, but there wasn't this crap where you have quests on your minimap popping up. You had to 'hail' a person and attempt to make conversation just to get a quest started. I had never been so lost, but god was whacking bees with a bat fun.

    I agree with the article particially up to the instances. Like many others have mentioned, some of the better expansions were the instanced ones. Someone yelling "TRAIN, CHOO CHOOOOOO" while you're puny little group is trying hard as hell to whack the orcs at the ENT, and forcing to zone to the instance to Kelethin, you just can't beat that. 

    I think instancing if done correctly, like EQ had in a lot of ways, wins a lot of hearts. But I can a point, nowadays I wouldn't want every zone to connect as an instance. Maybe in certain quests, adventures, raids, etc but other than that I don't see much problem with instances.

    I hope the crafting is a bit more like a game also. I would like crafting to be somewhat more involved and a challenge, and the rewards be greater for taking some sort of risks. Not just drag and drop and everyone gets the same result all the time.  That's just a personal pet peeve though.


    LOIO and The Overthere ... the grinding in groups. That also was what made the game more memorable for me. Not a crazy hard grind like some of your JPRGs, but harder than WoW.

  • Ironman2000Ironman2000 Baltimore, MDPosts: 310Member Uncommon

    5). Zoning and Instancing

    I think that's almost the only way they could go, if world of warcraft can pretty much do it, EQ Next should be able to pull it off now too.  I would almost miss the "TRAIN TO ZONE LINE!" calls of the segmented maps lol.

     4). Small World Map

    I would like them to make things large and very explorable, that was one of my favorite things to do in EQ 1 and EQ 2.  Wander and explore to see the world.  Risk my characters death and dismemberment by wandering through high level areas.  I remember back going through Kithicor forest at dusk and when it became night, getting the crap scared out of me when all those undead would spawn at once for the night time.

    3.) Limited Scope and Linearity

    I agree with this one. Not much more about it though.

    2.) No Fae!

    I disagree with this one.  The fae folk were present in EQ 1, though they looked different and I personally think they could be fine, they just needed to give them a similar treatment like they did to the Erudites (only not so creepy and alien).  I hope we get the old erudites back, that was the race I played the most in EQ 1 but the least in EQ 2.

    1.) Story on Rails

    I totally agree with this one, how many times can you do the SAME ole' SAME ole' over and over and over again before it drives you nuts.



  • zethcarnzethcarn Kentucky, KYPosts: 1,558Member Uncommon
    I have no problems with zones mostly because it was hilarious to see a 20+ train of gnolls kill your ass when they were trained to the zone line.  Agree 1000% with no "story on rails".  People should go places because it looks INTERESTING and EXCITING not because Joe Schmoe NPC said I should go there.
  • ocnozixocnozix Glen Burnie, MDPosts: 5Member
    Down with the fae!!

    Yeah, what are you going to do about it?

  • DavisFlightDavisFlight Talahasee, FLPosts: 2,556Member Common
    Originally posted by Sithos
    Originally posted by intrinsc
    Sorry to burst your first point, but if EQN wants good hardcore raiding there will have to be instances for them.

    Have to agree with this. As much as I loved racing to Naggy/Vox when they spawned,trying to beat Guild_00 there. In this day and age to many players will get their feelings hurt if they don't get to kill UberDragon_01.

    Uh... no. Not necessary unless you making your raiding system in the worst possible way.

  • SynraSynra Harrison Township, MIPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    I am in 100% agreement here, except for the note about Fae. I LOVED them. They were the first 'new' race added to EQ that wasn't just a dumb animal person. Playable fairies in a fantasy game? This is brilliant! An actual fantasy race. All the other playable races added to EQ were Cats, Frogs, Lizards and Rats. Lame.

    I want to see more *fantasy* races in EQ like the Fae. Give me playable races like Centaur or Lamia. Even better, give us expansive underwater areas and the option to play as an under-water only Mermaid type race.

  • Xblade724Xblade724 Honolulu, HIPosts: 54Member Common

    Here, here! +1

    Give us LORE not a central story. Give us all the lore in the world and allow it to connect, but do not have 1 central story. We've been there, done that and it makes alts unimpressive to play knowing you have to read a book twice.

    BRING BACK THE HAIL SYSTEM FFS DO NOT BRING THE BUBBLES ABOVE HEAD! No right click sh*t, give us Hails, allow us to use our brains to figure out keywords (give us the keywords, but keep the hidden keywords like you always do for rewarding those that pay attention JUST LIKE YOUR HIDDEN VIDEO that was slowed down - a secret we could have passed easily, but if we think beyond, we are rewarded) ...

    And allow manual turn ins. So many secrets and mysteries are instantly unlocked to quest devs by allowing Hail and manual turn ins rather than right click question marks above head.

    And don't guide us directly to the quest location ..... 

    Former EQ1 Rallos Zek (PvP)
    Ascendant Chronei Immortal of Rallos Zek
    (Now @ Prexus)

  • AlverantAlverant Wheaton, ILPosts: 839Member Uncommon

    Can you really get rid of zones? Even if PC tech has improved, there are still internet bandwidth considerations. Not everyone is going to have an awesome internet connection (remember what happened with the x-bone) that could handle the dataflow.

    Also I like having a story in the setting. It's a reminder that YOU are not the central character in the world and things do happen without your involvement. More importantly it's part of the larger setting and sets up future events and changes.

  • BelerudBelerud St-Hip, QCPosts: 4Member

    1. No empty cities (killed by guild halls, new cities with everything in expansions, etc...) Make sure cities offer unique reasons to visit them.

    2. No portals (shortcuts) to everywhere.  Let players run, fly, whatever, in order to keep  the landmass  populated everywhere.

    3. No expansions that make all players acquire the other classes unique abilities.  If only one class can be invisible, or levitate, or summon players, don't give it to everyone on the next expansions.

    4. Don't make rain,  darkness, wind,  purely esthetic features.  Make the environment fully part of the  game, with real impact on combat.


  • BelerudBelerud St-Hip, QCPosts: 4Member

    So much more...

    6. Don't make grouped players run individual quests (ie loot xx carrots...)... Give credit to all group members on location (ie group completion)

    7. Don't make character death a trivial event.

    8. Don't forget gravity and other forces/ faster downhill, slower uphill...

    9. Don't make food, drink, rest, meditate, sleep trivial and useless event.

    10. Did i mention STICK TO YOUR PLAN?  That was for years to come... including all expansions. Too much EQ / EQ2 expansion became poorly implemented  improvisation in what appeared to be attempts to suit the (make it easy pls) masses.

  • VorthanionVorthanion Laguna Vista, TXPosts: 2,475Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by bingbongbros
    Originally posted by DavisFlight
    Originally posted by grifj
    Why do people want instanced dungeons?  Go play Skyrim if you want a dungeon all to yourself.


    And to the people say "Well what about  a LITTLE instancing!" If your game is designed well you should never need an instance. And all MMOs in the past that started with a LITTLE instancing just got lazy and used it for everything.

    the first mmo's had zero instancing.  I agree with you on the if designed well not needing instancing thing.  The original mmo's worked fantastically well and every dungeon was public.

    You can thank SOE for the curse of instances.  LDoN

    Shared kills without needing to be in a group solves the issue nicely.  Then all you have to worry about is timing the spawns.

  • LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 890Member Uncommon
    "I don't want to be the savior. I want the choice to be ordinary. To be a farmer. A blacksmith. A warrior of note. Maybe even an absolute coward. These are the choices that MMORPGs bestow amongst players, and these are the choices that, I feel, the original EQ came bundled with.

    SOE, please don't make me special: make me like everyone else, able to create my own legend, for good or bad."


    This summed up the reason for my disillusion of GW2 where I had to ignore great portions of the "personal" storyline in order to roleplay the way I saw my character. I wanted to be a thief that was still deep and dirty in his ways but the cutscenes contradicted that. In fact, every RPer I asked, they also ignored their "personal stories". DO NOT give roleplayers a menu to select from like GW2 did, but rather a flexible framework to work in.

  • YukmarcYukmarc Fresno, CAPosts: 128Member Uncommon
  • KexinKexin San Diego, CAPosts: 69Member Uncommon
    Heavy death penalty. I need a reason to fear death.
  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEPosts: 258Member Uncommon

    Please, oh please let us have good-neutral-evil races (like EQ2)

    I hate games that give you only good fluffy race choices!

    Ratonga in EQ2 ( Mouse people!) are my fav race atm

  • AccountDeleted12341AccountDeleted12341 Houston, TXPosts: 351Member
    Originally posted by jimdandy26
    Can we add the reams of people that already believe the game is the best thing since sliced bread based on little to no information?  



    Also, the author sucks. Hating the Fae doesn't make you edgy. Hating the Fae just makes you think you're edgy.

    I also believe firmly that the author never played the original Everquest. If they had, then they wouldn't be so adamant about "NO ZONE!"

    Also, the first game wasn't restrained by technology at the time. Ultima Online didn't have zones, and it came out before Everquest.
  • gylnnegylnne South Hutchinson, KSPosts: 322Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by agnostic4eve
    In order to find quests, I want to be required to talk to people. NO Exclamation points over their heads. I want to be required to actually follow a conversation with he quest giver, find out what they want or need and then have to figure out how to get that.  

    This. We have the technology to have a living conversation with an npc. Exclamation points above the head totally throw immersion out the window.


  • gylnnegylnne South Hutchinson, KSPosts: 322Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Disatisfied9


    Also, the author sucks. Hating the Fae doesn't make you edgy. Hating the Fae just makes you think you're edgy.

    I also believe firmly that the author never played the original Everquest. If they had, then they wouldn't be so adamant about "NO ZONE!"

    Also, the first game wasn't restrained by technology at the time. Ultima Online didn't have zones, and it came out before Everquest.

    The author just stated his opinion and for that he sucks? You need to grow up.

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,354Member Uncommon

    Devs said that it will be huge open world. And yet you write "we dont want instances. We dont want little world". Can you stuff make at least ONE good list? Its getting annoying

  • grimfallgrimfall Missouri City, TXPosts: 1,153Member Uncommon
    Looks like you got your five wishes.
  • zwei2zwei2 SingaporePosts: 361Member

    For me, I don't want Everquest in Everquest Next.


    Oh wait...

    The possibility of the universe collapsing into a singularity is higher than the birth of a perfect MMORPG.

  • TicklepinkTicklepink Ferrum, VAPosts: 119Member

    when the "fan art wallpaper" came out a few weeks ago showing  hyper stylized Disney cartoon characters I was foolish enough to pass it off as an artists "style of drawing".

    This graphic style is a step back. I don't even take this game seriously now. My mouth dropped to the floor when I watched Mr Gorgeson announce this with a huge grin on his face as if he had just birthed the messiah when in fact the baby was stillborn.

    It was is STILL surreal.

    I'd like to NOT have cartoonish 1983 Dragon's Lair graphics in my EQNext please.

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