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MMORPG PvP Suggestions to Entertain?

DrHaircutDrHaircut The Village, ILPosts: 3Member

      I've been looking for a game that has the ability to hold my attention at least till Wild Star comes out. I want to hear your suggestions on the matter, since I seem to have few options in my arsenal as of now. Preferably one that is Free 2 Play that does not abide by the old Pay 2 Win model. Also, the ability to customize your character is highly wanted, since I adore the ability of the character being your character and not a preset ones. PvP is also a major point for me, one that has it not just tacted on. Being able to specificly play PvP is a big plus, even the ability to level through PvP is a huge addition for me.


      II'm also a fan of the mass scale PvP. What games would you suggest that have mass scale PvP? I've heard of DAOC, but the time to jump on that ride seems to have passed me by. I was an avid WvW player in GW2 before I left, but certain things in the core game began to affect the WvW itself to a point that it just became boring. Not to mention that the mechanics highly favored the mass zergers over the tactical group. Granted, that's sort of what mass scale war is about, but there shouldn't be a higher reward for a low risk tactic of mindlessly bashing said force into the fortifications over tactically splitting forces to attack strategic positions at the same time, coordinated strike teams, or even just a simple coordination of specific units in an operation. GW2 just didn't become what I wanted it to be and that's simply just my opinion on the matter, though it does help understand where I stand a bit.


  • nearmysnearmys seattle, WAPosts: 15Member

    DCUO has some pretty good world PvP throughout, lots of customization, quick level progression, but not much endgame though.

    I'm in the same boat as you and I keep coming back to it.

  • A1D3NA1D3N Elgin, ScotlandPosts: 266Member Uncommon

    I look for the same, as I think 75% of mmorpg'ers prob look for this too,

    mass pvp, like castle sieges or something

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  • DrHaircutDrHaircut The Village, ILPosts: 3Member
    From what I've seen and heard, Wild Star and TESO will both of some sort of greater PvP in it. TESO going all out and doing castle siege and Wild Star taking a more "customizable" approach with the whole build your own base system. I can see myself playing TESO casually, since that's probably what will happen to the FvF (Faction vs Faction?) zone and dedicate the rest of the time to Wild Star, because I can see some awesome guild wars going on there. Till then, I think I will just drift. Sort of why I made this thread was to guide me a bit to something till time passes.
  • MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by A1D3N

    I look for the same, as I think 75% of mmorpg'ers prob look for this too, mass pvp, like castle sieges or something


    I guess we just have to wait for Camelot Unchained.

    Originally posted by DrHaircut
    From what I've seen and heard, Wild Star and TESO will both of some sort of greater PvP in it. 

    A PvE developer that always made SP games and refused to have co-op in it? I highly doubt it.

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  • DrHaircutDrHaircut The Village, ILPosts: 3Member

         TESO is being developed by Zenimax Online Studios. They have never made another game and have been working on TESO for a couple years. Despite popular belief, Bethesda Game Studios is not taking any part in the development of TESO and has even gone public saying they will not take part in it's development. This is being made by a developer that can keep their mind focus, with less ties to serving the brand. Granted, that doesn't exclude them completely.


         Wild Star is being developed by Carbine Studios who have only been working Wild Star. Not much else to say, since I believe you were talking about TESO.


          Also, TESO will have mass scale castle siege/defense PvP. It has already been confirmed. Wild Star has also confirmed that there will be customizable base PvP. This will include even war machines to keep things interesting.


         Neither of these developers have been single player developers, since their only title is a MMORPG. Just clearing up the waters so you can see the bottom.

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