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[NA] LF Eastern Time Zone Guild/Community

3xp0s3d3xp0s3d Brownstown, MIPosts: 8Member

Looking for a community to join.

I'm gonna to be a bit more active than casual but not hardcore, and I'll also be playing with my Fiance.

I'm going to be playing a Dragoon and my fiance will be playing a White Mage.


I have been playing MMOS for 13 years now., fiance has been playing for 5 years.




  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I would very much love to speak with you as it relates to your post here and to become of our family ^__^. I took the liberty of sending you a PM with more information.
  • AdelineUrusaAdelineUrusa Aurora, COPosts: 21Member

    Hello~ my FC Legion Noir is going to be running events during PST evenings (Between the times of 6-9pm PST & 9-12am PST). Although we are not eastern, please consider us if you're interested in those time slots.

    We are a family oriented group with endgame raiding in mind, along with harvesting/social events to be implemented as well. Please check us out at:

    Read over our charter~ if we seem like a good match please don't hesitate to fill out an app! It will get reviewed in a timely manner~ Thanks for your time :)! Hope to see both of ya soon!

  • jafecejafece Clearwater, FLPosts: 37Member
    Come check us out  We are a casual group that will be working towards all aspects of the game and all play styles.  We will be doing endgame raiding but in a casual atmosphere, life comes first and we respect that.  Currently we are accepting all classes and crafters. Good luck in your search for a good home.


  • 3xp0s3d3xp0s3d Brownstown, MIPosts: 8Member

    Ryan I didn't get a PM


    Adeline- We both have full time jobs so the PST times will be hard for us to manage. Thanks for the offer!

  • AdelineUrusaAdelineUrusa Aurora, COPosts: 21Member
    Originally posted by 3xp0s3d
    Ryan I didn't get a PM   Adeline- We both have full time jobs so the PST times will be hard for us to manage. Thanks for the offer!

    Ah okie, np~ gl with your search :)!

  • 3xp0s3d3xp0s3d Brownstown, MIPosts: 8Member

    Thanks for the PM's, I'll be looking through them and discussing it with my fiance.

    We prefer to use mumble or raid call for VoIP.

    Little more background on us.

    I've played multiple MMO's over the years, my first was Asheron's Call(best game ever).

    Also played: WoW (was in top 50 US raiding guild), FFXI, Tera, APB, GW2, SWTOR (Server First boss kills) and many more. Those were just the ones I enjoyed the most.

    My fiance got into playing WoW about 5 years ago a and she has also played GW2 with me.

    We like to be a little more active than casual but not elitest or hardcore. We prefer a group of active people who are on a decent amount of time, the most bothersome thing about some guilds only have 3-4 people on at most times.

    We plan on raiding and PVPing.

    Our play time will probably be 7-12pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.



  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member

    I sent you another PM I am not sure, but it said that it was sent. So you can check again and see if it was sent, also would it be possible for us to speak more on the topic. I sent the info in the PM friend :)


    Also your time EST is the time we are in and play around those times. I would really love to speak with you and your fiance if that is possible.

  • 3xp0s3d3xp0s3d Brownstown, MIPosts: 8Member
    Replied, still looking as well.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    ok I just replied back to your last PM.
  • AeternysAeternys ridgewood, NJPosts: 22Member

    hey man I think we may be a really solid fit for the both of you, feel free to take a look and just jump into our raidcall if you have any questions or anything!

  • terpthreeterpthree New Haven, CTPosts: 45Member
    PM'd you
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