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Which classic mmo

snoop101snoop101 Calgary, ABPosts: 400Member Uncommon

Good morning all


Which Classic MMO is still worth playing?

Which one still has a player base and still keeps people interested after all these years?

(Also I dont care if its free or sub, that does not affect me on how i choose to play a game)

Here is a small list but please add if you like.










  • AsgrimAsgrim SosariaPosts: 92Member Uncommon

    Out of what you listed, Vanguard, Runescape and EQ are still worth getting into.

    DAOC might be worth it ONLY if you are interested in the RvR and nothing else.

    UO is an absolute mess with no direction. 

  • snoop101snoop101 Calgary, ABPosts: 400Member Uncommon

    Ok I will narrow down what you said.


    Vanguard: I played this when it came out and really enjoyed it. A few bugs here and there. I have not played this though since free to play and curious if it changed much.


    DAOC: This was actually my first mmo and back in the days I loved it. Though now that im older I would like to have a game that has a little more PvE depth.


    EQ: I actually have never played this. I played EQ2 for a bit and found it fun, but I found it not very hardcore.


    Runescape: another one I never played, but watched videos on it. From what the community talks about is that it has changed drastically over the years and now is more of a kids game. Did Runescape 2 make it worth looking into?


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