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[NA] - Nyuub – Hardcore Endgame free company

TnemmocTnemmoc Longwood, FLPosts: 12Member
Nyuub is a hardcore Final Fantasy XIV: ARR free company consisting of members from hardcore gaming backgrounds in a myriad of different game genres. Most notably, Nyuub's membership consists of individuals previously involved in hardcore progression groups in both Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft. Our players embody the utmost dedication to hardcore gaming and an innate affinity for excellence in competition; we aim to capitalize upon our talents to become the most cutting-edge free company on our server, with the initial goal of progressing through endgame content faster than all of our competitors.

If you believe you would complement our group by joining our ranks, please submit a formal application or contact one of our leaders. We are seeking players who are analytical, communicative, cooperative and willing to devote substantial time to aid the guild in progression. Our time commitment for the month after the release of the game will be approximately 40 weekly hours - we believe this allotment will ensure that all members progress in a timely fashion and do not hamper the advancement of the guild at large.

Apply at

Please contact Nyuub leadership if any questions arise. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your interest in our group.


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