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[NA][Ultros] Shinra Electric Power Co. - Casual/End-Game Free Company

jafecejafece Clearwater, FLPosts: 37Member

Good afternoon everyone! A group of solid gamers from over the generations of MMOs are getting together to creat this FC on the Ultros server. We will be mostly a casual group with a set aside hard core side for Pvp as well as end game content, and crafting. We are a good community that has come from games like UO, EQs, EVE, FFXI, etc. Currently we are looking for people to fill the ranks in preperation for the Open Beta and eventual release of FFXIV, so we can get to work, and come togther to make a great community for everyone. We are looking for 18+ atm but will take excepetions after talking with you for a bit. (We are all adults, and sometimes we talk like sailors after all) We are also currently looking for a new webmaster (old one had children and got out of gaming)

Due to some requests we are looking to add more people across all time zones to better serve our members whatever there playtime maybe. Please come check us out and see if we are a good fit for you.


* A little welcome from our company master:
What's up, Im Connavar the CM of Shinra. Let me break some stuff down for you. We will be a casual company in all facets of the game...but when it raid time, its game time. I am an avid raider my self, and the ONLY time im not joking around or relaxed is the boss pull. We have 15? I think members right now, but that doesnt include the 26 we founded this company with during the last phase. We also have a group of about 5-7 on the PS3 that will be joining on P4. I wont feed you a line of "Come check out site out we rock, we are the best!" Because our site speaks for its self, you can see in the members section, I wrote up a post about guidance, direction, and my leadership style I think will make us a good community for Ultros. Im not trying to be dominate HC company. I want to be the company that clears content consistently, but also people like logging into to talk about work, life, the game what ever comes up, because are a close knit family that just happens to excel at head busting and progression. I am not looking for a social club that hangs out and never clears a heroic. Im looking for multiple solid raid teams, that have healthy competition with them selves on who will clean house quicker. We will clear, I can guarantee that. But we will do it together, and with out some controlling RL screaming over vent. In addition there will be the dedicated PvP teams that will hopefully dominate in those arenas. We may not be the #1 on progression, but I will be damned if we wont be the #1 in demand of quality, knowledgeable and friendly players. Hopefully you have checked out the site and seen what we are about, hopefully you will want to join and be apart of what we are building. Good talking to you.




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