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Vendetta Online to support Oculus

PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 1,852Member Rare

EVR and Star Citizen ain't the only ones...

Vendetta Online's lead dev has stated that they are "waiting for [their] Oculus Rift to arrive" and that they would "like to try supporting that whenever it shows up".[1]

This is cautious language, but I am very optimistic about this news (and feel that it's worthy of the Rumor Room) for several reasons.  Unlike EVR or Star Citizen, Vendetta Online is available to play to anyone right now, and has a long history of (and penchant for) multi-platform support; if VO's devs make the port (and they are very good at porting their game to new platforms), this could become one of the first commercial MMORPGs to be released on a VR headset.  Before the Oculus' Kickstarter was even announced, I had expressed feeling that VO would work very well with a head-mounted display (if only they were affordable! image).  During the Oculus Kickstarter, Guild Software (VO's publisher) was named as one of the finalists (#2) in Oculus' "Gift a Rift" contest.  So you see, there has been some momentum building toward this.

VO's lead dev has historically been very understated, particularly involving developments that have yet to reach the market.  I consider it a very good sign that he is mentioning the Oculus at all.  The iPhone and OUYA release will probably come first, but VO may clutch the holy grail of seamless multi-platform MMORPG-play including the Oculus before long.

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