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How AV can fix villages

xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INPosts: 3,311Member

Thanks to Unknown Mantra and his idea on how to fix villages I have come up with a revision of my original idea that I believe, not only works better than my first idea, but would infact be easier to implement, promote more PvP, promote more conflict. This thread is about fixing the system only, not addressing the rewards and only deals with the clan's portion of the system. Please keep that in mind when reading :D

The primary issue with the village system is that they don't produce regional PvP AV intended, nor are they a hot spot for PvP. The main issues with the village system, IMO, has always been the stealing system. Its simply not worth going to a village to steal from it when there are better ways to get loot and PvP because people have to SIT AT THE VILLAGE and CAMP IT to make stealing worth it. To address these issue with the system, the following changes can be made.

  • In addition to the current rewatd, each captured village should influence the refill rate of player holding nodes (farm, mine, quarry, grove). The values based on number of villages should be something similar to the following: 0 - .75x, 1 - 1.0x, 2 1.25x, 3 1.5x, 4 1.75x. However, I'm not sure what the maximum number of villages that are possible to control by a single clan. If its 4, then 4 villages should refill holding nodes 2x as fast, it its 5+ then 5+ should refill the nodes 2x as fast
  • Village produce the rewards at the same interval as they do now for the player who captured them
  • For the clan, villages produce rewards once ever 4 hrs. Under the current system, this would be 5 ticks of rewards and the rewards would stay the same (if AV can program it properly, if not see alternative system below)
  • .5-1 hr before a village produces rewards, it becomes vulnerable to stealing.
  • If the village is being actively stolen from at the time that rewards would be produced, all the rewards go to the thief
  • The loot produced is given to the player in a new, temporary container called a Burlap sack. The Burlap Sack cannot be opened for 10-20min. Anyone holding the Burlap Sack is prevented from using house or bindstone recall. After the 10-20mins are up the sack can be opened getting rid of the debuff. Burlap Sacks cannot be placed in banks.
  • In addition to the ability to steal from a village, clans who own holdings in the area can, at any time, choose to slow down production of resources from each village. This reduces the refill rate granted by the village by 50%. To stop the slowed down production, any clan member simply must visit the village and deactivate it.

Alternative system

  • If AV cannot program the above production system the way they'd like a new village object should be added called Production Box
  • The Production Box is where all current produced ticks go
  • The box cannot be looted for 4hrs
  • Anyone can loot the box burlap sack
  • The Burlap sack follows the same rules above


TL;DR version

  • Villages produce the same amount of rewards as they do now, but produce it in a chunk every 4hrs
  • Villages go vulnerable to stealing .5-1hr before it produces resources
  • If village is being stolen from when the 4hr mark hits the thief gets the reward but is unable to use house recall, bindstone recall, or be summoned by another player for 10mins

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  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden gdfgfPosts: 4,333Member

    It starts with by making everything about housing craftable. 

    Then the free not predfined spot to place.  (at least a defined areal in a radius )

    Thats recommdended to even start talking about player housing and villages.


    DF:UW isnt even offering that basic stuff. It failed already beyond repairable.


    But lets assume the unexpected and AV has implemented the above real player housing.

    Local markets could be attached to villages, which would also be starting and end points of caravans. It would attracked thieves and would offer a playstyle for playercontrolled guards or village milizia.

    A village elder could be voted who could negotiate with the land owning clans for protection for taxes etc.

    Endless options for a good game...but with the current sad state of how its desgned like a themepark...

    cant be fixed..its born dead.


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