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[Column] General: The Best MMOs of 2013... So Far



  • rakattrakatt Ripley, WVPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    Neverwinter made the list? Technically, it's still in beta. Since they are listed, SWTOR definitely deserves a spot. Even though both games has its flaws, SWTOR is much better. 
  • FrozenCurseFrozenCurse Dorne, IAPosts: 1Member
    The only negative thing I can say about gw2 is that it makes 95% of all other mmorpgs look like lackwits in the company of intellectuals and after playing gw2 for a while,you just can't go back to looking at other mmorpgs you played before in the same light.Arenanet is so frikking epic at and devoted to making gw2 the flat out best that I can't figure out whether it's a good thing or bad thing anymore lol 
  • superguitardudesuperguitardude Poltavska oblastPosts: 30Member

    Since people are making a Top 7 MMORPGs of The Year list, I figured that I'd add mine in, as well.

    1. Lord of The Rings Online (I really like Epic Fantasy.)

    2. DC Universe (Pretty well made. Was always a fan of Superman.)

    3. Age of Wushu (Chinese culture is intriguing. Very deep combat system. MMOs with Sandbox elements rock.)

    4. Neverwinter Online (As far as the game goes, it's pretty much The Forgotten Realms, but online.)

    5. Star Trek Online (Way better space combat than The Old Republic. Surprisingly interesting, despite the reviews.)

    6. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Crappy community, f2p feels like a demo. The story keeps me curious.)

    7. Eve Online (Would be higher up on the list, except that I can't afford the subscription fee. ((Welcome to Ukraine.)) )


    I didn't really get to try Rift all that much, but once it goes f2p I'll give it a go. I finally got to try EverQuest II several months ago and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Had I tried World of Warcraft and EverQuest II back when they launched, I'd probably enjoy the latter more.

  • fingyfingy BirminglingtonPosts: 1Member

    Can't believe there are so many muppets here...if you have played SWTOR in the last 6 months you would know how good it a like for like comparison with WoW at the same age SWTOR wins hands down. No idea about F2P as you have to be a cheap mother***** to play something hours a month and not pay £9. I was initially VERY disappointed with SWTOR but it has started to mature in to a brilliant that has kept me playing in a way that is perhaps only 2nd to WoW (played for 7 years and loved it).

    As for GW2...I'm not even sure I would consider it a proper MMORPG...the good stuff is very good but the rediculous notion of no healers and tanks is just plain daft: got to max level and was shocked to find the absence of, well, anything really...big shame as i was loving it until that point (so not a hater).

    EQ2...i played this before WoW was released (was by a couple months IIRC) and loved it but all friends went WoW and the rest is history as they say! Only issue with EQ2 is/was it demanded a supercomputer to play it at max.

    Also I would suggest that if anyone wants to play F2P then 1) you have no divine right to expect everything for isnt a charity its a business and 2) expect to pay more per month than any non F2P game lol...

  • KnightofChaosKnightofChaos ReykjavikPosts: 2Member
    Best of 2013? Lol wut??Dafuq is Darkfall & Neverwinter doing here?Where the hell is WoW and Rift?In any case I can't argue with Gw2 being #1 but WoW would AT LEAST make #2 and EVE would follow as #3.It's facts,not fanboism,that makes these 3 mmo titans hit the top 3 in any top 10 mmo list whatever the order you put em in.Rift would be a close 4th IMO,but on that I suppose opinion matters.You lot probably need to simmer down a lil about SWTOR being here though,it took a pretty good turn the last few months of 2012.But Neverwinter needs to gtfo the list,what PWE will NEVER learn is that a fully cashshopped rubbish of an endgame is not what the average player looks for in a game.
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Austin, TXPosts: 1,923Member Epic

    I started reading this list and then had to double check to make sure that I wasn't reading a "worst of" list.

    Cmon... SWTOR.  Seriously?  This game would need five years of updates and content patches to even come close to digging itself out of the pile of shit it's buried under.  I wouldn't play it again if they paid me to.. it'd be the worst job I ever held.

    TSW?  Combat is 99% of what every single player does in a gear treadmill MMO.  So if your combat is clunky and boring, then your game is clunky and boring.  No amount of "story" and "atmosphere" can save you through the boredom of clicking the shotgun icon 200 times a fight.  The really amusing part here is that they made combat really fun, visceral, gory and interesting in AoC... then totally screwed the pooch in TSW.  So weird.

    1.  EVE Online (The only real MMO, the rest are just gear treadmills with hilariously absurd 1980's era shoulder pads)

    2. Age of Conan (The only gear treadmill worth playing, and yes, after five years it's worth playing)

    3. Darkfall: UH (Ok, maybe this game is a real MMO too.  Just needs a decade of polish like EVE already has.  Unlike EVE, the community total garbage.)

    4. Age of Wushu (haven't had time to play it, but damn the concept is great)

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  • ChromeBallzChromeBallz Posts: 334Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by toxicmango
    Eve's growth is false growth.  With the majority of their users having 2 or more accounts, it gives a falsely inflated number.  Also there was the notable Incarna debacle aka Monoclegate that cost them many accounts.  Wooing back somebody who left is not growth.  That's just retention after a mea culpa.

    The amount of people using more than 1 account is always grossly overstated by outsiders...

    While the ratio may be higher for EVE it's nowhere near the "100%" many are claiming. Some time ago CCP released some numbers on this, "only" 20% of accounts are held by people with more than one account, the other 80% is one account per player.

    Also, even if so many people would have multiple accounts, it's growth is nothing to be sneezed at. There were less than ~40,000 subscribers in the first year... Unless people are claiming that those same 40,000 people have been playing for 10 years AND have 10 accounts each, it wouldn't make sense to attribute it's growth just to multiboxers.

    Playing: EVE, BDO
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    Tried: EQ, UO, AO, EnB, TCoS, Fury, Ryzom, EU, DDO, TR, RF, CO, Aion, VG, DN, Vindictus

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 4,998Member Rare
    And which of these MMOs isn't a total questathon?....This is why there aren't any great MMOs the past few years is every single MMO is focusing solely on questing......Even a game like TSW that so many think is soooo different from everything else, the entire game is about 98% questing....Come on already enough of this crap and give us some new worlds to explore before the genre dies.
  • xRegicidexxRegicidex MadridPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by Theocritus
    And which of these MMOs isn't a total questathon?....This is why there aren't any great MMOs the past few years is every single MMO is focusing solely on questing......Even a game like TSW that so many think is soooo different from everything else, the entire game is about 98% questing....Come on already enough of this crap and give us some new worlds to explore before the genre dies.

    the very first one on that list gw2 has no quests at all but operates in a constantly changing living story world you dumbass.every point you made here is invalid even in the eyes of an amateur and you don't seem to have any clue at all about what you're talking about here now do you?lmao.

  • JappaxxJappaxx OPORTOPosts: 3Member
    GW2 is by far the best  2k13 mmo !!!!!!!!!!!


    As gw1 active  player since 2k4,   GW2 do not deserve this, updates are getting worse WITH NO BUG FIXES, class, mechanics are getting duller from update to update, dev team cant see what is the problem with their game, THERES NO IMPROVEMENT to the game since its realease except the culling issues in World VS World VS World wich is the most imbalanced mode that could exist in the MMO's World.

    P.S fighthing the Dragon Boss is the same as fighting  a flash video!!!

    This game is equal to any other mmo with bad  development.


    GW1 development team  was far better than the one in GW2 !!!!

    I bet NCSOFT paying this results to

  • VladamyreVladamyre South Shore, KYPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    After reading this list of "best" games I had to laugh. All the games on here besides Eve, since I never tried it, suck.

    1. Dark Fail  part 2. The first one sucked, shouldn't have ever been allowed to make another.

    2. Age of Wushu. Oh look, its crouching tiger, something something high wire movie.

    3. Star Wars, the old recraplic.  A game that lost 75% of its playerbase in 6 months is considered a top game? How is this possible?

    4. The Secret World. Great concept of a game, but it was delivered as a car with square wheels. A complete clunkfest.

    5. Neverwinter. Its never get anywhere without paying lots of money on a cash shop.

    6. Guild Wars 2. The no endgame game. WvWvW is a complete joke and waste of time. Dungeons are too. There is no point in playing this game after hitting level 80.

    This list should've been the top suckiest sucks that have ever sucked. How any of these games are rated as a top game is beyond me. Rename this list to the top 6 failures of 2012-2013. Eve is the only game I can't give my opinion on since I never played it. The rest just suck.

    In a world of sharp knives, you would be a spoon.

  • kellendorkellendor hickory, NCPosts: 1Member
    RIFT   nothing else compares
  • adino32adino32 Long Beach, CAPosts: 25Member

    I can't really comment on the list because I have only played one game on that list.

    However, it is really sad how clueless the author of the article is in regards to Neverwinter.

    I doubt it should be on the top 7, but dude spend some time on it or get a person who actually played it for more than "20 minutes" to give you an accurate feel.

    There is nothing you can do if all you got is a 20 minute window.  NOTHING!  Check that... Up until last patch you could bypass 95% of three T2 dungeons using graphics glitches and fight the final boss to farm BIS equipment.  But they fixed that or so they say. 

    As for Foundry.  Unreal.  Foundry I suppose is a great way for new players to play but I would say 80% of the peeps lvl 60 do not play foundry at all.  Not even to get their 4k astral daily.

    You really have no idea what you are talking about and it is these types of articles that is giving MMORPG a bad name.  Do some homework man.

  • widginwidgin Providence, RIPosts: 11Member
    Originally posted by BillMurphy
    Originally posted by wizardelo
    where is Wildstar on the list, i cant believe neverwinter fail is here and wildstar isnt, i can only conclude that our Author did not have a change to play it and thus no opinion.

    WildStar's not even out yet. :P

    EQ Next wasn't being shown at E3 but you gave it best of show. Be consisent bro.

    I expected EQ Next to be in the #1 MMO spot.

    As far as Eve goes. I tried it and hated it.

    I had Insomnia until I started watching Eve streams on Twitchtv. Amazing cure. True story bro.



  • StaalBurgherStaalBurgher LondonPosts: 32Member Uncommon
    Reading the comments on here it becomes pretty clear why we don't have decent AAA-quality sandbox mmos to play. What I wouldn't give for a medieval sandbox without magic where player politics determine the story.
  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    I can't wait to see these forums once all the people pinning their hopes on ESO actually get to play it. 


    My popcorn is ready.

    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • h0tNstilettosh0tNstilettos Sedalia, MOPosts: 25Member
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn definitely needs to go on this list once it's out and they finish the list. The game is a juggernaut in terms of quality and potential and how good it already is in beta with many things locked out of beta.
  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    Replace swtor with anything

    Even scarlet bloody blade



    I agree ftp RIFT is a better choice

  • cgvarelacgvarela LisboaPosts: 2Member
    What a noob lista how can you say that guild wars 2 is number 1 you must play it or you just suck
  • cgvarelacgvarela LisboaPosts: 2Member
    What a noob lista how can you say that guild wars 2 is number 1 you must play it or you just suck
  • KilmarKilmar Bad SodenPosts: 844Member

    Its TSW for me by a large margin. Best quests ever, EVER, great combat system, dungeons, graphics, story. Just a little too short.

    GW2 on the other side is the worst MMO I ever spent money for.

    I played the SWTOR addon until I finished the Story, then I quitted. I didn't play the Rift addon at all, but I loved the original game.

  • FoxKindleFoxKindle Clinton Township, MIPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    I have to go with Gigat on his review, that guy's a real true gamer.

    GW2 for #1 - Pure Quality

    Eve for #2 - Deserves to be in this spot

    TSW for #3 - Unique & Innovative

    WOW for #4 - Still one of my favorites but the fun factor is dwindling

    Rift for #5 - Quality

    SWTOR for #6 - This game is not as bad as others would have you believe.

    Age Of Wushu for #7 - F2p, fun factor & Quality


    A true list from a true gamer.


  • Merlin73Merlin73 St. KildaPosts: 9Member

    Not trying to be mean but if NW makes the list so should Diablo3. It's an extremely linear experience in terms of game play and character development. It is also severely lacking in social areas.


    My list would be (Based on games that have made significant content patches this year):

    1. DDO - Excellent graphical update and a granular character building experience. One of the best dungeon crawling MMO's out there (if you're not into instances though it's not for you).
    2. Tera - in terms of action gaming this really sets the bar. If you like a twitchier MMO it's a great game and free.
    3. TSW - Extremely underrated (really a victim of anti Funcom vendetta's and being a niche setting). Some of the best instances I've played in.
    4. Rift - most consistently improved game I know of.
    5. GW2 - This is a great consolidation of many of the best MMO concepts of the last 3 years though it lacks a little flavour for me.
    6. EVE - It's a great sandbox and has had excellent patches. It's a ruthless game though and while I'd hate it made more accessible it's really not a game to start playing now if you've never played it before - unless you know people who are already playing it and have been for some time. 
    7. WoW - Decent updates to what is an old game. It looks very good for it's age but coming back after playing some newer games and the combat mechanics really does start feel old and tired. Still a very good game especially given it's age. It has the most content available of any MMO (as it should)
    8. (Just outside of my top 7) - SWTOR. Yes it's a WoW clone but I would argue it's a pretty good one. It could have been so much more but it is a fun game and has had some significant improvements. The F2P model could have had better implementation but the alignment system is excellent as is the story telling. It has a sense of humour that more successful titles seem to lack (GW2). If it weren't for the sheer amount of things to do in WoW this would have made my top 7 ahead of it.
    Edit: Swapped WoW & Eve around - Eve's a better game and has had an equally good update.
  • denryche29denryche29 Cinncinati, OHPosts: 1Member

    I currently play:

    FFXIV Reborn, TSW, GW2 and Rift. I liked SWTOR, I just wish it hadn't had the glitches it had :/

    Now, keep in mind..

    1. You really can't bitch, if your opinion is that, a game you haven't even played isn't on a BEST MMO list ..

    2. You can't discount SWTOR if you're not even into the Star Wars franchise from the get-go, and this goes without even saying that it's mechanics and features work MUCH better than the current SWG do! For those that remember SWG gameplay YEARS ago, it had thE best ingame community etc..but then SOE decided to change some things about the game, simply because they hosted it..and they ruined it! Completely!

    3. WoW is a dead-end MMO. People who don't care much for EARNING what they have in an online game play it. The amount of gold spammers, griefers, self-proclaimed L33T players whos thought OF L33T is running around the game nude, in starting areas and one-hitting mobs and then asking for free shit, and lastly, if you're not disappointed enough by the greedy folks who have destroyed this games economy by pricing items on the AH for about 10x plus the going rate, you generally just find very rude people on any server! The games graphics have not, nor will they EVER change, which makes the game out-dated (mind you, I firmly believe, that there's no way to change the graphics of WoW without changing the entire game - have we learned nothing from DAoC?) For the most part, the only people who would still vote for this game as a 'BEST MMO', are the narrow-minded twerps who have yet to actually try their hand at something new out of fear they'd be treated the same way they treat other people!

    4. GW2 was massively anticipated, though, I'm honestly not sure if they were more anticipated than FFXIV Reborn (which surprised even the developers due to the fall of the original FFXIV) But, alas, the game is damned near solid!

    5. EVE, hmm..well, to my own dismay, the rise in PvP gaming is best represented by EVE, it IS afterall, a TRUE sandbox game, offering TRUE and unique character customization, basically open-world PvP (in space lower than 0.5 sec.) where players even govern null sec. space! (which is 0.0 sec.). I enjoyed the game VERY much, BUT, I hated the extreme amount of politics in that game. But, just because I didn't like it doesn't mean it's not worth playing..the game offers a LOT that some other games try to offer, but don't quite bring to the table like EVE does. The game certainly keeps ya on your feet!

    6. TSW is awesome..imagine a game where every tabloid were true! Every myth or governmental conspiracy, were true! And then add in the freedom of COMPLETELY repeatable quests / missions (with the ONLY exception being the storyline missions). The game offers absolute immersion OF the game! Truly allowing for any and every character / player to feel as though they're actually there! That's the poo!!

    7. Neverwinter and Age of Wushu..tried them, just couldn't keep myself interested in these games for any longer than about 10 minutes each, in fairness, I won't comment further about them, bein I just wasn't able to immerse myself in them long enough to post anything of value about them! :/

    * Now, mind you, I've been an online gamer for about 19 + years now. I've truly played most of, if not everything that's out or on the MMO market. I could continue my opinions per each game..but let's be honest, just because I, myself, don't like a game, for whatever reason, does NOT mean, that any of the other billions of people in this world would disagree per what they look for in a game! conclusion. Might I suggest, instead of searching for BEST MMO lists, you actually go to a games main homesite and research a bit about the game, and then possibly check out Youtube videos of said games in order to SEE the gameplay, and then perhaps TRY THE GAME yourself, before believing someone else..I mean, unless you enjoy having your lives dictated by others who don't know you or your game preferences personally?

    I believe that's all I have to say for now..flame and troll if you like..but I really didn't post to be an asshole..nor do I actually care whether anyone here liked or didn't like what I had to say. I posted to point a few things out, the more intelligent few of you will notice the things I've pointed out, the rest of you will get pissy and log back in to WoW, generally, after you've hung-up on your wife who's lookin for back-owed child support checks and waiting for you to sign the divorce papers,before you scream downstairs to your mother to make you a sandwich..and all this, around the precise time you decide to reach for that empty milk jug you strategically placed under your desk, because for some reason, you just don't feel the amount of time it takes for the game to load, gives you ample time to make it back from actually walking to the bathroom in time to watch the opening cinematic for the million'th time - like other adult men your age! Ah well..good luck with that! Toodles all! ;)

  • ZirconiaZirconia Las Vegas, NVPosts: 9Member
    Originally posted by ZombieKen
    Originally posted by Coolit
    Not what I would have, for starters SWTOR and Darkfall wouldn't be on the list but RiFT would be.


    I agree, RIFT bumped by SWTOR?  I don't think so.

    Ditto. Rift is a glaring omission.

    I also still have a soft spot for Runes of Magic, which many have overlooked, despite the high quality old-school MMORPG gameplay. If you liked the original EverQuest, you'd love RoM. A lot of ex-WoW players love it, too. The price is certainly right. :)

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