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[Column] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Saying Goodbye to Beta 3



  • DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Zeppelin4
    Originally posted by BadSpock
    The most worthwhile comment I can give is that I had more fun and used more long-acquired skills in the first 3 dungeons of ARR than I have since Burning Crusade WoW.  

    You have me interested with this comment. BC and before is when Wow was at the top of its game. I signed up for beta 4 with the hopes of getting to try it out first hand. Anyone know if there is going to be a open beta?  When is FF14 going to launch?

    Phase 4 is open beta, and the official launch date is augest 27. There will be an early access if you preorder the colecters edition though. Early access is around 5 days it seems.


    Phase 4 is only gona be for 1 week, but character data gets carried over. It wont start any earlier than Aug 9th.

  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAPosts: 648Member Uncommon
    I loved the beta. This will be my new home alongside Guild Wars 2 as a filler.
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon

    I wouldn't get too excited for Beta 4. If it's going to be a full on Open everyone and their mother come download the game and play beta. This is going to be baaad.

    I will be shocked if anyone is even able to download the client let alone actually play.

  • lukazmlukazm buenos airesPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    So this is the first post i ever do in any review of this page, but this time i must say something... The combat seems very slow at the start, not that much of skills to use and, above that, you have the global cooldown... But everything changes at higher levels, even my gladiator with lvl 30 used a lot of nice skills from my conjurer lvl 25 and my marauder lvl 20 wich made the combat more enjoyable, there are even skills that have their own cooldown, things are a lot different when you have some jobs at high levels and can customize the skills of every job as you like. I think the lot of you should play the game from start to last before anything else, otherwise you don't have the right to say anything just because you played the first 20 levels of one class...
    EDIT: I just found i posted something 3 years ago in another review... God time really pass by...
  • WolfhammerWolfhammer KetteringPosts: 806Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Blackaftermath
    if we were in beta 3, does this mean we will automatically have access to beta 4?

     Beta 4 is open beta..  The whole world has access !!

  • spidiispidii Bozeman, MTPosts: 99Member Uncommon
    I'm hoping they announce sooner than the live letter for those of us who want to take days off and need ample time to do so. Phase 4 is a "soft release" after all.
  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 A galaxy far far awayPosts: 1,063Member Uncommon
    Like many others, I am looking forward to this game.
  • zyklonianzyklonian el paso, TXPosts: 51Member Uncommon
    square plz take my money and let me play 
  • TamanousTamanous Edmonton, ABPosts: 2,417Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by dontadow
    The game's combat and "story" content is pretty boring until level 10 maybe 15 or so.  I told my wife, it's going to be hard for people to stick with it that long.  Wish more game companies would implore the GW2 technique of starting the game off with a bang, instead i nearly quit a good game because i had to kill sheep for a an hour. 

    Starting things off with a bang is one reason I hated GW2. It offered it's world up like an action game instead of a roleplaying game ... and then you find out the rpg angle of the game sucks.

    You stay sassy!

  • mysticalunamysticaluna Scotia, NYPosts: 265Member Uncommon

    Open beta is the one way to ensure a true stress test. Sure, it will be bad and hard to download/log in, but that's entire the point.  It's free and it should ensure that when you start paying for a subscription you can actually log in and play on a non-crashing server... 

    I can't wait for this game, it looks really fun!! ~ 

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