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New Site Design and Layout Comments / Suggestions Thread



  • rlmccoy1987rlmccoy1987 Raymond, MSPosts: 1,722Member

    Originally posted by HerculesSAS

    This is probably the worst designed and laid out site I've been to in a LONG time. And they use a dead technology to run the site (coldfusion). Please, switch over the software, migrate your junk and use something that actually works (faster). If you have TABLES in your HTML, you are a noob.


    Problem is, the site using ColdFusion just randomly bogs down to where it almost times out.  You try to load a page and you stuck for up to 30 seconds waiting for the page to load.  Reported this issue months ago, but people just blamed it on my internet or computer, even though this is the only website that bogs down like that.

  • EkibiogamiEkibiogami Clear Lake, TXPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    Why did yall change the code for the Reply window?? Its so Borked now its almost inposable ro Quote people.

    Sometimes it works fine.

    Sometimes it Will not let me out of the Quote.

    Sometimes It Will not Let me IN to the Quote...

    Honestly. Whats up? What Browser is this Site being Designed for?image

    Although I will say Thank You for Fixing the Poll Button issue I had Before. image

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  • cosycosy ColentinaPosts: 3,228Member Uncommon

    the new comments layout for news section is confussing it look like a blog but u cant post comments like on blogs u must singin then you get the same news on forum section and you see the same comments on a thread

    this is quite confussing

    BestSigEver :P

  • lokiboardlokiboard Posts: 225Member Uncommon

    How about you ask the poll of the day AFTER we log in and give/ let us read the results then.......This login to vote and then have it disappear is LAME!

  • RavbekRavbek LondonPosts: 11Member

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, probably has.


    I'd like for you to add a section where each of your members could fill in which games they play, actively, casually, used to, with maybe a few other parameters. This would give you a nice amount of data so that you could estimate which games have the market majority...ok so we know it's WoW but it would be nice to see this.


    I know there are other sites out there but we trust MMORPG :D



    EDIT:- OK just found where I can add my played and playing games so I guess I should have looked there a compiled list somewhere?

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  • StonekirbyStonekirby Smyrna, GAPosts: 8Member

    My problem is the extreme lag from the game list.  My suggestion is that you organize with alphabetic/numeric catergories as well has having a "complete list" option. An option for removing the "awaiting information" from your user page would be nice, and another option to disable or enable the "watch this thread" instead of remembering to hit that box everytime.  And finally, an option of "not planning to plan" on the game list.

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  • AntaranAntaran LeedsPosts: 579Member

    As the hype for games is flawed due to the people not interested and the trolls etc being able to hype it a low score or those wanting their favourite upcoming game to be rated higher (through previously mentioned methods of lowering scores for other games) how about this idea as it solves 2 issues i have noticed.

    Game hype should be judged by activity in its forum, not counting 1-8 word posts but the ones that contain some decent comments wether critical or praising, this would keep the trolling down in the forums themselves by those who simply name call then leave and it would be a more accurate way of doing the hype meter for games (not superbly accurate but more accurate than random people going through rating all games wether their interested or not).

    Just food for thought.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,543Member Rare

    Pardon me bumping an old thread, but this appears to be the proper place to file a bug report. Some of these may have been previously reported, I apologize for double posting if they were, but my quick searches for the topics reveal no discussion.

    If you have the non-javascript text editor (BBML (all browsers)), all of the icons for text formatting that appear just above the edit box (italics, bold, link, etc) show up as broken links.

    Additionally, if you have a broken bbml tag (say an open bold tag with no closed tag), it breaks all of the bbml tags on that entry, rather than what most forums do: either ignore the mismatched tag, or print only the mismatched tag as plain text and parse the rest of the tags correctly.

  • StonekirbyStonekirby Smyrna, GAPosts: 8Member

    Well, I think it would be much better if this thread was moved or split.  It doesn't seem to be getting any attention at all, and others just continue to make new threads about it.

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  • gimmekeygimmekey Montreal, QCPosts: 117Member


  • ExzearExzear StockholmPosts: 65Member Uncommon

    the thing i really think needs an update is the part that many people come here for, finding a game. when you search for a game i think there should be options.. atm the optioins you hvae suck.. i wanted the option for full loot and sandbox since that is something im trying sooo hard to find.. a new good pvp full loot sandbox game.. 

    im sure other people agree on this. u cant find anything there and i jsut noticed those 2 while i was going to try and search for a game afew days ago.. 


    plz fix that, other then that i love this site and have always done so!

  • xDracxDrac EuropePosts: 196Member Uncommon
    So when exactly is this coming? Soon is already over! :/

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  • runescapemanlgrunescapemanlg Birmingham, ALPosts: 3Member
    You need to put as much effort in revamping the moderation on this site and your customer service.

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  • BTrayaLBTrayaL BucharestPosts: 624Member Uncommon
    I think you should THINK before putting any advertising waaay larger than common decency would allow, in the front page. My browser freezes for about 30 seconds while loading some bullshit World of Tanks video I don't care about. I have been a daily-user of for some years, and never used an ad blocker. That changes now.

    If your site doesn't care about the user's confort, I don't care about your revenue.

  • SwoleSwole San Marcos, TXPosts: 5Member

    I think the site needs another revamp. I've been following this site for years now but just recently decided to make an account. 


    I love this site SO much so please take these comments as constructive criticism:

    The site looks unprofessional. The ever-changing background (obviously paid for by various game designers to promote their games) is a major part of what makes the site look unprofessional. The site needs its own background; one that doesn't change; one that makes us gamers feel like we're in the ultimate "game world" reading about all of the various MMOs out there. 

    The navigation bar needs a revamp. There's too many tabs and the tabs don't stand out. If I was visiting this site for the first time I'd immediately feel a bit of information overload from how many buttons and tabs there are. I'd think, "where do I start?!," and possibly just go find a different website.  


    The UI needs to be organized and smooth. It looks like yall didnt know how to create a site map, so yall just crammed everything onto the navigation bar and tons of buttons down the rest of the page.  Go to the site's homepage and scroll up and down it without stopping. Scroll Up down up down up down, and all the blur you see is yellow links. Nothing but links, links, links links links links links, and it never ends. Where's the content?? There's so little content on the home page.... just links to get to the content, but none of it is organized.  

    The site is missing something. There's two things any complex site needs.  

    1) complexity

    2) simplicity

    All sites need a lot of content (complexity), presented in a simple manor (simplicity).  


    Don't assume I'm an Apple fanboy just because I'm about to use Apple as an example, but honestly, be real, Apple's got their shit together. Go check out their site and notice how simple it is, yet the complexity is still there. They've done a great job on the UI.  There's SO many things to look at on their site, but it's organized in such a manor that I dont feel like there's any "information overload" when I visit their site and look around.  But, when I visit this site & imagine it as being my 1st time visiting, there's a huge amount of information overload. Way too many things happening on the home page and way too many links to actually go read them all. When you visit Apple's homepage there's no information overload and I have no problem reading every single link on the page to figure out where I want to go, but when I visit this site I'm like, "there's no way I'm reading all of these links... I hope the one I'm looking for is within the first 20 links I read or I'm not reading any more."  


    -Moving on-


    Homepage sections: 

    "Our Latest Features" needs to be changed to a slideshow with photo links rather than a list of yellow links to click.  It should be like a slideshow with 5-7 images and you click each image to go to the link, rather than clicking words like "MMOFTW News Recap - July 27th, 2013."   


    "Current Forum Activity" I'd like to see this section removed from the homepage. That should be a section within the Forum link on the navigation bar, not an entire box on the homepage. It's out of place. The homepage should represent the website and what it offers, not have all of the content on the homepage. The homepage should be a preview of the site and it's content, but not literally a preview, like the current box we're talking about. It's like someone took things a little "too" literal. Like as if I said "break my leg why dontcha," and then some guy breaks my leg, and then I think "are you kidding me? I didnt mean literally do it."  That's what I'm talking about. Create a preview of the site's content on the homepage without literally giving a real preview with a  bunch of links.  So, how about I get a little more specific so you know what I'm talking about? Add a "Forums" button to the navigation bar. DONE. There's your preview. The homepage shows a preview of the site's forum content simply by having a "Forum" link on the navigation bar. Now you've successfully shown 1st time visitors that the site has a forum. That's all they need to know. (I could keep on talking about this topic but I'm going to move on)


    There's something important that all website designers need to know. A website's homepage should never be so complex that visitors spend more than a few seconds on it. Visitors should come to the homepage, immediately see the navigation bar popping out, and then click one of the tabs to navigate to EXACTLY what they came to find out.  People generally visit websites for a very specific reason, so the navigation bar should be the place that gets them to that very specific place.  As-is, the site has all of the "specific reasons" laid out across the entire homepage rather than within the nav bar.  

    What I'm trying to explain is very difficult because I've never had to explain this before, but hopefully you're getting what I'm saying. Visitors should only spend about 5-30 seconds on the homepage, but as is, first time visitors might have to spend about 5 minutes to scan over the whole homepage and read every single word to try and figure out where it is they need to go and which link to click.  If there were only 10 links, first time visitors would be able to get to where they needed to go much much quicker. But instead, there's 100 links on the homepage and first time viewers are probably mindfucked & thinking "whoa, so many links, which one do I read first? WHERE DO I START?"  

    The homepage is simply *too much*.  And the sitemap needs a complete revamp. There's way too much complex organization on the site. It needs to be "simple" organization, with complex content within it. 


    Again, I remind you that I'm a huge fan of this site & have been visiting it for years now, but just now decided to make an account. Don't take my comments harshly, I'm only trying to help by giving my honest opinion. I could keep going but this post I'm typing was a little more time consuming than I expected to I'm having to stop about 1/4th through what I initially intended to say. 

  • RudderRudder Alexander, ARPosts: 80Member Uncommon
    I've been wondering why I'm not getting any messages - I've discovered the reason is there's no way to submit the correct CAPTHA answers. 15 times I tried and failed; I might just quit coming to this website over stupid stuff like this supposed security feature.
  • gatherisgatheris Leslie, MIPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon

    very nice

    less cluttered - feels smooth/slick



  • jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon
    The FFXIV banner is causing lag on the site.  Hope that's not a bad omen.

  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,163Administrator Rare
    Originally posted by jesad
    The FFXIV banner is causing lag on the site.  Hope that's not a bad omen.

    Can you explain this a bit more?

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  • VrikaVrika FinlandPosts: 3,724Member Rare

    I think your "From around the web" -feature has a bit too much softcore pornography on it:

  • SandricSandric Austin, TXPosts: 103Member Uncommon
    I think i might be helpful/ informative if the game list had a 'game announcement' date along with the release date.  Mainly to help give an idea of development time, if its in development hell, etc.   Nothing huge just something small to help when I am randomly looking at games to give me an idea of what to expect.

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  • vickyjohn1vickyjohn1 indiaPosts: 7Member
    according to me, the website background color should be changed.. its too dark and the words cannot be read  easily..

  • C_GlassC_Glass That one place, MEPosts: 29Member

    I will have to echo what another user said, this website needs a revamp and a new look. Compared to other gaming websites this one feels like a relic, and why the heck is that humor section even still there? That thing has been showing me the same unfunny comics for the past few YEARS (it's most definitely the sort of unnecessary clutter you want to get rid of too).


    But the website needs further simplification, compared to most other gaming websites there is a stark difference, this one feels like it's still stuck in 2007.    

  • RaithierRaithier Unknown, CAPosts: 11Member

    I have to say I really like the functionality and available features of the site. Honestly if I had more time, I would use the blogging features.


    Always liked it, thank you.

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  • dalewjdalewj woburn, MAPosts: 94Member Uncommon

    With todays change you might want to work on the read-more lines in the main stories. we only need a paragraph of each on the front page

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