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Six Most Addictive Games of All Time



  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowMember Posts: 1,016






    Space invaders


    Most simple games were the most addictive.

  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastMember Posts: 1,883 Uncommon
    triple town

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  • DeVoDeVoDeVoDeVo OuthereMember Posts: 103 Uncommon

    The only games I absolutely could not stop playing were The Legend of Zelda (NES) and the Wizardry (Sir-Tech) series.

  • fivorothfivoroth LondonMember Posts: 3,904 Uncommon

    These are the most addicting ones for me in no particular order.

    Mortal Kombat





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  • highheelgamerhighheelgamer United States, MOMember Posts: 6

    Wow some great responses and some awesome games listed!  Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!  


  • HycooHycoo OsloMember Posts: 217

    1. Dota

    2. Civ series

    3. Heroes of Might and Magic  II & III (Hot Seat)

    4. TES series

    5. Diablo series

    6. Vanilla WoW


  • spades07spades07 YesMember Posts: 847 Uncommon

    Sorry- WoW shouldn't be amongst that list the OP mentioned. (like what the Street Fighter guy argued) Any of Blizzard's other games though!

  • DrigusDrigus Syracuse, NYMember Posts: 50 Common
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    CnC Renegade.

    Same here. Thinking of buying the C&C collection just for Renegade.

  • fivorothfivoroth LondonMember Posts: 3,904 Uncommon
    Originally posted by spades07
    Sorry- WoW shouldn't be amongst that list the OP mentioned. (like what the Street Fighter guy argued) Any of Blizzard's other games though!

    Why not?

    Mission in life: Vanquish all trolls - especially TESO, WOW and GW2 trolls.

  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAMember Posts: 648 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nadia
    Originally posted by Icewhite
    No Space Invaders, no Donkey Kong, no Q* Joust. I am disappointed. I know where my quarters were disappearing in the early 80s, not one of those games the op mentioned.

    I sunk more quarters into pinball during early 80s -- and Gauntlet w friends

    Hell yes to this.  +1 . Im actually thinking of  building an  emulation arcade  in  my   home.  If only  I  could get the ol ball and  chain  to  comply  lol.

  • MadatanMadatan PiteMember Posts: 180 Uncommon
    Football Manager... I spend about 800h/year on that.
  • DocBrodyDocBrody EldridgeMember Posts: 1,926 Uncommon




  • DalanonDalanon Member Posts: 126 Uncommon
    My list.
    Final fantasy 4,6,7
    Super metroid
    Most zelda titles

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  • BraindomeBraindome Member Posts: 940 Uncommon

    My picks:

    Phantasy Star Online


    Mario Kart

    Diablo 2

    Quake 3: Arena


  • spades07spades07 YesMember Posts: 847 Uncommon

    my mistake I misread.
    Akthough not sure it's so addictive as time-intensive. But it probably is addictive if people really got a hunger to log in every day.

  • tixylixtixylix gfff, TNMember Posts: 1,252 Uncommon

    If I look at my hours....


    - Counter Strike

    - Roller Coaster Tycoon

    - Sim City

    - Black and White

    - F1 2010-2012

    - Team Fortress 2


    Funnily enough I've never played any MMO for more than 220 hours since I've recorded my time in 2004. In fact I've only played EQ2 for 220hours (not including the beta) and the nearest MMO to that was WAR with 20-30...

    I know I played SWG, PS and EQ for much longer though. 

  • simsalabim77simsalabim77 Somewhere, CAMember Posts: 1,381 Rare
    #1 Candy Crush Saga
  • livewenlivewen Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 7 Uncommon

    Nick Danger: HACK, 1st addiction, watchout for your previous incarnations.

    Diablo 1n2n3

    Alpha Centauri: Planetary Pack, invade the alien indians

    Colonization, invade the indigeneous population indians

    Privateer 1&2, I want to sell living sentients, and I want to be Lev Arris, Clive Owen, and deal with Malcom MacDowell, Mr. Rourke

    CHEYENNE, by Exidy 1984


  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAMember Posts: 2,409 Uncommon
    Mine are WoW, Unreal Tournament 2004 (so many MODS!!!), Neverwinter Nights, and League of Legends.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAMember Posts: 5,235 Rare

    Originally posted by loot613
    The most addictive franchise to me has to be the one you could identify with this one line and you know what I'm talking about. "Just one more turn." - Civilization

    Yup - I lost entire days to this one. Start playing Thursday, look up and it's Sunday evening, I missed school on Friday, and the entire weekend is gone. Very common...

  • VladamyreVladamyre South Shore, KYMember Posts: 225 Uncommon

    Earlier in this thread I listed Dark Age of Camelot and Tecmo Super Bowl, and didn't list anything else. Well its time to actually put some games into it.

    1. Dark Age of Camelot

    2. Tecmo Super Bowl

    3. WcW vs NWO World Tour

    4. Mario Kart

    5.A three way tie. WcW vs NWO Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy 64

    6. Goldeneye

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  • alstreamalstream Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 14
    Sims... I have played it for a three months in my all free time. I stoped just becouse my friend had car accident and then I realize that real life is more important  :)
  • Tindale111Tindale111 croydonMember Posts: 206 Uncommon
    and not one person so far has admitted being addicted to Pokémon     anyway EQ! EQ2 pokemon football manager ultima series and the wizardry series (not the mmo)                                                                                               
  • AntipathyAntipathy SouthamptonMember Posts: 1,362



    Total war series

    World of Warcraft

    League of Legends

    Magic the Gathering (the card game, not the computer game)

  • jesadjesad Member Posts: 869 Uncommon

    Test Drive (the early versions)


    Fantasy Star II

    Warlords II (cause I can only pick one of them)

    Heroes of Might and Magic (known affectionately in my house as just Heroes)

    Everquest (cause I just keep going back)


    That was hard to keep down to 6.

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