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EQ1 Players server ROLL CALL



  • MacmornMacmorn Bangor, MEPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Innoruuk Server



     Aegis Spirits..guild

    Lost Souls of Glaznor..guild

  • FascinezFascinez Pineville, LAPosts: 12Member
    Many characters.  One server for 8 wonderful years.  Firiona Vie
  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon

    trongar and strongbad of Xegony here :)

    primus nocte guild for about 4 years

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

    Currently Playing EVE, DFUW

    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.

    Dwight D Eisenhower

    My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

    Henry Rollins

  • AcidonAcidon behind you..Posts: 795Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Darksunrise
    Server: Sullon Zek Diety PvP Best server Ever!!
    Guild: Hate
    Class: Shadow Knight
    Name: Darksunrise
    Shout out to Speed the best Bard ever!!

    I was on Sullon Zek from day one of its opening.  Was known as "Worm" then some trigger happy GM changed my name during one of my deaths .. I petitioned to get it back as it did not violate any rules and that's what I was known as on the heavily used forum for Sullon Zek.

    While they agreed that they were in the wrong by changing my name, they claimed it would be impossible to give the name back to me..  That was the first time I was genuinely pissed by EQ / SOE.



  • darksaber8570darksaber8570 holland, MIPosts: 30Member Uncommon


    fenin ro server

  • GholosGholos GenovaPosts: 209Member

    Server: Xegony------> Antonious Bayle

    Character Name: Veteran Gholos Headsmonger

    Race: Ogre

    Class: Warrior

    Guild: United Kingdoms


    "Brute force not work? It because you not use enought of it"
    -Karg, Ogryn Bone'ead.

  • isslingissling San Francisco, CAPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    Server- Test

    Char - Tink bard

                Ruggrim Ogre Shaman

  • qlokwerk10qlokwerk10 Ottawa, ONPosts: 1Member

    Innoruuk server


    Zeffek, DE Wiz, Order or the Black Staff

    Nintarri II, WE Bard, Silent Justice

    Qlok Werk, Lizard Monk, Silent Justice

  • bayanmerkidbayanmerkid Halifax, NSPosts: 6Member

    Server Tarew Marr

    Dwalin - Gnome Warrior - Gnomish Battalion, I was in The Syndicate for awhile too

    Bartn - Gnome Cleric - Guild Leader of Gnomish Battalion

    Taxed - Gnome Rogue - Gnomish Battalion

  • kjempffkjempff AarhusPosts: 1,196Member Uncommon

    EQ1 Mithaniel Marr (later Saryrn): Dazedda (de enc), Majestie s'Fool (iks bl) - mostly <Illumanati>

    EQ1 progression server: Wayle (ogr sk), Whayle (ogr bl) - mostly <Echoes of Elysium>

    EQ2 Forgot server name(later Runnyeye): Dazedda (de coercer) - <Rebirth>

    Hail to all Norrathians and old friends.

  • KorelinKorelin South Berwick, MEPosts: 1Member Common


    Korelin Dorlomin, Barbarian Warrior

    Cerrasu De'Laren, Halfling Rogue

    Guild: Shadowed Soul


    Played from release till shortly after Luclin.

  • GholosGholos GenovaPosts: 209Member
    Sorry for the necro threading, but someone that could have miss this post, could be interested in sign in.


    "Brute force not work? It because you not use enought of it"
    -Karg, Ogryn Bone'ead.

  • Fuel68Fuel68 Sacramento, CAPosts: 41Member


    Mithaniel Marr  -  Lumie High Elf Cleric (Afterlife)

    Test Server -  Gabbi/Gnoogie Gnome Cleric (Lords of Chaos)

    ...great memories!

  • gkslashgkslash Springfield, MOPosts: 27Member

    Made an account just to post in this thread. :)

    I didn't see a lot of people from Tunare, but someone may remember me.

    I started on Quellious, moved to Antonious Bayle at one point, and ended up on Tunare before I quit completely. 

    Last 2 guilds I was in before I quit were "Sleepers" and "Talisman".


    Trinitium - DE Shadowknight - Main

    Meela - BB Shaman - 2box

    Rizinx Dragnier - HalfE Paladin

    Xstorm Rising - WE Druid - 3box

    Ronlo Iliaco - DE Necromancer

    Laww - WE Ranger


    Looking forward to EQN, but I don't think it will bring those FEELS back. :)

  • VocadiVocadi SH, MIPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    Hardly any Bertox folks :(

    I was Septiva - Wood Elf Ranger on Bertoxxulous. Played from the start then quit sometime after SOL. I would love to login again but I lost my info.

  • kastakasta Mineola, TXPosts: 512Member
    Bogwomp Bixiedeth halfling druid and Saralenie human cleric (known as Pinkie and the Bog) on Karana server.  "Have druid, will travel.  Have cleric, will rez."  Used to dual box.
  • RogoshRogosh MIPosts: 206Member Uncommon
    Rogosh EagleEye - barbarian warrior Rodcet Nife

    "Its better to look ugly and win than pretty and lose"

  • RydesonRydeson Canton, OHPosts: 3,852Member Uncommon

    Rodcet Nife

    My Druid was my main, but had man alts as well.. 

  • steelheartxsteelheartx Biloxi, MSPosts: 434Member Uncommon


    Seventh Hammer

    Barbarian Warrior

    Guild: Grievance


    Looking for a family that you can game with for life? Check out Grievance at !

  • KadieKadie New ForestPosts: 1Member
    Originally posted by Khaunshar
    The Nameless:   Khaunshar, Shadow Knight Guilds: Remedy, Legacy of Steel (yes, the AoW one)

    So I'm trawling the boards, I usually just lurk and never bothered signing up. what do I see? A blast from the past!

    Long time no see sir, hope you're well :)


    Drinal: Klaria (Magician), Caria (Enchanter) — Guilds:  Cats in Hats, Vice, few others

    Maelin Starpyre: Kadie (Magician), Caria (Enchanter) — Guild: Remedy


    p.s. apologies for necroing the thread.

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon

    Everquest 1

    -(original account) Flent Nsteel  dorf  cleric. Innoruuk  server

     - (final character) Oricius Bedlam human paladin founding guild leader of Mithril Storm.., Tarrew Marr


    Everquest 2

    Oricius Bedlam human paly  Karana server.

  • DracomonDracomon Alexandra HeadlandPosts: 30Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by baphamet
      Originally posted by kinido
    Vallon Zek anyone? :]
        Was a nice little Shaman named Haitu. Knew basically everyone cause of Pandemonium haha.  


    i was on that server but can't say that i remember you, i was also a shaman (phatnugz) in the guild infectus, the best purist team guild on the server. :)


    Phatnugz, as soon as i saw that name it rung a bell. I was a fairly new Shadowknight in that guild in the last few months before EQ2/WoW came along. Being from Australia i didn't get to hang out a whole lot with everyone.

    But i'm sure i must've watched you Bear it up in a group a few times...... Maybe in PoH, or maybe it was few LDON's

    Dougal? was that the leaders name?

    I leveled up in a newbie Darkie guild called Obsidian Empire before joining Infectus at 65.

    Darkie all the way..........Death to Aerist, DDW and X teamers.

    I think some of the last things i did with Infectus was help a few guys with getting ready for Emp Ssra. 




    Vallon Zek


  • MorclaveMorclave Arkadelphia, ARPosts: 13Member

    Lonian Winterwolf, Wood Elf Hierophant.

    Test Server, first line of defense against new content.

    United Realms and Primal Brood.

    Always a pleasure.

  • stromp45stromp45 willamsburg, OHPosts: 158Member Uncommon

    byrd  war on bb

    guild :  spawn of veeshan

  • rosleckrosleck Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    Bravehart, Stromm server Cleric.
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