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Q&A Paul Sage - Elder Scrolls Online



  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by Rhonen
    Hiya Paul, 1) I for one do not use anything that even resembles Facebook or Twitter.  Any chance you could do some contests in normal forums?   2) Any chance to purchase a litho of the Frey that is signed by all the developers?   3) Can I have a Beta invite? :D   Thanks.   Ratero.

    1) I am sure we'll spread out our contests. I think those are just sites where we announce them. <insert plug for> here. And also, you should meet our community team, they are awesome.

    2) I wouldn't even begin to know how to put a price on that. But maybe there will be a contest... </ducks>

    3) If I had a dollar...

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by Llogwey
    Question :  You mentionned in a german interview that you could choose 5 guilds per player acount, but you did not say how many characters we could create for a single acount . Could you please tell us the max limit of characters we can create?   Thanks in advance Llogwey, a french fan :)

    You know, we're actually still debating on the final number. So no, I don't really know.

  • NecrofadeNecrofade Sandwich, ILPosts: 2Member

    Regarding the 50+ and the 50++ can you give us any details on how that's going to play story wise? A lot of people are worried it's going to feel very odd playing another alliances quests if they exactly the same and the quests help them out.

    Also with only 2 healing trees within the game do you think players will have enough choice and variety when i comes to being a healer.

  • telvanniwizardlordtelvanniwizardlord wilmington, NCPosts: 2Member
    Hey Paul,

    I know you will be able to use staffs to cast magic will there be other ways such as scrolls or with your hand like in Skyrim.

  • EonsofpainEonsofpain Toronto, ONPosts: 1Member

    Hello Mr. Sage,

    I have been wondering whether or not TESO will have a variety of different gears for players to use at endgame. In many MMORPGs, the endgame is basically all rogues using a certain dagger, all knights using a certain blade, all mages use a certain staff, because those particular gears are just that much better than the rest. So my question is, in terms of gear, will there be a wide variety that people would use for endgame?

    Thank you in advance.

  • BromjunaarBromjunaar Avoca, NEPosts: 2Member

    Hi and thanks for taking the time to do this. 

    My question is: How will the leveling of your class/racial skill lines work? I know that for leveling armor/weapon, you need to equip the item but how would those level?

  • thesigalthesigal charlotte, NCPosts: 2Member

    Mr. Sage,


    I have been trying to find information about the nightblade but have come up short. Could you give us a peak into the nightblade class that wasnt already released?

  • NavhkrinNavhkrin IstanbulPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Will there be legandaries that takes months to find or will they drop rarely from monsters
  • TheMostManlyManTheMostManlyMan San Antonio, TXPosts: 2Member

    1: Looking into the future, as technology progresses and the games starts to age, are we likely to see graphics updates?

    2: In past elder scrolls games there have been those characters who are exceedingly old such as Yagram Bagarn and Divayth Fyr and his corprusarium, will we be seeing a reappearance of them?

    3: In Arena, Jagar Tharn, descendant of the man who makes Molag Bal's endeavors possible in ESO, used the Staff of Chaos to trap Uriel Septim in Oblivion. Will we be seeing this artifact in ESO?

  • NordJitsuNordJitsu Algonquin, ILPosts: 4Member

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.




    Will players in the US be able to easily play with friends in Europe? Or will there be high latency and/or a cost for Europeans to play on the US megaserver?


    Will race and class choices change the main story like they do in some MMOs? Will my version of the main quest be in anyway different based on my class/race choice? 


    Which new races from lore will be making an appearance in the Elder Scrolls Online for the first time? Imga? Sload? Tsaesci? Kamal? Maormer? 





    I want Beta. 

  • BlakkrskyrrBlakkrskyrr Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 230Member

    Hey Paul,


    Longtime fan of TES beginning with Arena, but didn't start back up again until Oblivion.  Started MMO's with Runescape and then onto WoW and currently GW2.  Been waiting for a new game to give me a taste of what it feels like to first read Tolkein.  Thanks for the work you put into creating this game!


    My question is about the transitioning between zones and landscapes.  Within each zone, will the environment consist of dense forests, large and deep lakes, high mountains, deep valleys, and plateaus?  How will LoS work, both for AI and Players, in regards to foliage, rock formations, and perhaps chasing someone over a rising hill and say, raise my bow to shoot an arc and hit him/her/creature.  Also, how will moving between zones work?  will there be paths leading up to portals?  I feel a great effect of discontinuity in GW2's zoning.  How do you guys hope to alleviate the feeling of aloneness in the world if a zone were to become empty or below 10 players?  I have experienced this in GW2 and it is a disheartening feeling.



  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by Nyrthael
    Hey, Paul :) Can you tell us an example of a feedback received during beta-testing? What people liked and what is their standing to the game? -Quint

    Beta feedback is amazing so far in both ways. The testers have done a very good job of being constructive if they wish something were different. This is huge for us. However, and this will sound self-congratulating, so I apologize, but our feedback through forums and surveys has been very positive and very encouraging.


  • ValkanisarValkanisar HomeTown, ONPosts: 494Member Common
    hello Paul...i dont have a question...just want to say thanks alot for doing this...wish more games would hop into the forums here and answer questions from fans...cheers...
  • elderscrollfanelderscrollfan west hills, CAPosts: 2Member
    Second post. will a horse be able to display a persons best looted or best crafted items.
  • m3zm4riz3m3zm4riz3 SydneyPosts: 6Member

    Heya Paul,


    Regarding the economics of the game, how in depth will it become in order to build and progress your character/guild? Will there ever be a hunting system similar to that of skyrim, if not even more updated? (Hunting animals for their pelts, claws etc - but actually having to skin them and not just loot them).




  • GreatArchitectGreatArchitect Morristown, TNPosts: 6Member

    Question:  When creating a Player based guild, will we be forced to select a permanent and primary alliance?  Also will players from the player created guild be playing with each other or against each other in PvP based on their characters racial alliance?


    Thank You,


    Great Architect Admin


  • asrlohzasrlohz UddevallaPosts: 645Member

    Hello Paul,


    There is a lot of lorebreaking statements going around your "Ask us Anything". You(ZOS) claimed that you were going to add "The Lusty Argonian Maid" in the game. That would be about one thousand years before it was even written by the perverted mind of Crassius Curio.

    And you decided to call Molag Bal "Daedric Prince of Schemes" which he has never been referred to before. He is officially known as the Lord of Domination and Rape in the lore. And he isn't considered clever either, so schemes are really not up his alley.


    So my first question is; Will you take any actions against these lore breaking examples? Personally I'd find it very immersion breaking for a moment if I were to find "The Lusty Argonian Maid" in my travels. Otherwise you could atleast fit it into the lore by only allowing them found in Apocrypha or when doing quests for Hermaeus Mora.


    My second question is: Will there be daedric shrines which grants quests (questlines?) and rewards within the game?


    Thank you for your time.

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by trippe
    what kind of collision system will be in the game? do I move through my friends while playing, can they push me, or can members of my faction block my way?

    There is no collision with other players. I know why people want there to be, I really do, but it also leads to opportunities for griefing. While I understand you can work around all of those I think this anecdote is important, "we can do anything, but we can't do everything." Having played our PvP, I think people will agree with this decision.

  • LeyluluLeylulu Orlando, FLPosts: 1Member
    Question: Any plans for a barbershop so players can change their hair styles after character creation?
  • Askan_RandolfAskan_Randolf FriedrichshafenPosts: 3Member

    Can you give us some information about the four Classes?

    End which is the best for Tank, Healer and DD?


    Tanks a lot :)

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by Aketium
    How does respawn time of resources, locked chest and mobs work in public dungeons? Is it possible to camp bosses (if there are any)?

    You'd probably do yourself a bigger favor if you didn't camp it. It isn't worth camping. You'll have plenty of opportunities for great loot all over the place.

  • tripdog99tripdog99 PerthPosts: 1Member

    Hi Paul.

    I have some questions about mounts. 

    1. Are there different types of mounts, or just horses? Different creatures or different stats?

    2. Is there combat while riding mounts, and if so, how advanced is it?

    Thanks for the time Paul :)

  • TulkhasTulkhas MontpellierPosts: 1Member

    Hi Paul

    I have three questions for you:

    1) Our inventory has 50 slots, at beginning, how many slots take a sword or a wand for exemple ? And with time, it will be possible to buy, with game's money, an other bag, or something to extend the number of slots ?

    2) I want join the Ebonheart Pact, and I would know if that is possible to join one of the Dunmer's Great House, like in Morrowind

    3) We know already that Almalexia is a member of the "Pact's Council", but if that is not at the beginning, will we see later Vivec and Sotha Sil ?

    Thank you,

    A french fan of The Elder Scrolls

  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare
    Will the PC version have the option to change controls and interface to gamepad
  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO) Hunt Valley, MDPosts: 35Member
    Originally posted by Talyn
    ESO appears to have "traditional MMO" leveling so how will exploration work out? In Skyrim I can pretty much wander everywhere and find relevant "content" to do. In ESO are we limited to level-bracketed zones where once we out-level an area it becomes irrelevant in terms of both exploration (and/or "immersion") and character advancement? Also in PvE can we freely help other players cooperatively or if they had already tagged a mob will they take an XP penalty because someone else helped them?

    Yep. There are levels. I've worked on an MMO where there weren't levels and that certainly has merits. However, leveling also has merits in being able to really feel progression, in more stumble-upon stranger encounters, and lots more that it would take almost all night to cover. I think what we've created gives you a lot of freedom to explore because these aren't small areas. That said, once you reach the end of your alliance and go into another alliance... you're top level. (or should be) Go nuts!

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