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Looking for a new MMORPG/dungeon crawler

cablamcablam Markham, ONPosts: 1Member

Hi everyone, myself and 2-3 other friends are looking for a new game to play and the main thing we are looking for in that game is that it is group friendly, i.e offers a lot of content for groups of 2-4, preferably is free to play (if you know a good one that isn't free to play mention it anyways it doesn't hurt anyone), has challenging dungeons/raids/instances for 2-4 players or more, and has good PVE. Also, this game doesn't necessarily have to be an MMORPG but it can also be some RPG that has a good coop experience (something like Torchlight 2, but we already played through that) that has difficult boss fights and good a generally good PVE experience. Just a note, we aren't too into PVP but if it is there we are probably going to try it. 

Thanks for your time. 


  • Ocalypse0Ocalypse0 United States, CTPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    I think you all should give Neverwinter a try.


    It is a free to play game, although you can spend money in an in-game shop is you are so desired, but it is not a vital thing to do. I found the game quite fun, the leveling was not too long of a process and the end-game dungeons are quite challenging. They most certainly require good teamwork as do some of the later leveling dungeons. 

    The game does have a lot of "dungeon crawler" aspects and I think you will find it to your liking.


    Give it a go! What do you have to lose? That is the best thing about F2P :)



    Edit: I forgot to mention the game does have PvP, and that will most certainly require some teamwork for you and your friends. However it is completely optional, and you are not forced to do it in any way.

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  • immodiumimmodium ManchesterPosts: 2,164Member Rare
    Path of Exile sounds like something you have to try. The game touted as the 'Real' Diablo 3.

  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon


    while there are plenty of solo experiences, most of the dungeons not only need groups, but are completely open world, noninstanced, many are hidden all over the place and require exploration to find (although the VG forums can give you directions if you prefer).


    the dungeons themselves vary in difficulty, but tend to *require* at level grouping. some of the mob pulls and certainly boss fights are not easy, even when they are just tank'n'spank. also, keep in mind that the dungeons in VG are sometimes a combination of open air and enclosed spaces. so for instance when you are in the ruins of an abandoned mage school there are creatures around and outside the buildings just as there are inside when you are exploring the depths. some of them are enclosed areas like the volcanic crater of the Skrillek (?) with mobs in the pool of water in the center as well as caves along the inside of the crater. you get the idea.


    Vanguard is also f2p, though it was designed in the era *before* f2p. so you're getting a real mmo.


    i would personally recommend that one of you go Disciple (a melee healing class), another go Bloodmage (a healing dps class) and someone else either go Dreadknight or Paladin. with those three you should be able to progress through most of the dungeon content in the game.

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  • willemturnerwillemturner Spring, TXPosts: 6Member
    If your looking for a dungeon crawling then Path of the exile is the way to go man. Best free to play I've found in awhile.
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