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Anyone have an extra PS3 FFXIV:ARR beta code?

zSurrenderzSurrender Toronto, ONPosts: 12Member

Been wanting to play this game for ages... I've seen alot of people give away PS3 beta codes...

Please... if anyone has one, you will make my LIFE.


  • arrisbarrisb LondonPosts: 194Member

    What region?  US or EU?  The codes will only work if they are the same region as your Square account as far as I know (so an EU code will not work on a US Square account and vice versa).




  • William12William12 Saint paul, MNPosts: 680Member
    I sent him one.  It's not a ps3 one though so hopefully he can try it on the PC :)
  • arrisbarrisb LondonPosts: 194Member

    ahh ok cool :)


  • zSurrenderzSurrender Toronto, ONPosts: 12Member
    Originally posted by William12
    I sent him one.  It's not a ps3 one though so hopefully he can try it on the PC :)

    I'm at work right now on my phone but I just had to check mmorpg to see if someone sent me one.

    I love you!!!! I'll put it in as soon as I get home!!!

    is it North America? I forgot to specify (I live in Canada)

  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,565Member Uncommon

    ah man Im looking for a North America pc code as well :(

  • lilj0nyeahlilj0nyeah Gulfport, MSPosts: 3Member
    I am also looking for a PC code.  Would love you forever if anyone could spare an extra one.  
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