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World of Warcraft: Corgi Spotted

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

A World of Warcraft Corgi has been spotted on a Corgi fan site. It is unknown where the screens and information came from but the pictures seem legit. It is equally unclear whether the Corgi will be a battle pet or a special purchase or...? Speculate!




  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 3,650MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    I'm only kind of kidding... this might make me resubscribe.  I know a certain mod around here who probably would too.

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  • GrakulenGrakulen Staff Writer St. Charles, MOPosts: 796MMORPG.COM Staff Rare
    I think its funny to see Blizzard take a shot at Rift.
  • TumoraTumora Lynn, MAPosts: 21Member Uncommon
    Just waiting til blizzard takes it f2p
  • TimEisenTimEisen Columnist Posts: 2,806Member Rare
    Oh god, it just hit that point where I have to now, embarrassingly say "I used to play that" followed by explaining myself to other gamers like I do that old Pokemon 1 game for N64...hey, it was pretty well done turn based combat, it's not like I knew what a Pokemon was prior to playing...
    I used to role-play a Warrior Priest now I role-play a writer.
  • NickwisniNickwisni Wausau, WIPosts: 42Member
    Is it really that hard to tell where the images came from? MMO-Champion is where the images are from. They got the images from data-mining the game like they do with every image and model they have in the past.
  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Richmond, VAPosts: 1,538Member Common
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    I think its funny to see Blizzard take a shot at Rift.

    Why would you think this has anything to do with Rift?


  • ArskaaaArskaaa KauhajokiPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon
    that dog is copy paste from rift.
  • VeighnergVeighnerg San Antonio, TXPosts: 40Member
    Originally posted by Arskaaa
    that dog is copy paste from rift.

    While I know rift has many styles of corgi, that dog is a copy paste of I could say "zomg those Corgi in these games are copy pastas from Cowboy Bebop" because there was a Corgi there too!

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  • NarkionOGNarkionOG Garden Grove, CAPosts: 211Member
    haha, hahahaha hah hahahah.  oh and hahahahaha hahah.


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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,383Member Rare
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    I think its funny to see Blizzard take a shot at Rift.

    Did Rift add armored dogs? the picture of the Corgi reminded me of E3 actually, Call of Doggies: Ghost

  • LeviathonlxLeviathonlx Cleveland, OHPosts: 135Member

    It is unknown where the screens and information came from but the pictures seem legit.



    So uhh....was the watermark repeated over and over in the background not obvious enough?

  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 818Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    I think its funny to see Blizzard take a shot at Rift.

    lol, as if rift is even relevant in the mmo world

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,218Member Uncommon
    so..... no one had asked the question why Bill was looking at corgi websites?  maybe he was looking to get his boiler fixed (joke for the fella's in the UK).
  • WelshyJTWelshyJT LLANELLIPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    Blizz copying from other MMO's again.

    Shock, horror.

  • MothanosMothanos MordorPosts: 1,910Member Uncommon

    Thats why its going free to play, they dint follow their own vision anymore, just copy paste all crap from other mmo's and hope for the best.

    The moment Tigole left the building for Titan and Ghostcrawler took over the game went straight to hell.


    Silicon Synapse / Blizzard the sad story of a 5 man studio that broke all records and then lost their eyes of what is realy importand....their fans.

    Many people are bitter and disapointed how this master company turned for gamers against gamers.

    Now its just activision / vivendi calling the shots and Blizzard needs to obey.

  • SuperPanekiSuperPaneki New York, NYPosts: 62Member
    I bet it will be a new pet. And by the way, I vouch for Blizzard not releasing WoW free to play ever. They will create another mmo by 2015-2016, and they will make you pay one subscription to play both, Titan and WoW. They will revamp WoW's graphics by 2014. When we see WoW in awesome, new-brand graphics, and having a new expansion, a lot of people will re-subscribe and they will bath in gold like Donald Duck's uncle. xD
  • SquatchinSquatchin Quincy, WAPosts: 93Member

    And there we have it....Blizz taking from another game in hopes to increase the size of the wallet.. They sure are innovative, creative, bastids.

    Way to go...way to go.


  • faiyofaiyo |||COL|||1, TNPosts: 123Member
    I don't know why the possibility of Wow going f2p is said with such shock and horror. They've had massive success for several years as p2p and if they go f2p, that success won't be taken away from them. All the subscriptions snobs will have ff14 to hold on a pedestal if that happens anyway.
  • Sint-NiklaasPosts: 828Member Uncommon

    If it looks that much like Rift's pet, then Rift's graphic textures looks to much like WoW's.


    But that aside, I'm glad I'm not playing WoW anymore if this type of content is where the kicks are these days.

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