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Should I?

BrachusBrachus Taneytown, MDPosts: 96Member Uncommon

Most of my gaming time the last few months has been spent in Mechwarrior Online. I have 3 very young children (seems if I say good morning to my wife she ends up pregnant) and with my limited time it's been nice to be able to jump into a match for 10 minutes and be able to complete it. However, as much as I do enjoy that game, I miss my MMO's. I miss the time exploring and crafting and looking for those rare mats or items. I've tried most of the games released in the last few yrs and none of  them have really hooked me for very long. Guild Wars 2 was probably the longest I have played anything.


To get to my point, I started thinking about trying DFUW. Open world and crafting potential seem perfect for me. Admittedly, I'm feeling a bit lazy though, so tell me if I should bother? Is it worth trying with my limited free time? I know it has a monthly sub, which is fine with me. I thought I read somewhere that you only get 1 character per server, which doesn't thrill me. Is that true? I'm not an alt-holic, but I usually do like to run with 2, maybe 3 characters.



  • SirHoochingtonSirHoochington abingdon, MDPosts: 6Member

    DFUW is a pretty time-intensive game. I have a regular M-F job, so I figured I would give this game a shot, since i'd been aching for an open-world sandbox-esque mmo.

    What I got was a rather unfinished time-sink. In the time that I played, I accrued about 1300 prowess. And that's after pretty casual, 1-2 hour play a few days a week. In order to be viable you'd need around 10k prowess, at least. They've patched it a few times and added a whole bunch of features, so I might re-sub, but I think i'll wait until they add a few more things. It's a decent game with good mechanics, it just needs some polish.

    If you have the time, go for it man. Otherwise, might want to look elsewhere.

  • StrangerousStrangerous ny, ILPosts: 165Member

    You only need one character.  Its sort of like eve in the sense that you can have one account do it all with one character, though many people buy two or more accounts so they can have alts safezone farm and craft.

    So long as your able to play like one Saturday or sunday for an extended period of time, you might be fine.

    Sieges typically take several hours

    You can easily safe zone harvest while tabbed out doing other stuff then be active for sieges or when your clan goes farming mobs/boat trips...for these activities I would suggest at least 2-3 hours of free time.


    With quick travel options, its not like the old game where It could take you 45 min just to get where you need to be, which was a huge time sink exacerbated if you got ganked en route and sent back to a bind stone.


    In the end its really up to you.  I often work from home and im in game harvesting during, only tabbing back to my game every now and then to move to a new node ect.

    When im done I can meet up with clannies who have groups of people typically dueling in the clan holding, farming various mobs for feats, and at least one crew on the seas doing something.  Doesn't take all that long to meet up and jump into the action for a few hours..though people on a boat way off in the middle of the ocean might take a while to swim out to (or wait for them to pick you up)


    Just make sure you get into a clan to have options.  Being solo you have few options.  Less if you are not well versed with DF combat and pvp...which a new player wont be.

  • gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
    They just added market so it open up a lot of option even if you play few hours.

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