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League of Legends: eSports Finals to Be Held at Staples Arena

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Proving that eSports are indeed a growing force in the world, the League of Legends Season Finals will be held at Staples Arena in Los Angeles. Staples Arena, for those who do not know, is the same place the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball. 

League of Legends World Championship key facts:

Every match counts: Top teams from around the world will compete during qualifying events throughout the summer, with regional dominance and a trip to Los Angeles on the line

Eyes of the world on LA:  With thousands of seats filled and millions of fans watching from home, the World Championship closes out a historic season for professional esports

Millions of dollars on the line: October's $2 million prize pool rounds out the Season 3 total to more than $8 million across the globe

Read more at USA Today.



  • bbbb42bbbb42 none, FLPosts: 297Member Uncommon
    Oh god not again, whatever I don't even care anymore,

  • gr0und3dgr0und3d Why, CAPosts: 113Member
    This is awesome!  Pro LoL is so fun to watch, thanks for the news and link to article.
  • TeshrrarTeshrrar SPosts: 26Member
    This year WC will be amazing.
  • indefindef Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 344Member Uncommon

    it's called the Staples Center.  Not the Staples Arena.


    If they are playing at the Staples Arena, that's a tiny little warehouse next to the Staples Center.

  • thegreatestagainthegreatestagain gump city, ALPosts: 35Member
    i liked DOTA a lot when i was a kid but was never one of my 'favorite' games, i can see why people like to play LoL but its popularity surprises me, its not for me any more
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