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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Market System Arrives

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Aventurine has announced a major content expansion for Darkfall: Unholy Wars. In this new patch, the Market System has arrived in game. According to the dev team, the market system will allow a player-driven economy to flourish.

Another major addition in today’s update are the significant changes to the Village System which were also highly requested by the Darkfall Unholy Wars players: Capturing and holding villages has become much more meaningful for clans and for the clan meta-game. As a result, Villages are very strategic and will become heavily contested areas, adding more PvP spots in the game.

Finally, as part of the Darkfall Unholy Wars naval warfare component, two new ships were added to the game, one utility ship called the Sea Scraper which is used to collect treasure from the ocean floor, and a new Warship, the Sloop. 

Find out more on the Darkfall site.



  • taus01taus01 MunichPosts: 1,352Member


    Say what?

    The game has no marketplace or player economy yet? What are crafters doing in this game and how do you get armour and stuff? Can you trade one on one at least?

    "Give players systems and tools instead of rails and rules"

  • Muerte_XMuerte_X ventura, CAPosts: 104Member
    Originally posted by taus01
      Say what? The game has no marketplace or player economy yet? What are crafters doing in this game and how do you get armour and stuff? Can you trade one on one at least?

     All trading was done 1 on 1, with lots of spam in global for trading. This is a good addition, but could have been implemented differently (like eve to add more options for play style). Either way, still a great patch from AV with this, changes to safe zones, and more ships.

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  • MyownGodMyownGod SydneyPosts: 205Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by taus01
      Say what? The game has no marketplace or player economy yet? What are crafters doing in this game and how do you get armour and stuff? Can you trade one on one at least?

    You buy em from anyone who's selling it in the safe zone, or craft them your self and/or if you are in a dedicated Guild/clan they'd provide it for you as long as you supply the crucial material, and some gears are drops as well. Oh! and looting from other people dead body :P.

  • ArkanunoArkanuno Rio de JaneiroPosts: 1Member
    Most guild provide gear from guildless people they meet out of safe zones. The game go this way, like a big arena world where you could win today and lost tomorow.
  • taus01taus01 MunichPosts: 1,352Member


    It sounds to me like a good change, anything that adds more meta to a game is good and from what i understand, this will encourage people to fight over cities/towns because they want access to the traders. Looks like the game is slowly shaping up. I give it another 12 months or so before i actually try it though, not keen on paying monthly for it in this stage.

    "Give players systems and tools instead of rails and rules"

  • GreymoorGreymoor ManchesterPosts: 802Member Uncommon

    Great patch, with the economy changes ontop of the market, a list of great fixes, two new ships and the new village system - this has been a miracle patch for DFUW.

    The danger mapping has removed rare drops from safe areas and given people incentive to go to more dangerous places for chances or rarer loot.

  • MondoA2JMondoA2J Henderson, NVPosts: 258Member Auction house is an update? O_o

    Isn't this kinda expected from go these days? I still wonder how people can list that as a "feature."


    MMORPG Gamers/Developers need a reality check!

  • LustmordLustmord Mt. Gilead, OHPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon
    Thanks, for covering this. I really love this game, and I would like to see it continue to get coverage when big things happen in it. Could you please consider new Schools in the near future to also be newsworthy?
  • -Zeno--Zeno- Posts: 1,298Member Common

    The best parts of the patch:

    • No more rare drops in the safe zones.  
    • Villages are now like Mines were in Shadowbane where each one drops specific rare resources.
    • Treasure ships.  So now a large clan has a reason to bring out multiple ships to protect a fishing ship and treasure ship.  EVE Online style but on water and with actual avatars!  Yarr mate.  Sea towers will be added in the future.
    • Danger areas.  The more dangerous the area the bigger reward.  Simple map addon to show you where the most dangerous parts of Agon are.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • SnoepieSnoepie RotterdamPosts: 482Member Uncommon

    almost 8 months and they managed to patch something else then bugg fixes..


    Company is number 1 in management and goals setup..


    8 months after release not a single new roll.. funny 


  • jahgreenjahgreen Philadelphia, PAPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    Game has not been released 8 months but ok
  • TimEisenTimEisen Columnist Posts: 2,811Member Rare

    I Loved DF1 but the idea that I would have to re-purchase a game I already bought is silly. Not to mention the AV customer support and forum interaction reminds me of SOE in the early 2000's in a very very bad way. I want to play this game, but I'll wait until they get some logic and make it free to download and throw in a free month to get me hooked.

    I used to role-play a Warrior Priest now I role-play a writer.
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  • StofftierStofftier berlinPosts: 93Member

    As allways mini update and there doing like they found the holy grail.

    Nothing new to me and why you have to take out sea towers etc what was working in df1 and then to act in dfuw like its a new feature is even more cheap :O

    I would say the whole dfuw re release is very close to a scam.

  • KingMeroKingMero KuopioPosts: 21Member
    auction house is a feature?
  • gamekid2kgamekid2k Austin, TXPosts: 360Member
    Danger area is biggest change yet

    Now Playing: DARKFALL Unholy Wars "Return to Open World, Full Loot PvP, Conquest in a Sandbox MMO with player driven economy! Just like classic MMOs!"

  • StrangerousStrangerous ny, ILPosts: 165Member

    markets, while welcomed by many, was actually the least important, and least "awesome" addition with this patch.

    wont mean much to non DF players but addting a bottom dredger boat that picks up gear, building mods, ship mods, and stone (as well as other stuff) at a high rate means cities get built faster and asset destructions not a big deal, will also result in more boats via ship mods and more naval battles (people were really afraid of losing large ships prior due to high cost of ship mods)

    so basically naval warfare got a massive boost from this.


    the danger zone mechanic, another unique system added. Now it makes sense to harvest resources in unsafe areas, with big bonuses to harvesting resources in super unsafe areas like near dragons and high level spawns (areas that see pvp a lot)

    They also made capping village control points much more worthwhile.


    Yeah the markets will be nice for new player, and people short on time not able to meet someone, make sure they are trust worthy, and trade one on one...will also make trading in small volumes worth the effort.  However the major changes went unmentioned in this post.


    btw a very fantastic patch, with another patch (hopefully) coming Friday with more content, and they already patched today to fix a few minor issues like the market loading everything when you open the window and a bug that made the nooby sewer dungeon a pvp area.

    for anyone not familiar....AV (developers) are known for being slow and a joke with patches.  Last few patches they seemed to have completely changed for the better.  A lot of us long term players are kinda shocked...hope they keep it this rate they could be the new trion with the content they are pumping out.

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