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[NA Cactuar] Moogle Militia (Digital Impulse Gaming)

ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
The world was forever changed. Grand companies lead into dust. Free companies scattered and torn to ribbons as the armies of our enemies rained down upon us. They attacked our cites, torn the land, and even sent a moon down to ravage us. 

...And we survived. 

A new day still broke upon the mountain sides. Fallen comrades took their faces from the dirt and looked up. Hands extended to hands and lifted others, and in doing so, a free company is born. United together to stand as one. We look upon the world and recover from what was lost. 

We ask this one thing. Will you take our hand, will you join us. Will you become part of DIG? 

Digital Impulse Gaming is looking for a few strong backs, and sharp minds to tame the wilds of Erozea. We are forming a strong family out of gamers looking for a good time, respecting each other, and standing untied as we fearlessly take back was was ours. We are recruiting for several games right now. 

League of Legends 
Elder Scrolls Online 

And most importantly 

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn 

Marching to war 
1.Be one of the first adventures to work and gain the positions of officers and greater. 
2.Help recruit and bring those brave disciplines of war, magic, land, and hand and strength our own. 
2.Have a keen eye and know your way about a crystal? Then help create weapons and armor for the company. 
4.Help us gain the respect of fellow adventures and have them look upon our company with strength and courage, and honor. 
5.We welcome all opinions and share them as equals, but we need yours especially to pick our guild name, server, and even guild colors at launch.
6.Become a Founder of Dig and FF14. Earn a forum title and signature as we create them. 

The trumpets of war are sounding. 
The fires of war glow at night. 
The land begs for a hero. 
Will you help join in the fight? 

The shields are being polished. 
The swords are strong and light. 
The land weeps for protection. 
Will you help join the fight? 

The fields are strong and fertile. 
The crops stand tall in height. 
The land needs a caretaker. 
Will you help join the fight? 

The ebbs of magic are flowing. 
The casters are filled with might. 
The land demands a scholar. 
Will you help join the fight? 

How we stand 
1.We are a PvX community so we will focus on all areas of FF14 ARR. 
2.This means all forms of the game, PvE, PVP, Crafting, Exploration, and more! 
3.We will even do Role Play for those thespians at heart. 
4.We are Semi-hardcore with the lean towards activity of not playability. We want to make sure we have heartbeats our there so checking in to the guild over a certain period of time is required. 
5.Why focus on PvX, because we know there are players out there for all types of game play, enough to do it all. We want you to be part of that! 

Who will join the fight 
1.We are looking for mature players age of 18 or above. Sorry teenagers, we are aware there are incredibly mature gamers out there. We hope you are you apply when the time is right! 
2.We have a zero-tolerance rule on melodrama. 18 doesn't mean you are mature, we are aware of that, but we strive to make this a home away from the behaviors that are poisonous to the community. 
3.We have a chain of command to lead our companies through wisdom and bravery. If you have what it takes, feel free to join the ranks and shine like a beacon into the darkness. 

The wilds call, the land is fresh for conquest, the chocobos stir with energy. Climb aboard we speed unto victory! 

So come and feel the Digital!


  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Come and be apart of our community with social and active members.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    All are welcome to check out and hang out with us. We are a fun and social bunch of ppl.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Be a part of our founding membership of the Free Company and FFXIV Section
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I would like to personally thank all those person who have chosen to become a part of our extended family. and to let all the others out there know that we are very active and still seek persons who would like to join our family ^_^.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Still seeking more new family members to join us on our epic quest to find the lost chocobo
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I just wanted to let everyone know that we have decided on what server we will be playing on at launch, and that is the Cactuar Server. Our Free Company is going strong in still seeking persons who are interested to become a part of our family ^__^
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I would like to thank all the members that showed up to Tuesday's meeting, Thank you for coming out.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Our next meeting will be held this coming tuesday :)
  • Jenestarwind666Jenestarwind666 EL PASO, TXPosts: 4Member
    O_O more people should join the family we have oh so much fun together!
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    lol Jene those eyes give the wrong impression lol
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    come become a member of our family we have so many interesting characters here that I can guarantee that you will not get bored. :)
  • Jenestarwind666Jenestarwind666 EL PASO, TXPosts: 4Member
    LIKE ME (O_O)
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Lets hit phase 4 of the beta with a bang guys join us for never ending fun and adventure.
  • surion86surion86 Puyallup, WAPosts: 6Member
    Just joined this group and I am really happy that I did. This is a very nice community of gamers who welcomed me and have been very happy to answer questions as they are asked. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a linkshell to apply for D.I.G.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I am glad you became part of the family surion
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Become a member of our merry band of adventurers :)
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    only 30 more days to go guys until the game is released :)
  • surion86surion86 Puyallup, WAPosts: 6Member
    3 weeks until early access :3
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I know what you mean man I am still here very much waiting and going through withdrawal. Any how I would like to inform persons that tonight is the day of our weekly meeting, I would love for you all to come out :).
  • surion86surion86 Puyallup, WAPosts: 6Member
    Had some real good information at the meeting today. Makes me look forward to joining everyone in game when it launches. I would encourage others to come pay a visit and see what we are are about. :D
  • PoufPouf St-hyacinthe, QCPosts: 341Member

    I can't belive I dared to miss that meeting. 


    I just joined D.I.G and what I can say is that WOW for once forums are filled with real useful information, it is up-to-date. There are even some freak who calculated damage curves and everything. Things amazing to know and read, but that I would never have the patience to do I think.

  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    Originally posted by Pouf
    I can't belive I dared to miss that meeting.    I just joined D.I.G and what I can say is that WOW for once forums are filled with real useful information, it is up-to-date. There are even some freak who calculated damage curves and everything. Things amazing to know and read, but that I would never have the patience to do I think.

    I know right you better be at the next one for sure man :P. Also we are still actively recruiting members for our free company. Just to throw it out there we aren't looking to hit the cap in our Free Company like all the others, but just get a tight knit group of ppl to progress and enjoy the game with.

  • surion86surion86 Puyallup, WAPosts: 6Member
    For sure, it's better to have a close group you can enjoy the game with over having a bunch of people you may not get along with. I'd rather enjoy the game than risk getting upset b/c of one or more people.
  • ryan20_00ryan20_00 portmorePosts: 168Member
    I think everyone basically thinks that way too Suri. We are still actively recruiting come and become a part of our family here at DIG.
  • surion86surion86 Puyallup, WAPosts: 6Member
    The world is dying to know...what's being covered in this weeks meeting? We are getting sooooooo close now :3
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