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When does the difficulty rise?



  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon

    Yes, I know all that about FFXI, even though I've never played it. I'd love to have some extremely difficult encounters, but wouldn't bet on it before I can see the real thing.

    Originally posted by lzanon Hehe trust me when I say it had alooot to do with your class, some classes have it easy at start some dont. As an archer you dont have to stay put to cast an ability you can run and shoot, stay out of a mobs range thus avoiding special abilities with ease. That is not the case with melee. especially during fates where a group of mobs use a special attack at once and you , as melee happen to be in the middle of it and try to escape and bam your life goes to hell and your pretty dead. I died alot as melee with aggroing mobs or mobs that i did not understand what their special ability was, took me a bit to learn them and get out of the way. but casters and the archer class do have it easier to get out of the way. It has its difficulty atleast, much harder than some games i have played.

    Ok, I'll try a melee class next time and see if it's any harder.

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