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Name an MMORPG feature that was never copied , but wish was.



  • RosenborgRosenborg Posts: 54Member Uncommon
    From Vanguard, rivers with flowing water that carry the player down stream.
  • SacriaSacria naPosts: 53Member

    Tera combat. 

    The combat in any other mmorpg after playing that game feels so stale and boring (no guildwars, neverwinter dragons prophet, dc universe etc etc doesn't have combat that even resembles it, they resemble wow combat more since your abilities have huge arc of attacking and everything is based on "line nukes" rather than point of impact, so you cannot miss even if you try your hardest. which means it might as well be tab target)





  • SacriaSacria naPosts: 53Member
    Originally posted by MMOPapa
        [Notice no one has mentioned any World of Warcraft features?]

    Well duh, wow is more or less the basics for every mmorpg and the features they implemented are today basics in almost every mmorpg.

  • FangrimFangrim PrestonPosts: 593Member Uncommon
    EQ2 Shiny collections and its skill system for spells and combat arts where you start with apprentice ones and can upgrade them,Apprentice,Journeyman(crafted),Adept (looted),Expert (crafted),Master (looted),Grandmaster (special pick). So you can make your character better not with just gear and AA.

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  • SnoepieSnoepie RotterdamPosts: 482Member Uncommon

    darkfall's combat feeling..


    True playerskill based combat system..

    Fast FPS fantasy settings.. open world // pvp FFA // lootable, with better sandbox elements and territory control..


    I am talking about the first darkfall and not the crappy holy wars

  • madazzmadazz A town, ONPosts: 1,836Member Uncommon

    Ultima Onlines skill system. I liked that you had limitations. Every game that claims to have inspiration from UO's system is full of total crap. They are missing one, just one simple key ingredient. LIMITATION. In games such as Darkfall you can max out EVERYTHING. In UO you could only max out 7 things completely. Many would do 5 or 6 and spread the rest of the points out for utility, while some would stick to the tried and true 7x GM. I'd love to see that system back in place. 


    For those who didn't play, you would have many, many skills to max out. You would only gain in a skill by actually using it. So basically you'd start off with 0 skills. If you wanted to work swordsmanship up, you'd use a sword. You'd max it out at 100, leaving 600 points available to be dispersed towards things such as Anatomy, Archery, Fencing, Healing, Maces, Parrying, Alchemy, Blacksmith, Carpentry, Cooking, Spirit Speak, Magic, Meditation, Chivalry, Peacemaking, Provocation, Herding, Taming, Animal Lore, Begging, Stealing, Stealth, Mining, Fishing, Lumberjacking, Tracking, Hiding, Lockpicking, Snooping, Detecting Hidden people, Camping, Taste and Item Identification, Tailoring, Tinkering, Inscription, Cartography, Bowcraft, Throwing, Wrestling and more that I can't remember. Oh yeah Music too.

    So in today's games everyone wants EVERYTHING. Now you can max out EVERYTHING. Back then you'd specialize one character (whos identity could become well known) into something like taming + magic, or maybe you want to make a theif who had skills in swordsmanship, snooping, stealing, hiding, stealth and maybe poisoning and peacemaking (with a bit of magic for travel). 


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by MMOPapa

    [Notice no one has mentioned any World of Warcraft features?] That's because many of its features have been so well received that its features have become industry standards. ex: comparison with equipped gear when hovering over a market item


    While each of the features you had listed has been done several times, most of them in a game prior to the one listed, the Pushcart of iRO was something I had to look up. Now THAT is a rather unique feature, and I don't think I've seen that in any other MMO. The closest I can think of would be using a freighter in EVE.

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