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"The Noise Under", Neonoir/Cyberpunk MMORPG, on Indiegogo

thenoiseunderthenoiseunder ParisPosts: 6Member

Hey Readers!

We are proud to announce our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for “The Noise Under”, a MMORPG in a Neonoir/Cyberpunk universe.
The campaign will start on Wenesday, May 1st (T- 5 days !).
Early birds rewards will be limited to the first supporters.

"The Noise Under" Team


  • thenoiseunderthenoiseunder ParisPosts: 6Member
    Hi all!

    Our Indiegogo campaign is over.

    During 2 months, we had the opportunity to present the concept of "THE NOISE UNDER" the neo-noir/cyberpunk narrative MMORPG. Nearly all messages we received were unanimous that the concept was very good and innovative. Unfortunately, the minimum level of the campaign hasn’t been achieved.

    Based on the provided feedbacks, three main reasons explain it:
    - “The Noise Under” is our first video game project and despite our rich experience in software development in other industries and in the web, we don’t have any reputation in this videogame area. So, a doubt occurred concerning our capacity to do it.
    - You found our concept teaser great but it didn’t show any gameplay element. That would have allowed people to get a general idea of "The Noise Under" player experience.
    - In the view of the above, the minimum amount we requested was too high.

    Whatever, the project is still going on, as we intended it. We 're now working on a visual simulation of the game. Based on it, we will produce a single player/single adventure version of “The Noise Under” to give you an idea of what will the user experience be and to make clear our capacity to make the game.

    We will keep you informed via our Facebook page, Twitter, or our website. Feel free to subscribe to the project Facebook page to follow the developments of “The Noise Under”.

    Thanks for your interest, and, keep spreading the word and relaying our messages!

    See you soon!

    "The Noise Under" Team

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