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What is agood non-pay2win game?

kedarakedara Seattle, WAPosts: 72Member Uncommon

I have played nearly all of the games on the list here. I might have played a game that wasn't pay2win, but by now I have forgotten.

Pay to win is a name of many things, a cash shop, a real cash economy, boosts for money, weapons for money, points for money, clothes for money, lotteries for cash, all these things are pay2win regardless of what others may claim.

Subscription games are fine and pay once is better, but a cash shop or any extra expenditure is a deal breaker.



  • Ocalypse0Ocalypse0 United States, CTPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    I would suggest FFXIV:ARR, but that is sadly in beta. Most certainly something to keep your eyes on from what you described. 

    I would possibly suggest Star Wars:The Old Republic. It captures the good parts of the MMO and adds the SW twist. I think it does have a cash shop, but it may be the exemption to your rules because (disclaimer) when last I played if you paid the subscription fee you were given everything, rendering the shop itself useless (again I disclaim: things may have changed since I last played it).

    RIFT may be worth looking into as well since I believe ( I disclaim yet again) that the shop/sub system is similar to that of SW:TOR where if you subscribe you get everything, rendering the shop useless and unneeded.




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