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Some screenshots of a heavily modified Skyrim



  • AutemOxAutemOx Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,704Member

    When I used to play oblivion, I would admitably spend much more time looking through mods, choosing them, adding/removing them, trying to fix game after mods broke them, and altering them to my liking than ever playing the game itself.  In the end I had a strong feeling of dissatisfaction:  I never really got the game to be how I wanted it to be and none of it really mattered.  I have that feeling after playing most single player games, though.

    I have been trying to keep myself away from skyrim.  I played when it first came out, but did not finish it, and at the time mods were limited but I still obsessively scanned the nexus.

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  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    I actually had to reinstall Skyrim. Some mod made my save file go from normal to 6 mb in just an hour of playing. Which, is far more than it ever did before. And my saves kept getting corrupted and unusable. I think major conflicts with Tropical, since it was fine before that mod. (edit: This was on a brand new save btw. 6mb in an hour is far too much, and it was raising really quick)


    Plus, the Tropical mod wasn't compatible with other texture mods I I had Windhelm texture and meshes, which made CTDs go up due to conflicts with Tropical. I would crash each time I went near Windhelm...or any other major city. I could of course delete all of Windhelm folder (and other city folders) and replace it with Tropical stuff...that fixed it.


    On the plus side. Since I went way more lite on mods...since a lot of mods I had were bad with Tropical or didn't make sense...I'm getting 30+ fps due to the decrease in mods+other texture packs, and performance is a lot better. Before I would get major lag spikes, and those are gone now.


    Its like...Oblivion all over again :P I should have learned from Fallout 3. I used to CTD a lot in Fallout 3, so I became REALLY picky with mods I used (less than a 100 I believe)...and every CTD went away. Even after 6 hours of playing, no CTDs in Fallout 3. Where as, I would crash in 30 min to an hour of playing it.


    The fun of modding :P oh well, at least Skyrim is performing good again...way better fps and very little framerate drops. Its actually playable now. Even with the Tropical mod installed, its doing way better.

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    My FPS doubled (on average) with this new mod:



    It is more or less a memory management mod, with a bunch of bells and whistles. I tried it out and it truly works. Probably better for older systems than new, as I heard memory management mods don't work nearly as well on top end systems. But, it does more than that. But for me, my FPS doubled with this and got much better performance.

  • spizzspizz BlackForrestPosts: 1,971Member Uncommon
    How do you start it with the Nexus Mod Manager ?
  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon
    I don't think you do. I just use AttkUI that it came with. It is its own program. So you don't start it with SKSE or NMM. It does auto use SKSE though. I think you have to use skyrim customization with it too, it says that is one of the required ones. Which, even if you don't use AttkUI...Skyrim customization mod is great, makes it very easy to tweak .ini settings and what not.

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    Not a fancy screenshot, as I took it in character creation mode with the HUD turned off. And, I didn't mess with FOV or do anything special.


    But, here is my new character that I've been making. Still a work in progress, so I may make some changes and what not. But, I think she looks really nice.


  • spizzspizz BlackForrestPosts: 1,971Member Uncommon

    Some more interesting modifications I saw in the last days and maybe worth to check it out:


    "Finally Real Boats"

    It's Finally here! Real working Boats!
    Yup, you heard me right, real working boats!
    Did you ever wanted to sail the rivers of Skyrim or to take a boat to the middle of a lake?
    Well, I'm sure you did! Want to go down waterfalls? Well, now you can!


    "Gypsy Eye Caravan"

    Not a fan of fast-travel?
    Like to travel the world at your own pace but want to do it in style?
    Gypsy Eyes Caravan! The player home you can take with you.


    "The Aldmeri Domain - Fight Against the Thalmor III"

    The Thalmor sent a member of the Aldmeri Council in Haafingar,
    to reinforce their influence on Skyrim. 
    Find your way to infiltrate the Aldmeri Domain, and Assassinate the member of the Council.


    "South Dragon Bridge - Fight Against The Thalmor IV"

    The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why.


    And something just for FUN

    "Basket Helmet"



    @TheScavenger, she looks good and definately a character face and not just a barbie doll.


  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    Thanks for the mod links :) Wonder if the Thalmor ones would be compatible with Tropical. The real boat one looks awesome though, and would be a great addition. On a boat in middle of a jungle, going down a river :D


    And thanks for the comment about the character. Yeah, she turned out a lot more "real" than my previous characters I've made. A lot more work and time has definitely went into making the character, compared to my other ones. Still want to make some changes, try different settings out...but she looks rather awesome as it is. Something "real" instead of an anime or barbie doll character that I've made in the past. And I think cause of that, she is definitely my favorite character I've made thus far.



    Here is the final development of my character, Laenaya. Ended up changing a lot of settings since the last screenshot. I think she looks nice. Anyone have feedback?


  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon
    This screenshot is with using K ENB, but I think I may have to tweak the skin color slightly...haven't got it just right with this ENB. But I think it looks rather realistic than Unreal, but I like I'll let you guys judge. Also, I use different hair in this one, so she looks slightly no hood. I put in the description, but somehow a hair I really liked magically fixed itself. Yesterday, the hair had half bad textures (not purple stuff)...but the shadows and shading were broken on it and half the hair didn't work right. I try it today, and it works xD I didn't even do anything, lol.

    or the previous screenshot I posted just a post above, which uses Unreal Cinema. I'll put it up again for convience.

    One thing I can say as far as K ENB or Unreal go (my two favorite I've used)...I do like the K ENB lighting for the Tropical mod a lot more, though its quite darker than Unreal.

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    Guess last time I played was months ago. So, went ahead and made...



    I think she came out really nice. :)

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    Here are some scenery screenshots of my modded Skyrim. And one random dragon screenshot. I was running out of Riverwood and he literally came out of nowhere lol.


    If the screenshots/site don't load, it is because Nexus is under attack by someone who is probably angry at them.

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon
    Here are three more screenshots of how my Skyrim looks. I need to upgrade my graphics card :P But its playable.

    (really green :P)

    (thought this was a nice area to take a screenshot, very pretty imo)

    (my favorite village in Skyrim looks even more amazing :D)

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    After 6-7 hours of making my character, Isabella. I think she came out great. :)


    That does not include all my previous character attempts in the past, which add many many hours of character customizations :P


    Here she is.


  • Beatnik59Beatnik59 Chicago, ILPosts: 2,376Member Uncommon
    The vampire dark elf looks like Tony Iommi.

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  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    Here is my first re-texture ever. It is based off the Noble Wedding Dress. Hope it isn't too bad. image

    and here is the mod that I re-did

  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 947Member Uncommon

    I re-textured part of Isabella's hair, and she got new flowers. Personally, I like her new look a lot more even with the slight change. Thought I'd share how she looks now, and see what you all think. I probably won't change it, since I like it...but, thought I'd share the screenshot anyway. :)




    I also re-textured the Lustmord Vampire armor. Looks really pretty on Isabella :) I gave it a bit of a bloody look. What do you guys think of it? Took me like 6 hours lol (probably a long time just to re-texture something, such a noob I am :P)...though I did have to redo part of it :P


  • Kev1ns0nbr0Kev1ns0nbr0 LeudenscheidPosts: 5Member
    It kinda ruins the game with all these modifications and such -.-
  • Reiken_BirgeReiken_Birge Orlando, FLPosts: 59Member

    Bethesda games. Always better and prettier on the PC. The system they were meant to be on. :B


    Then again you could really say that about any game that can be modded.

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