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For all the dedicated/hardcore crafters

CymdaiCymdai Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,083Member

I came across this on another forum; thought you other craftering enthusiasts might really like to read this. It won't be very relevant for the early game, but might prove helpful for the late game.


I was messing around with crafting and I could HQ almost any item... it only really depending upon lucky Tricks of the Trade procs... if I got any Tricks of the Trade procs I used it, got free CP, could reapply Comfort Zone/Manipulation and keep a endless loop going where anytime I could Tricks of the Trade I would... if not... then I would Hasty Touch (50% of increasing quality at 0 CP cost). If you got unlucky though and no Tricks of the Trade procs... you would run out of CP... not be able to re-apply Comfort Zone/Manipulation... and be forced to finish the synth (else it blows up on you).

What abilities you need:

-Tricks of the Trade (Alchemist level 15) - it restores 45 CP... activatable only during a certain stability.
-Comfort Zone (Alchemist level 43) - restores 10 CP every step for 10 steps.
-Manipulation (Goldsmith level 15) - restores 5 durability every step for 10 steps.
-Hasty Touch (Culinarian level 15) - increases quality and costs 0 CP Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 50%
-Rumination (Carpenter level 15) - removes Inner Quiet and restores CP based on number of times you successfully raised quality. You might be able to get by without this but probably not.
-Inner Quiet (any crafting class level 11) - grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality.

What is nice to have:

-Careful Synthesis 2 (Weaving level 43) - Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 100%. Not really needed but I use this instead of Standard Synthesis to get my progress within 1 short of finishing before I start raising quality... then finish with this.

What you do:

Start with Comfort Zone, then Manipulation. Anytime Tricks of the Trade is ever available to use... use it. Anyways Careful Synthesis (or Standard), Inner Quiet, Careful Synthesis (or Standard) until you are 1 Careful away from completeting. Then start spamming Hasty Touch. Hopefully you got some Tricks of the Trade procs... or else you won't have the CP to refresh Comfort Zone/Manipulation. If you did... use Comfort Zone/Manipulation immediately when they run out (unless your Tricks of the Trade procs and then use Tricks and follow with Comfort Zone/Manipulation). Sometimes you will notice your durability start to get down there... and you will need to hit your Ruination and Inner Quiet right after. While you have Manipulation going this will increase your durability by 10... and you will get 5 durability anytime you proc Tricks of the Trade or do any ability (anything not a Touch or Synthesis). Basically as long as you get decent amount of Tricks of the Trade procs and keep re-applying Comfort Zone/Manipulation... you can keep Hasty Touching forever.

I finished a couple HQ synths at step 99... some well over 100 (it only shows up to step 99).

Anyways. I'm not sure what to think about it. As someone with level 50 every craft I think I should be able to HQ anything I darn well please... and that was a flaw in 1.0 where even with 50 everything... some things at best you had a 50% of HQ'ing (and some of those HQ mats you used took eons to farm).

Who knows if crafting and these abilities will be the same when the real game comes out. Just sayin... as of right now... if you got those abilities (and only the Alchemist one is really high level)... you can probably HQ every single thing as long as you don't unlucky and don't get any Tricks of the Trade procs.


Original source:

Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...


  • rhavokrhavok Murfreesboro, TNPosts: 117Member

    Wow this is great, thank you for posting this.

    As I read it I slowly felt all the free time I was counting on in these coming months slowly drift away.

  • Deliverus_GamoraDeliverus_Gamora Houma, LAPosts: 29Member

    This needs to be stickied. A lot of us will need this when the launch happens and when we get tired of LFG> 


  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,880Member Uncommon

    From what I can figure out, the materia system is going to have hard caps on it so crafting and crafted gear might have a glory point in the unexpected places.


    I'm horrible with explanations but the thing with crafted gear is, it's often blank slate gear. Much of it is not tied to classes and as such doesn't have predefined asset stats. So if you want to make alternative builds for certain classes you will need to use crafted gear to avoid the hard cap penalties and the class locks from your company gear.


    As your crafting formula indicates, to do it at end game will require all crafts to be level cap and by extension all land and at least one war or magic but if what is a cloudy concept in my head makes it in to game, the way to break out of the cast role of each class and job where you have a surplus of virtue, will require crafted gear.


    Final element, yet undetermined. Will there be a demand for that level of fine tuning?

  • GrakulenGrakulen Staff Writer St. Charles, MOPosts: 498MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

    Thanks for the info.


  • tats27tats27 Wilmington, DEPosts: 76Member

    Good news and bad news.


    I like the scary random element associated with crafting and failing sometimes. If there is a step by step formula to HQ anything, well.....

  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,880Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tats27

    Good news and bad news.


    I like the scary random element associated with crafting and failing sometimes. If there is a step by step formula to HQ anything, well.....

    When you look at the larger picture, making HQ seems trivial.

    My level 50 Armorer had no trouble making HQ level 8 Marauder gear. She won't be doing that with Cobalt because she only has Lv. 50 Armorer. None of the other DoH classes.


    It will be a very long time before a new to FF14 player can HQ any item they desire or have a full set of level 50 HQ stuff. Add in Materia they want in that gear. The idea of a crafting I-Win button is a bit deceptive adding in, mainstream gear is going to be PvE reward and not even tied to crafting.

  • EhllfhireEhllfhire Sacramento, CAPosts: 608Member Uncommon
    Hmm, I can see SE totally nerfing this.

    Any graphical, audio, or gameplay restrictions not seen in other mmos but found in FFXIV can be blamed on one thing.

  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,880Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ehllfhire
    Hmm, I can see SE totally nerfing this.

    Sadly I'm inclined to agree.


    Even though the average person will be wearing relic gear, even though you need all 50's to even consider this formula as universal, even though you still need to meld the gear to make it compete. They will smash it with a nerf bat.


    Console quest folks, Welcome to ARR. Everyone else, GTFO.

  • CymdaiCymdai Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,083Member

    Glad you guys are finding it helpful.

    BTW, Grakulen, you guys making an official server declaration for P4?

    Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...

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