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Waiting for that rush of a sand box. Ultima Online part 2. Damn E.A!

Ezen_SurrealEzen_Surreal Spokane, WAMember Posts: 168

Sitting out of my mind...(hehe.) HARD CORE (Nerd.) without a game to play.

Any one else waiting for some excitment?


I would pvp with you but every game sucks since UO and shadowbane.


E.A. messed up, allot of the devs life up too. ;(


They cancled uo2....They said somthing like we no longer cater to the hard core players/

Then they took the money and spent it on Tell me this isnt a stupid Idea! Ruin a great cancling it...

Running for my life too getting so good I could pvp 3 at once and kill them all.

Anyone else miss this?


Don't go to free servers! Demand part 2! rofl!

Sometimes its good to think deep. Some times it good just to play games.


  • Ezen_SurrealEzen_Surreal Spokane, WAMember Posts: 168

    Come on a new universe of UO...UO2!



    Sometimes its good to think deep. Some times it good just to play games.

  • ironoreironore Utah, UTMember Posts: 957 Common

    Ah, the UO nostalgia.  It is gone man.  It was imho the only step forward toward the pontential of the MMO genre and it has been a backward slide ever since.  Never again have I seen one that felt like a world, that had any danger, that was alive.

    Now they are all just such boring games that you play with a bunch of people.  In the end you play alone or with a small group of people (so much for the massively multiplayer part) and then you try and ignore all the other people in the world other than to interact in a very minor way in the economy/auction house.

    Where are the worlds, the persistent fantasy worlds that should by now have developed hundreds of years (how many virtual years have passed since 1998) of totally unforeseen histories and dynamic interactions.

    IronOre - Forging the Future

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