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Are some people paid to post here ?



  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Posts: 7,054Member Epic
    There are people who are paid to post, if done here there is no way of knowing. People trust forum posts on product reviews over professional ones as they are unfettered of any organization. So there is less of a chance of getting bias influenced by profit. But that is long past the truth any more. Even if you dont hire someone to post positive reviews on your product, do you think devs dont come here with names not attached to who they are, to read and post comments? Do you think does not know where their bread is buttered? Nothing wrong with any of this but it does come down to dont trust anyone. A faceless name on a forum? Even less, you can start with me... maybe everything I just said was a lie! (((evil grin)))

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  • DrakynnDrakynn The Pas, MBPosts: 2,030Member
    Originally posted by Tamanous
    Yup. Couldn't possibly by people actually getting excited over something and wanting to post on it.   Totally has to be a conspiracy. No other possible choice. 0.o   Just like all the CU banners during the kickstarter. The banners were supplied for free from the main CU site and posters simply threw it in their sig ... but tons here freaked the fuck out thinking they were paid posters.   The idiocy is deep ... Grab your gumboots!!

    This is what a paid shill would say to throw suspicion off themselves!!!

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon
    Depends on whether or not they are posting from their work computer......

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  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,056Moderator Uncommon
    The Pub is for discussion of MMORPG's, not other poster's forum behavior.  If you have any evidence of forum members being paid to post here please contact and he will look into it.
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