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Security Token App

UoriUori Starkville, MSPosts: 8Member

Square-Enix has a security token available to enhance your account's safety from unwanted access. I believe a token comes with the Collector's Edition version of the game, however there is also a security token app for Android and Ios devices as well. I have the app for Android and it was simple to setup. The following link leads to a guide for anyone interested.



  • nbtscannbtscan Phoenix, AZPosts: 859Member Uncommon
    Just wanted to give a warning that people have had issues with the software token after changing phones or resetting them for whatever reason.
  • Kayo83Kayo83 Hollywood, FLPosts: 336Member Uncommon
    Yes, the phone apps always give problems when changing phones. I had a hell of a time recovering my SWTOR account after my phone broke.

    Broken phones are inevitable but you should always remember to cancel the security token when upgrading phones.

    Oh and I tried the security token with SE ... couldnt set it up. Says something about needing to have an active account before theyll let me do it. So if you made a ne SE account for ARR you wont be able to set it up until (im assuming) you have the release product registered.
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